The ‘Family Matters’ When Steve Urkel Got Drunk And Fell Off A Roof

The ‘Family Matters’ When Steve Urkel Got Drunk And Fell Off A Roof

(gentle music) – Laura’s helping Maxine plan
her rooftop birthday party. They decide to graciously
invite that one guy with only four teeth. Aunt Rachel offers to cater, even though Maxine can only afford to have her serve potato
chips and watered down punch. The rooftop party looks fun. They’ve got balloons and shit. Aunt Rachel is having a blast. When Laura and Maxine spot Willie and Waldo crashing the soiree, they ask the guys if they wanna dance. But Willie holds the dudes back because they’re doing something right now. What are they doing? Trying to decide what
to spike the punch with. Waldo says he got them because
his dad is a stewardess, which was a strong punchline in 1991 that’s problematic now
for a variety of reasons. Laura foolishly tells them
drinking is for losers, not realizing how awesome tiny bottles of airplane liquor can be. She’s ready to kick them
out when Willie threatens to take the guys with him. Unwilling to part with
this extremely replaceable corner of horny high school bros, Maxine tells Laura to back off. Laura proudly declares, she does not need to
drink to have a good time. Then proceeds to have a very bad time, standing there, making a face like she can smell
everyone’s potato chip farts even though they’re standing
outdoors on a windy roof. Steve Urkel arrives, impressed
by the A lists guests, including that guy with four teeth. Willie teases Steve, who
uses his superior intellect to tease right back. Willie warns Steve not to mess with him. Steve encourages the fellows
to come dance with these babes, but Willie says they’d
rather stand in the corner and drink rum like morons. Steve takes matters into his own hands. He asked that guy with four
teeth to put on his song, “Do the Urkel” and after teaching
everyone three dance moves, the entire roof instantly
knows an intricate and coordinated routine to this song about doing an Urkel dance that exists in the Family Matters universe for reasons that will never be explained. (’90s pop music) Willie’s pissed that Steve
has his own song and dance, and decides to get back at him with a secretly spiked cup of punch. Steve gets absolutely
sauced right away, toe up, and Laura realizes something’s up because Steve is never this cool. Waldo reveals they spiked Steve’s punch. Saucy Steve heads over to the ledge to do the Urkel once again. Only this time he’s not
quite as successful, and his drunk ass falls
off the god damn roof. Miraculously, Steve catches the corner of a ledge and doesn’t die. Aunt Rachel springs into action, and climbs down a ladder
to save this wasted nerd. Aunt Rachel tight rope
walks to Steve’s rescue, even though she admits to never having tight rope walked before. Apparently this roof is magic, and it helps people learn
complicated stuff super fast. Rachel saves Steve, who,
if he knew had to be Urkel for another severe seasons,
would have probably preferred to plunge to his death. The cops arrive. And even though Willie and Waldo are in the process of getting arrested, because they accidentally
snitched on themselves, Laura decides to scream
at them about how not cool and dangerous their behavior was. And the next day, Steve is so hung over that Carl makes him his
signature hangover cure, and it works, then
instantly makes Steve shit. He just runs out the room
yelling about how bad he has to take a dump. So what did we learn today? A trench coat full of tiny liquor bottles might seem like a good
time, because it is, but don’t get someone drunk
without their consent, especially on a roof, when all they’ve had for
dinner is potato chips, because they could really
endanger themselves, and make a 33 year old
woman tight rope walk for the first time, and you
don’t need alcohol to have fun or teach all your friends
a dance routine to a song that features your name. But if you mope around a party and judge people for drinking, then kick them when they’re already down, you’re being a real dick and you should check that shit, Laura. And be careful, even
with non-alcoholic drinks because they might make your butt explode. See you next time on A
Very Special Episode. (gentle musical tones)

100 Replies to “The ‘Family Matters’ When Steve Urkel Got Drunk And Fell Off A Roof”

  1. “You think it’s funny to spike somebody’s punch and watch them act like a fool” “We’ll it’s not cool it’s not funny it’s dangerous” Laura Winslow

  2. Moral of the story don't be a weak douche and say human behavior that doesn't matter is problematic, you sound like a fascist pos.

  3. "a man being a stewardess is problematic now and not funny!" not really. they wouldn't say stewardess now however.

  4. Roflll I just started watching this shit yesterday I dont even wana admit how many videos I've seen thus far

  5. I'm more concerned about the years Urkel spent stalking and harassing Laura and was ultimately rewarded by marrying her…problematic much?

  6. a girl in my 4th grade class learned this entire dance and would perform it for us on the playground. we weren't on the roof so she couldn't fall off sadly

  7. "Be careful, even with non-alcoholic beverages, because they might make your butt explode" Yeah… sure buddy… Sips coffee

  8. "Rachel saves Steve, who, if he knew had to be Urkel for another 7 seasons, would've probably preferred to plunge to his death"

    Damn that's savage!

  9. "and after teaching everyone three dance moves the entire roof instantly knows an intricate and coordinated routine to this song about doing an Urkel dance." I swear that's damm near every movie where a new dance is introduced, it's like EVERYONE just instantly picks up on it right away…

  10. Lmao, Urkle wouldn't have time to catch himself falling from the roof if he was drunk. He would have gone splat. Urkle will always be a staple of the 90's. He had his own show, song, dance, and boardgame.

  11. Ahhh this is so funny how you inform us that the stewardess joke is problematic for obvious reasons. That is why we tune into your comedy, to be lectured to. That is so entertaining and funny. Please don't kill yourself, it would break my heart.

  12. “if you mope around a party and judge people for drinking… you’re being a real dick” yeah that would be true, if they weren’t fucking underage

  13. URKEL got to lead a dance group, yell at the bad guys, get lit, be a victim, get saved, and shit his pants all in the same episode. Tell me the show doesn't revolve around this 'Nerd'

  14. Steve got drunk? LMAO. There was a later episode where Laura got drunk but this was after they graduated high school. And it was also when CBS decided to pick up the show for one last season. Poor Steve. He didn't even know the punch was spiked.

  15. …okay, I'm not American and I never saw this in any channel in my country, How the FUCK did this urkel guy become an international sensation??

  16. If Steve Urkel got killed, MAXINE would be held accountable because it was her party ?, not Rachel even though she’s catering.

  17. …so noones gonna point out this episode was filmed back in like…1992 and Larenz Tate looks the same then as he does now on Power? you think im bullshitting folks? Larenz is the asshole in this that helps waldo spike the punch, go look up the current show hes on. HAVE FUN

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