The Following Announcement Show – “House” Warming Party

The Following Announcement Show – “House” Warming Party

You know, I got a son and one day he’s gonna become the most electrifying man in sports-entertainment That should do it home sweet home and no more home sweet home. Whoo Let’s get this party started I Mean We’re gonna have a party. We should have like gas, right yeah, people like us stop being such a downer a lot of you lurkers show up today a lot of people like You I hit this Of course you don’t even get the ones that slow oxygen the belt That’s my thing Now, it’s our thing. No, and you already have enough accessories. I need a thing. The belt is my thing. Take the belt off Fine, whatever Thank you This is nice It’s a small no. No, it’s just nicer than I expected the dead bird really time for them. You gotta Ask did you invite aircon to this little housewarming party? Yes. We did you did it cuz I brought her with me We didn’t you said friends only bro, she’s my wife. Oh look a marital dispute What’s that your car? Yeah, he’s still a loser. I Don’t even know who invited you we invited will will is a cook. I’m not a cop This was great, but we have some real friends to see now wait we have other plans. Well, shut up Enjoy your homeless shelter parties. I mean from the shelter you guys suck Where was the laugh track for that? Oh, you only get a laugh track when you tell a joke not when you are the joke to root You know what And I bet you won’t have a single friend here I bet you I Mean the we probably have some friends somewhere. Come on. Well, we’ll keep you posted Bye losers By will My experience on Instagram is bad that I’m liking your it so that you’d like mine So a turn which is what this comes into it’s a giant circular Right do we actually like anybody? I mean, of course if you’re my friend I like you but are you lucky much because I’m liking your or you actually like my You ever go on Facebook and my parents are asking other parents for advice Like what’s your it’s just people saying like always two-thirds put some whiskey under his tooth, right? Works for me look how I turned out I saw how you turned out. You’re an idiot. Ooh This place got old man stink. Ooh Where you guys got home Welcome to our housewarming party glad you can it’s pretty dope, right? Housewarming party. Yeah, it’s a beta bar. He’s not on our guest list, but Every party does need a weed man Kista we’re friends, right? Dude, I don’t care just Jaime anywhere. I’ll hide you in our special friendship sites where no one will find you. Mr Trick meaning a a weed brownie. I Wasn’t a trick man. Anyway, my windows gonna be here any matter What got this we had a little more time you run it from this guy, yeah, he looks like he’s just running from his chiropractor Whoops what the fuck is whoops? Yeah, we just got this whole place set up man Aren’t you afraid the police man owns the police. How much does that cost? That’s where the stickers gonna get y’all kickoff from YouTube Look how much money you guys that do. You have any idea how much a mortgage cost in this climate for this barn? Yeah, besides well just like reason with him. There’s no reasoning with this guy Listen clearly you’ve done some drugs in your life But Rick seems like a reasonable guy just give Kista more time. I mean he’s He’s black What I just mean he has a lot of friends and he could help us raise the money Our streamers While we’re like semi still on that topic we wear this belt together is it He’s just saying that you know he gets where you’re coming from marriage am I right So I found an article on period blood I think it’s pretty much the same thing Right if he is you want to blot it? You don’t want to rub it into the fibers Speaking of I can’t believe that Kista didn’t want to stay for a housewarming card. Well, he was bleeding out pretty good I Love it, the architecture of this perpendicular structure is magnificent and Scattered look at this window. It’s it’s it’s perfectly symmetrical Let me guess they’re not on the guest list I told them we could play we’re on the flatter of this Carmen Sandiego Do we know where she is Bro, what did I tell you about the belt? I’ve been trying to tell you all day Okay, this belt belt gentlemen only bind us from the truth You see it is not gravity that causes our past of all in the ground. It is your restriction of the truth Look, are you guys gonna stay for the housewarming party or not? Yes, of course We brought risk a game of Flat Earth domination. I like to conquer the Great Plain States All right, whatever. I’ll go get you guys some hats Let’s join the party So, where do you guys stand other conspiracy theories hello the moon landing if the moon was real it would be a giant Square what about 9/11 I find structures that melt more logically What about the central oils You guys thoughts on the Hollow Earth Yeah, it’s like this concept of like the North and South Pole and there’s like a there’s like a civilization that lives within the earth Flat structures cannot be hollow that would represent a shape. That is too concave got some hats for our new friends The circular cup of chaos If you don’t believe in it it can’t hurt How can it have no sides I’m not good with shapes either man Look maybe there’s an empty Amazon box we can put on your head No Lior why you guys have brought us here? Tell them Scott. Er Come on building’s tumbling by gravity a hollow earth the mother they’re encircling us in a world of look at the Spherical subjugation These circuits cause privation of our horizontal reasoning look we just needed to have such a friend or so. I Will hear no more of your lies come Scott er come with me single file. Let’s leave But I assumed your valet you were the kind of guy who liked girls I do Then prepare to become one You know, obviously I watch porn I think we all do there’s people who watch porn as people who lie we don’t have to get into that There’s also people who have no sex drive, they’re broken. But you know as someone who’s a television star and a multimedia icon I was watching porn the other day and I realized that you know I had this epiphany because you watch porn you see the guy and he’s a nut for like 2025 Minutes and you think that that’s like something to strive to well but personally I just wanted nut in 30 seconds to go to sleep because like you’re not getting Any better sleep than not REM sleep. I was watching the porn and I realized this is gonna blow your mind So you’re to make sure that you’re sitting down. Okay, when they change the camera angle. Well, he’s from this girl That could be a whole different nut and you would never know Could be a different date Set him down now Feeny you can’t tell me what to do anymore I’m not one of your punk students. I’m the face of death Well, well looks like no one ended up coming to your little party Oh sad really well well well you Will I Kind of felt a little bad about being a bitch right I felt bad about being right, so I brought you cookies Are those bullet holes new is that blood on the floor what the hell happened in the last six hours? It was five hours Chuck You know, it doesn’t matter the game’s up you guys lost Means someone could still show up So I was gonna let you stay in the barn but But you’re our friend, right? Based I know what’s happened to all your other friends today. I’m gonna say that’s a hard no Throw them back on the street What kind of cookies are those they could be whatever kind of cookies you want man Consider it a housewarming gift Sure, just keep it down up here And I’m gonna tell you something right now there’s one guarantee in life that there are no guarantees you Dickinson and action I don’t even know why we invited you. We will will is a cock. I’m not a cock Oh my god

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  1. Fantastic episode! Loved the canned laughter, especially. Loved the Weed Man character, too! Looking forward to episode 4.

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