The Sims Mobile – How To Get Married ? Android/iOS

The Sims Mobile – How To Get Married ? Android/iOS

Hello and welcome to How to Get Married in
The Sims Mobile. If you haven’t seen my review for the game please check it out, there’s
a link in the description below. So, you’ve finally decided you want to pop
the question in The Sims Mobile? Well, good on you! If you need some help and advice then
here are the steps required to wed your future partner. First off, you should try and reach player
level 10 before attempting this. This is because you need to be level 10 to purchase some of
the items required for the wedding. Start off by having your “First Date at the
Cafe” with your two Sims. As you can see here, my Sims are only Acquaintances to start off
with, but soon, they’ll be star-crossed-lovers. Here we are on the first date between Pepino
Pitts and Krista Leary. This date in the cafe only lasts 30 minutes. Once done, you’ll be
asked to choose a story to tell. I went for the Soulmates one. Your next task is to have a “Mini Staycation”.
Start the event and you’ll be whisked home for possibly the shortest holiday in history
(30 mins). You should now be on relationship level 2.
It’s now time for your next date. This time it’s “Date Night Out at the Club”. You might
want to have a sleep and poo before you go out to recharge your energy. The “Date Night
Out at the Club” event lasts 2 hours. After you’ve finished throwing shapes on the
dance floor you’ll need to complete the “Become Sudden Sweethearts” event which is the next
chapter in your story together. This event lasts 30 minutes. A little tip before you try a ‘risky action’
is to perform other actions with the Sim before attempting it. This gives them more confidence
and makes ‘risk actions’ less risky. As you’ll see, the chance of success goes from just
over 50% to about 80%. Once this is done you’ll become “No-So-Secret Admirers”. After this you can either have another “Mini
Staycation” or an “Excited Date”. I chose the latter and it takes 2 hours to complete. Once done you will now get the option to “Propose”.
This takes 10 minutes. You then become each other’s fiance and enter relationship Level
4. This unlocks the ‘limited time’ Quest which
comes in 15 parts. 1 of 15 is “Get a wedding date”. This takes
a matter of seconds. 2 of 15 is “Save the Date”. Again, this only
takes a few seconds to complete. 3 of 15 is “Well-Groomed”. This takes place
at the Fashion Studio and lasts 4 hours. Part 4 of 15 is “Gimme Gimme”. Send one of
your Sims home and click on the table to start the Event.This is over in a couple of seconds. Part 5 of 15 is “A Taste of Bliss”. If like
me you don’t get the option to start this Quest you might have to perform a ‘normal’
action first before it shows up. I believe this is just a bug in the game but it does
happen several times. As you can see here, I did the ‘Advance amorously’ action which
then ‘unlocked’ the Quest properly. This lasts 4 hours. Part 6 is “Suited for Marriage”. Before you
can start this however, you need to start the next story chapter “Become Lovers”. This
will take you 1 hour. This completes the “Sudden Sweethearts” chapter and unlocks a rather
fetching turtle neck jumper. Now send your Sims off to complete part 6 “Suited for Marriage”. Part 7 of 15 is called “Aisle Be There”. Make
sure both your Sims are in the same house and click on the sofa. A few moments later
you’ve discussed your guest list and cut out that half cousin you only see once every 5
years. The next part, part 8 is called “Culinary
Commitment”. This again is a quick one lasting a few seconds whilst you Sim gouges on a trial
sample of wedding cake (which looks a bit like a pork pie to me). Part 9 is “Cake Crisis”. Apparently it was
a pork pie which your fiancee wasn’t too happy about so head off to the restuarant to try
some more samples. Again I had the bug where the Quest didn’t show up so I just perform
a normal action first. This one takes 4 hours. Part 10 is “Pre-Wedding Jitterbug”. This is
probably the equivalent of a hen/stag party as it’s your final night out before the big
day. But guess what? You’ve got to finish your next Story Chapter first. “Completely
Enamored”. This one takes place in the restuarant again and lasts 2 hours. You’re now “Lovers”.
Now you can start the “Pre-Wedding Jitterbug” Quest. Part 11 of 15 requires 3 actions to be performed.
It’s called “Cold Feet” and you must make your Sim speak to 3 of his/her friends to
make sure they’re not making the wrong choice about getting married. Select your Sim (either
one will do) and press on the Sim icon with the plumbob next to it. This opens up your
Sims’ panel where you can access their Contacts by clicking on the speech bubble at the top.
Find one of your contacts and click Socialise to make them appear near you. Now you can
click on them and select “Overcome cold feet”. Do that 3 times and you’re done. Part 12 of 15 is “Paperwork Party”. Again,
the bug where I couln’t select the Quest happened so I did a normal action first. 4 hours later
and you’re done. Part 13 is called “Love in Bloom”. Here you
must place at least 3 wedding items in your garden. I placed as many as I could for the
special occasion but 3 is all that is required if you don’t have enough money/ house tokens.
Open the Buy Menu and go to Home Item Collections. Scroll until you find “Wedding” and start
placing. Part 14 is the big day! Your wedding day,
or “The Happiest Day” as the Quest is called. The wedding lasts for 4 hours and you kick
your guests out before dinner so as to save money on the reception. And after all that, all Peppino can do is
think about retiring(!) Part 15 of 15 is “Hello, Honeymoon!”. I’m
not sure my fiancee would be happy if we had our honeymoon at our own house but stil…select
your Sims and Woohoo. I didn’t need to speed the time up for this part…no sooner did
Peppino get into bed he had finished in less than 10 seconds(!). After you complete the 15 parts of the Quest
you unlock some fancy new items to decorate your home. So all that’s left to do after you lovely
wedding is to stand and watch some TV 🙂 Hope you found this video useful, leave any
comments, questions or remarks down below and press subscribe to help me feel more popular
😉 Until the next time!

