The New Day celebrate five-year anniversary: SmackDown Exclusive, Nov. 29, 2019

The New Day celebrate five-year anniversary: SmackDown Exclusive, Nov. 29, 2019

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  1. One perspective Vince gave them his seal of approval. Another perspective Vince just wants them in the tag team division never going again for the universal championship. Either way, I am happy for the New Day but I would like to see them eventually breaking that glass ceiling.

  2. Remember in that Kofi-DBry feud, Vince said that's Kofi's a B+ superstar he must've been happy to see him relegated to midcard again

  3. Hey Kofi did you forget you were wwe champion before are you put yourself in that universe championship picture or are you gonna stay stuck in the tag team division

  4. Kofi should have a feud with bray it will put him back in the main event and will put over bray like if you want Kofi to face bray.

  5. How come Kofi isn’t still salty, because of the way he lost the title. Because if it was anyone else. They would’ve asked for a rematch right away or at the next ppv. Or at the very least have a constant chip on his shoulder, and always be bitter, or simmering over the fact. But no. He goes right back to skipping, clapping and giratting, as if nothing happened. And just being happy, to be there, and staying positive. Unless things are building up, to an epic melt down from Kofi. We fans will just have, to be happy. That for six months. Things in the wwe were different from, the normal status quo. But, are now back, to the status quo


  7. Vince McMahon with SD tag champs New Day?! He's never even dropped in World and Universal champ interviews. That says a lot about his faith in New Day and the success they bring.

  8. That legit smile from Vince McMahon as he walked away even breaking character in the process that was nice especially since he hasn't been on TV lately.

  9. These guys are singlehandedly ruining the SmackDown tag division getting yet another title run over obviously some pretty good tag teams says alot about WWE/ SmackDown creative

  10. 2nd NXT Champ 1st and ONLY black NXT champ. The 5 count which was over like gang busters and Big E is 100% correct. Nobody talks about it ..smh

  11. People may not think a lot of Vince McMahon but watch 365 with Alexa Bliss. He really gets his athletes the best care and takes care of them if they get hurt. I may not agree with how the wwe does things for ratings but when it comes down to it, Vince does what is best for the talent on the roster mainly which is huge! He doesn't right the story line out, but he gets the best care for them if something happens

  12. "You ever had Vince McMahon on an interview before? NEVER!" – Kofi Kingston

    Will you ever win the WWE World Championship ever again? NEVER!

  13. They remove Xavier wood so they can turn Big E on Kofi…… Big E is upset with the fact why did Kofi never give a single Chance to its team member for the WWE championship

  14. Vince threw Kofi a bone with the tag championship. Kofi Losing the WWE title isn’t the issue. It’s how he lost it. 5 seconds……..come on…the disrespect.

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