The High Five machine – Celebrate success on your own!

The High Five machine – Celebrate success on your own!

64 Replies to “The High Five machine – Celebrate success on your own!”

  1. Omg that’s so funny! Great build and video, lonely days in the shop are indeed over! ??????

  2. You man, you are just a superhero. You have the power to make me smile, and that's quite surprising. DIY projects just for the fun of doing something are the best moments that a maker can have. No deadline, no high requirements, no high expectations, just pure relaxing times (by the way, your project is not so simple). And if, in a distant day, while you are shooting these videos, you will wonder why you are doing all this, remember : happiness lives in the small things. Thanks for sharing. (Don't stop doing this, never, please)

  3. Brilliant as ever! I actually had an idea for a fake hand that went up and down for me but that is a very different video all together;)

  4. You know when you see a great idea and you’re pissed that you didn’t think of it? This isn’t one of those. ? I love how stupid this is? I want one☝️ ✋

  5. If you make another one and put them facing each other will they just keep giving each other hi fives ?

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