THE ROOMMATE (Bachelorette Parody)

THE ROOMMATE (Bachelorette Parody)

(dramatic music)
– [Voiceover] Previously on The Roomate. – Quinta makes me feel like a desired man. I feel a real connection. Everything just feels right. – Seeing Justin with
another potential roommate makes me question everything we have. He told be off camera that I was the one, but then he confessed to
me that he ordered takeout at my favorite place with Quinta. Hey there. You mind if I steal him away? I just don’t trust her, OK? There’s just something about her. She’s just not being faithful. – [Justin] What? – [Zach] That’s all I’m gonna say. – Honestly, I just need to
know if he’s gonna live with me or Zach. I don’t really care, I just need to know. – At this point I just
don’t know, I (sniffles). – Justin, do you like the
way the bathroom smells after he as Chick-fil-A? – I would prefer if you burn some sage. I just want someone I can trust. Pay the rent on time every month. – Let the games begin. – [Voiceover] The drama continues on The Roommate. – [Justin] Today I will make the hardest
decision of my life, to live with my girlfriend Quinta, or my best friend Zack. These past weeks I’ve felt a really special connection with Justin, and I think he did too, but if he chooses Quinta I don’t think I could
ever talk to him again. – I’ve gotta look at
another apartment in like 20 minutes, so I just hope this doesn’t make me late. I honestly don’t know
why I agreed to this. – OK, guys, I have the final key here, and I’ll need you to pick one of
these final two contestants to sign that lease with you. So. – [Justin] Thank you.
– Just. – These past 29 weeks have been magical. Zach, we’ve had some
amazing times together. We’ve beaten every level of Call of Duty, and we binged all of Entourage. I seriously view you as my Turtle. – And you’re my Johnny Drama. – And Quinta. You’re my dream come true. You like my cats, if you lived here I could see us throwing
some pretty sick ragers. I could definitely see myself spending the rest of my lease with you. However, there can only be one. (melodramatic music) – Quinta can I talk to you? (dramatic music) – What’s going on? – I know you watched Game
of Thrones without Justin. – Oh my God, so what,
Zach? It doesn’t matter. – You broke a sacred creed with him. – I don’t know, I just know that, you know,
we need to get someone on that lease today, so– – I know. OK. – Just. Make that decision, get that
security deposit in, and– – Sure. – You’re lying to his face. – Would you stop? It is
not that important, OK? Just chill. So I did watch a few
episodes of Game of Thrones without Justin, I don’t get it, why is Zach acting like this? Oh my God, ya’ll are so annoying. – I’m acting like this because
Quinta is a lying cheat. She’s gonna have to
tell Justin before I do. – You OK? – Yea. I’m just a little shaken. Guys, what, what happened? What’s going on? – Quinta has something to say. – Justin I watched three episodes of Game of Thrones without you– – [Justin] Oh my gosh.
– OK. And I’m sorry. – Oh my God. Quinta. How could you? (sobbing) I can’t believe she
would do something like this to me, I feel so betrayed (sobbing). (sniffling) I trusted her with my HBO GO password. I guess there’s only one choice. Zach, will you accept this key? – (sobbing) Oh my God. Yes. Yes (sobbing). This is the greatest day of my life, I get the roommate of my dreams. – Zach, he’s the one. I know it. – Yes, tomorrow at five,
is that good for you? Oh sorry, hold on one second. I knew this was gonna happen and honestly, I could care less. I’ve set up three meetings
with three future tomorrow, so, it’s all good. – Hey, uh, you know we have to share a bathroom
at the new place, right? – Wait, what? – I’m sorry. I shoulda told you.
– No. (upbeat music) (acoustic guitar melody) ♫ Justin won’t you be my roommate ♫ ♫ Zach I will be your roommate ♫

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  1. I'm glad Zach and Justin are going to be roommates, but that was really low of Zach to expose Quinta like that. GOT better not ruin the best couple on the internet!

  2. wait, how could zach not have known about the shared bathroom ahead of time? quinta already brought up how it would smell after zach's chick fil a, which heavily implied a shared bathroom. come on guys

  3. this is pretty much me and my boyfriend… go live with your friends if you want I could care less just make a decision :'D

  4. Lol. Quinta apparently lives across the country from Zack and Justin. She apparently lives in the same city as me too.

  5. I want to see an season finale of the bachelor where it's like will you accept this rose and then the girl goes, "NOPE"

  6. im getting a a smart watxh on the 20 th april and i going to have to mis a few hours of buzzfeed and i love buzzfeed and its the holidays im aloud to stay home and watch buzzfeed but i cant WHYYYYYY?????

  7. Even though I have never seen a single episode of the Bachelorette it's was funny ?

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