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  1. So guys listen:If you don't complete the quest you can still get married I'm gonna tell you how:1)Go to the shop then tap on "home item collection" swipe right until you find the wedding section tap on it and buy the Arch and the other wedding items.2) after you do that tap on your partner and there will be an event with the name "Here comes the wedding" just wait and here it is.If the event doesn't show up when you tap on your partner scroll down press "more options" choose "flirt" and it would be there.Sorry if didn't work for you.

  2. I married and have a child too But I don't know how to move in my wife it says I don't have room in house hold but when I add anew room it still don't come any idea how to do that?

  3. I cant click on the last event it wont let me for some reason. Is it because I dont have the real wedding outfits ? I didnt have the money to get them so I got them different outfits

  4. Guys I have something that may help! You need level 8 real action shop with your other sim you need to get the wedding pack and place the, in your backyard (this needs to be after your sim has purposed to the other) after this you eventually will de ether event “Beckme Completely Enamored click that after you complete that even the “here’s come the wedding should be there” plz like if this help

  5. What happens when you don’t have time for the quest I did half of the quest I’m at 11 I only have 3 hours and it finishes in 3 hours and the baby quest I’m at 11 and I only have 6 hours can someone please tell me

  6. Here is another way but you must be in level 8 or 7 so you have to make your partner into soulmate chapter then press on your partner and there is the propose event if it doesn't work I'm sorry

  7. i made a mistake and that is making the guy my soulmate even though I Don't wanted to.?
    I can't change it anymore rip.

  8. When I finished here comes the wedding event, It didn't show me the honey moon choice and it told me to finish the baby quest to have a bassinet but no event's appeared

  9. Thanks for the vid man it really helps. I'm on lvl 10 and im not sure if I get them married or not yet so this vid gave me a few advice but I'm still thinking about it lol (I just installed the game a few days ago and I'm addicted to it especially that you can do same gender couples I find that awesome lol)

  10. For me (2019) most of the events (the limited ones) WHERE 7 HOURS LONG!!!! Is that an update? Cause if it is it’s a horrible update

  11. Not trying to annoy anyone thats not interested in what imma say but, I named my sims Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes and they're getting married soon and my life became better because of that XDDDD shawmila shippers are everywhere ?? (please dont hate, its just me)

  12. But my here ones the wedding is gray i used it on the person that is on level 5 luv or do we use our roommates sorry my roommate is on 1 lvl:(

  13. Actually it doesn’t work on most android’s
    That’s why u should invest in a IPHONE!!
    ? iPhone gang HMU
    Andriod gang uh..go away ??

    HELP ME!

    HELP ME!

  16. I didnt pick soulmates i clicked sports buddies coz i didnt know what it meant D:

    Edit: If I cant is there a way to change it?

  17. You are the best sista! Now my sims are wife and wife!(*yes they're Lesbian.*)




  18. PLEASE help me! I'm on the cold feet quest of the wedding and I cannot get the option to talk to people about cold feet! Idk it just shows to interact with them with different options but theres not cold feet option for it!

  19. Right now I'm doing baby quest with my Sims I'm on my level 12 I'm doing like baby quest part 6/15 I watch your videos while my sims are doing events

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