The Time Zack Morris Sold Swimsuit Photos Of Underage Girls

♫ Zach Morris is trash (school bell rings) – [Narrator] Zack Morris
enters the school store where Kelly works to berate and judge her coworkers
for being different. – There’s nothing in
here any normal person would want to buy. – [Narrator] Unable to accept that this store he’s never been to sells stuff he doesn’t like,
Zack takes it upon himself to get these nerds fired. Zack makes his case to Mr. Belding. – Their best seller is flesh
colored bandaids for nerds. – [Narrator] Then age shames
him in his own office. – You know you’ve proven that people over 40 still
belong in a workplace. – [Narrator] Mr. Belding
finally caves to Zack’s bullying and agrees to let Zack run the store, but asks him to please handle this delicate situation gracefully. So Zack makes this announcement
to the entire school. – Will the three dweebs who used to run the school store please report
to the principal’s office. – [Narrator Zack gives
the store a makeover, replacing all the school
supplies, textbooks and SAT prep guides with
sunglasses, beach balls, and those books for kids that come with a bag of magic tricks. But for some reason, nobody is lining up to buy Zack’s novelty clock backpacks. When the girls go to swimsuit practice and Screech leaves for photo club, Zack gets one of his
signature great ideas. – Screech, go get your camera. We’re gonna take pictures
of the girls in the pool. – [Narrator] Yikes, Zack sends
Screech in full scuba gear to take pictures of the female swim team without their consent so he can sell them in a Girls Of Bayside swimsuit
calendar for $5 a pop. The girls are excited
about the new customers, until they see the
giant cardboard cutouts, of some super casual candid
moments at practice, advertising the unauthorized calendars. They demand Zack stop selling
them immediately, he refuses. Mr. Belding tells Zack to
destroy every last calendar, when a strange man with a
goatee appears who was drawn to the school thanks to the
photos of underage girls in bathing suits that his friend who works at a print shop showed him. He says he’s a fashion
magazine photographer and is looking for three
models for an upcoming spread on high school fashion,
which everyone believes even though this creep looks like he got dressed in the dark. The girls jump at the chance to be famous and Zack says he’s happy to recommend them as the best models in the calendar if they agree to let him keep selling. The girls agree to Zack’s extortion. The girls have a photo
shoot all over school, including at the student store which means they had to
close it for business, and the pictures turn out great! So great that this man who they just met and for some reason still
believe works in fashion despite that shirt, wants to take Kelly to Paris for a month
for more photo shoots. Zack narcissistically makes
this all about him and decides to sabotage Kelly’s potentially
life changing opportunity. – If Kelly goes to Paris,
she’ll forget about me forever. I’ve gotta find some way to make her stay. – [Narrator] Zack begins
psychologically manipulating Kelly, first reminding the girls that Paris means she’ll miss their
upcoming swim meet. Then telling Slater Paris
means she won’t be able to work with him on their science project. Then asking Screech to pretend to cry, and telling Kelly he doesn’t
want to make her feel bad or anything but Screech is crying because she’s missing
his birthday next week. – Gosh, I feel like I’m
disappointing everybody. – [Narrator] The gang tries to take Kelly to a goodbye lunch, but she can’t make it because of one last photo shoot. Zack says he’ll invite
everybody to the photo shoot, which sounds great to Kelly,
then Zack turns around and lies to his friends that
Kelly doesn’t want them there because it’s unprofessional. Zack arrives at Kelly’s photo shoot alone and says nobody came
because they’re angry at her for all the ways she’s let them down. This emotionally destroys
Kelly forcing her to run off the set in tears. The creep in the ugly shirt sees right through Zack’s mind games, shames him for taking
away Kelly’s opportunity, and is somehow the voice
of reason in all of this. Zack shows up at Kelly’s house
to confess and apologize. And gives her permission to go to Paris because he still thinks he owns her because he never learned anything. Let’s review. Zack Morris got three
innocent students fired, turned a high school student store into his personal toy chest,
sold illegal swimsuit photos of his underage classmates, which brought this creep
out of the woodwork, and when this gave Kelly a
life changing opportunity, he psychologically manipulated her into feeling bad about it,
and never learned anything from any of it. Zack Morris is trash. ♫ Zach Morris is trash (school bell rings)

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