The Mystery Prize Challenge (ft. Jess, Lily, and Raph) | Game Changer

The Mystery Prize Challenge (ft. Jess, Lily, and Raph) | Game Changer

– [Sam] Get ready for a Game Changer. Tonight’s guests, purveyor
of fine arts and crafts, it’s Jess Ross! Purveyor of only the finest
fashion it’s Lily Du! And purveyor of only the finest (bleep), it’s Raphael Chestang! And your host, me, hi hello I’m over here. Welcome to Game Changer,
the only game show where the game changes every show. I’m your host, Sam Reich,
I’m joined today by these three lovely contestants. Now you all understand how the game works? – [All] No. – That’s cause out guests
have no idea what game it is they’re about to play. The only way to learn is by playing, the only way to win is by learning, and the only way to begin is by beginning, so without further ado let’s begin. Jess, in a moment I am going
to ask you to make a wager, with what points, you ask? You have ten, in fact you all are beginning this game with ten points. How many you wager is up
to you, I would remind you, you only get ten points this
whole game, so don’t waste ’em. Jess, your turn of phrase
is a bubble wrap suit. – I’d like to wager four points. – What the (bleep)? – I wouldn’t have did that. – A bubble wrap suit, Ash,
show me a bubble wrap suit. There is a bubble wrap suit. As we develop this show late at night I would think about Raph’s
reactions to the games. (all laugh) – She has 14 points! – I should have done all ten. – At this point, I would like
to draw all your attention to the bins in the center of the stage. You will notice, Jess, that
your reads “If Jess Wins.” Lily, yours “If Lily Wins,”
and Raph, “If Raph Wins.” Lily, how much would you like to wager on a salt on the month club? – One. – Ash, show me salt of the month. (buzzer) – No. That brings Lily down to nine. – Can you wager zero? – [Sam] You certainly can. – Okay, okay. – You’re learning? – Yeah, and learning means winning, or whatever you said earlier. – [Sam] Raph. – Yes? – What would you like to wager on an automatic pan stirrer? – Ten. Woo! Look at that face,
look at all their faces. – I do want to remind you
that you have ten points this whole game, I’m
not saying don’t do it. I’m saying if you are wrong about this, you could be out of the game. – He’s crazy! He’s outta his mind! – I’m going with ten. – Ash, show me an automatic pan stirrer. There is an automatic pan stirrer. (Raph vocalizing) – And that’s all we can use of that song. (all laugh) – Thank you for keeping
fair use concerns in mind. – Hell yeah! We should change that to “When Raph Wins.” – Jess, how much would you
like to wager on smart floss? – Two points. – Ash, show me smart floss. (buzzer) Nope, no smart floss. – Dang, looks like I’m
still in the lead, guys. – You’re the worst winner I’ve ever seen. – Raph early on establishing himself as the villain of this episode. Lily. – I’m ready. – How much would you like to wager on those little green army
men but they’re doing yoga. – I’ll wager four points. – Ash can you show me
those little green army men but they’re doing yoga? – [All] Oh! – [Lily] They’re so cute! – [Sam] It is exceptionally cute. Raph, a flight of peanut butter. – So this is like a flight of beer or like a flight of wine. – I mean there’s so many different kinds, there’s chunky, not chunky, light. – That’s all of them, really. Okay, I’m gonna wager two points. – Ash, can you show me a
flight of peanut butter? – Oh, interesting. – Jess, a Bluetooth banana phone. – I’m gonna say zero. – You’re gonna say zero points. – Yeah. – Ash, can you show me a
Bluetooth banana phone? (buzzer) – Cute. – Unfortunately will not go in Jess’s bin. – And there was so much
bubble wrap to protect it. (laughs) – I mean truly if that’s all that I get, I would really like it. – Oh we get these! We
get to take these home? – What do you think “If Raph Wins” means? – Lily, Irish potato
famine branded potatoes. – That seems hurtful. – Yeah. – One point. – One point. Ash, can you show me Irish
potato famine potatoes? (buzzer) – That’s a no. Jess and Lily are at this point tied. Raph, how much would you like to wager on Boston tea party teas? – How much do you guys think? – You want our help now? – Well you’re either gonna help me or dig your own grave. All my points? – Boston tea party teas? I feel like when you’re in Boston, they’ll sell (bleep) anything, yeah I would think that that was real. – But is it here? See, that’s my confusion. Are we betting on whether it exists, or whether it’s here? – Yes, yes. – Okay, I will bet two points. – Ash, can you show me
Boston tea party teas? – Should have bet it all. – [Sam] They do have
Boston tea party teas. – But not Irish potato famine. – Jess, this goes to you. A weekend stay in Big Sur, California. – Oh my God, I mean
that would be incredible if that was back there in my bag. – It certainly would be wouldn’t it? – Holy (bleep) me. Let’s do six points for that. – Show me a weekend stay
in Big Sur, California. (buzzer) – Oh no. – The budget for this show… (all laugh) – That costs more than a banana phone? – Thanks for watching that
preview of Game Changer. If you liked it, I have great news. There are full episodes able to be watched right now on DROPOUT,
just go to Droupout.TV and start your free trial today. If you do, I’ll give you ten points right out of my own pocket. I have that authority. A weekend stay in Big Sur, California. – Wow. – [Sam] We didn’t have it in round one, do we have it in round two? – If this is real I’m gonna be so mad.

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  1. A game where nobody tells you the rules, the only way you can learn is by playing and it often ends with hilarious results?

  2. For the one person who see this have a great day 💜💜💜

    If you have a spare time please have a ĺook at mý vldeos you wiĺl ve amaized i promise 💜

  3. I guess im focusing too much on this, but the tea is in the bin at 5:15 before he actually gets the tea question and gets placed in the bin at 6:33. Maybe they had a missed clip of the bins at the time?

  4. Get the questions right… if you can figure out what they are. Gamechanger, a new game show from DROPOUT! Sign up today: [ ]

    Become a member of our channel today [ ] for access to OUR ENTIRE DROPOUT LIBRARY (including full seasons of WTF101, Dimension 20, Um Actually, and more)!

  5. I hereby declare everybody who responds to me with "shut up, idiot" or anything similar to that extremely gay and will automatically lose those 10 points.

  6. Was anyone going to tell me that Lily and I are one letter off from having the same name or was I just supposed to find that out via the latest game changer video myself?
    Lily Lu

  7. The trouble with this show is that you usually figure out the rules of the game right away (made worse if you read the video title). It should be more mysterious.

  8. Damn. Raph does improv comedy better than he does scripted. Boy was on fire with the one liners. Sam however is a fuckboy. No. Rather a fuckman. For creating a dope ass show then locking it behind freaking dropout. 😤

  9. after the banana phone you did an establishing shot to show it not going into lily's basket, but it showed the boston tea party teas in raph's basket but he won those the next question. editor!!!!!!!

  10. Um Actually! Editing error when Jess doesn’t get to Bluetooth banana phone, the shot of the baskets the Boston Tea patty teas are already in Raph’s basket

  11. Between this and Breaking News, I love how Raph is clearly a very smart person but he goes COMPLETELY feral under any kind of stress.

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