The House Erupts In A Massive Fight – CBB – Big Brother Universe

The House Erupts In A Massive Fight – CBB – Big Brother Universe

Oh Kim? What dear? We’re going to bed now, wish you a good night sleep. Oh I’ve had a wonderful evening. Good, I’m glad. Oh, it’s been delightful. Delightful? All the f**king people I’m living with here Collin don’t be kiss-ass babe. Don’t start, you listen. I had done my best. I have done my best Cross Nicole and the Mafia mob are with you. I’ll crush you so badly, you’ll regret the rest of your life You’re a horrible.. Kim. Don’t Collum, I had a good night tonight, and I walked into sh*t You want to be punished, you ain’t seen nothing yet You want trouble? Which I don’t, want all by Christ you’re gonna get it in Spade loads you horrible horrible people and you girls, that are gang handed, you are such a bunch of cowards You are such a bunch of cowards. You won’t come to me and say… Colon? I’m sorry, what they’ve done to me tonight. It was a good night Can you inform me later? Please. Listen don’t tell me what I say. I don’t say it behind your back, which you do about me. I will say everything to your face. If I.. – Listen you. -If I came at you… – You’re all smiles you’re all smiles -I’m very sorry. Don’t f**king come to her. -And I’m telling you now. -Oh mug up on me, mug up on me Sit down! You are so rude! You want trouble, -No -You’ve got it. -I don’t want trouble. -Yes you do Nicole. -I don’t want trouble! -You’re causing all this This is big brother! – Sit down! -You’re in the middle of… – I don’t give a f**k, what you think of me Diary Room immediately. -You will never get the better of me I don’t want to!! I don’t want to! -You will never… You’re an old lady, and I respect that move.. move on -How dare you tell what I … how I must behave? -You know what? I feel sorry for you -Oh I’m sorry for you, pathetic little girl! -I feel sorry.. shush I feel sorry for you You’re not getting one over on me, every time there’s arguments the girls bring your name up give up give up You horrible horrible girl? How is she…Kim? How is she horrible? Please? Tell me how? Can you enlighten us how she’s horrible? -Please tell me how she’s horrible -You’re a chicken livered butch -This is Brother, Kim should leave bedroom Who can’t stand up for yourself..lmaooo You should be your own individual have your own mind I’ve got to behave in this house here from Don’t you bother Big Brother, I’m going home now. I’m going home. Now. Don’t don’t put me down okay? Just bear with Big Brother, I don’t know icon. I’m coming home now. I’ve had enough of this I’m mad you two-faced bunch chicken-livered. Oh, this is crazy Shut up you’re another one you’re chicken-livered bugger This is Big Brother Jamie should settle down and not leave the bedroom. Genie. We should not leave the bedroom Fish I Won’t take your nonsense are coming late And I wouldn’t turn you if you’re on fire go away you adulterer you adulterer And you’re an adulterer the two side your wife has got three kids you’re talking about decency oh Come on, Joe. Let me tell you other cell phone Yeah, I know come with me come on These people these rat packs They put me through hell

42 Replies to “The House Erupts In A Massive Fight – CBB – Big Brother Universe”

  1. Every single time Kim talked about Nicola, she always called her Nicole and no one even corrected her anymore. Queen Kim should've won

  2. Why can't American big brother be this dramatic… So far on UK big brother I've seen people masturbating, and an old woman starting fights.

  3. 2:17 Jamie: "I'm not getting involved."
    2:19 Jamie proceeds to interfere in the conversation
    3:13 Jamie gets more than involved

    Ps. I can't believe Jamie actually went after Kim (pushing Bianca's disapproving arms away) as if to fight…

  4. When I see indian version : what the fuck is going on that's horrible
    When I see this version : so cute and adorable way to fight

  5. How does being an Old age qualifies to Speak and Say just about anything to younger people. Actually it's not about the age rather the Person and Character that You Are .. I don't approve of Jamie's Charging towards her but undoubtedly she is the Elephant in the Room .

  6. I have never understood what this show is about there’s always a new cast each time I see a clip of this show. Wtf is this show about.

  7. Why did Nicole hold a hand over her eye
    Known for cleaning scum with Aggie. Kim Woodyburn is a evil evil woman and it's disgusting how she attacked poor innocent Colleen Nolan

  8. All these people who say she is elegant speaking, just read this in her voice then:
    She's a c*nt. Honestly, I'm looking forward to a highlight of her getting pummeled for her actions. People here were competing for money, she onky acts this way around security so she can be protected. Classic high school bully who doesn't want to through a punch until they know security is around so they can get their sucker punch in and have it broken up prior to retaliation. Looking forward to the filth getting binned.

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