The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team Gets Slammed for Over-Celebrating | The Daily Show

The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team Gets Slammed for Over-Celebrating | The Daily Show

In the past few years,
there’s been a lot of talk about America
losing its standing in the world economically, diplomatically,
grammatically. But yesterday, the U.S. showed there’s at least one place
they can still kick ass. It was a day
of record-setting domination on the world stage
for the U.S. women. As the Women’s World Cup
kicks off in France, the U.S. women’s soccer team
is showing no mercy and making history. ANNOUNCER:
It’s two-nothing, U.S. It’s three-nothing…
four-nothing. Six-nothing. Goal! Nine-nothing! Quick steps.
Ten-nothing U.S. There’s the eleventh.
Shot. Goal! MAN: The defending champions
posting the tournament’s largest margin of victory ever, shutting out Thailand
13 to nothing. Wow! -(whooping, cheering)
-13 to nothing! That’s not a soccer score. America basically won
by a touchdown, a field goal and a three-pointer combined. Like, they were
dominating so hard, this was their goalie
during the game. -(laughter)
-And it’s crazy, ’cause if you watch soccer
in the world, you’re like, “This is madness.”
Americans were like, “This is how soccer should be!” I do feel a little bad,
though, all right? Because this is the worst thing to ever happen
to a Thai soccer team. And yes, I’m including the one
that got stuck in the cave. -(groaning)
-Yeah. ‘Cause at least the cave wasn’t celebrating
in front of them. “You got stuck in me…!” So, this was a historic win for
the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. But some people say it might have been
a little too much winning. A lot of controversy over how
the women of Team USA celebrated over that record-breaking win
over Thailand. Critics say the team showed
poor sportsmanship by continuing to score
then celebrate, some calling Team USA’s
behavior embarrassing, overboard and disrespectful. That target that they
already had on their back as defending champions, that
just got a whole lot bigger. They have now painted themselves
as villains and as bullies. Okay. I get
what people are saying. All right? They’re saying that
the U.S. beat this team so hard, they should have been
more sensitive, not celebrating
every single goal. I mean, at the same time,
sometimes taking pity can be worse
than celebrating, you know? It’s patronizing. Like,
imagine you’re in a rap battle, and you’re losing,
and then the other M.C.’s like, ♪ And another thing… ♪
Wait, wait, are you okay? Aw. I totally crushed you
with that line about your mama. Hey, I can talk if you need to. Do you want a hug?
Do you want a hug? So the big question is,
has this tarnished the reputation
of U.S. Women’s Soccer? Well, for more on this,
we’re joined by someone who’s embarrassed America
many times while overseas, Desi Lydic, everybody! (cheering, applause) Desi… people are saying
the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team was unsportsmanlike. -Do you agree?
-No. No, no. They were not being
unsportsmanlike, Trevor. They were being American. Our slogan is
“America, (bleep) yeah!” -(cheering)
-Not– right?– not “America, oh, sorry we won.” We’re the country
that won a war 200 years ago, and we’re still
shooting off fireworks to rub it in Britain’s face. So, so you’re saying
it’s not arrogance, that’s just how America rolls. Exactly. It’s how we roll
on the battlefield, it’s how we roll
on the soccer field, it’s how we roll
at our daughter’s piano recital which she totally (bleep) won,
by the way. Desi, I don’t think
you can win a piano recital. No, you do if all
the other parents’ cars get their tires slashed. And suddenly Orchestra Night
becomes Tiffany Night. I love you, sweetie.
You made Beethoven your bitch. Okay, you’re a good mom,
I guess, Desi. Uh, but-but don’t you feel
even a little bad -for Thailand’s team?
-What? Thailand? No, this has
nothing to do with them. Our women weren’t playing
against Thailand. They were playing
against the patriarchy. That’s what this game
was really about. Well, last time I checked,
the patriarchy wasn’t made up -of 13 Thai women.
-No, no, no, no. No. I’m talking about this. NEWSWOMAN: 28 players
are suing their employer, the U.S. Soccer Federation, alleging institutionalized
gender discrimination. According to their lawsuit,
the women’s team earns just 38% of a male player
for the same kind of work. NEWSMAN: The women scored
more goals in one match than the men’s team has scored in every World Cup appearance since 2006 combined. You see that? The women’s soccer team
is doing so much more and getting paid so much less
than the men’s team. It’s like finding out
that Tony Stark got paid less than Hawkeye. One’s a superhero, the other’s
a dad who’s into archery. (laughter) Look, yesterday was
about the women’s team trying to prove their worth. They weren’t just playing
to win a game, they were playing
to win a lawsuit. And yeah, you know what,
it sucks that Thailand had to get caught
in a crossfire, but it’s like I said
to the parents at my kid’s music school–
“It’s not personal, and I’ll pay for your tires.” So, so you’re saying the women’s
team was just sending a message -to U.S. Soccer.
-Yes. And clearly, that message was that they need
to be paid more. Oh, and, um, I don’t know, maybe U.S. Soccer
should pay the men less. Maybe they’d then be motivated to actually qualify
for their World Cup. -(cheering)
-Goal…! Whoo! Goal…! Goal…! -(cheering continues)
-Goal…! Goal…! -NOAH: I’m sorry.
-Yes! Whoa! -That’s unnecessary.
-Goal…! That’s unsportsmanlike. Desi Lydic, everyone.

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  1. 13-0…. dammmmmn. And it’s funny how men can flop to the point where it’s disrespectful and they full blown have a dance party when someone scores but when women do it. We are bullies and bitches and rubbing it in. Like go fuck yourself yo. They can celebrate how they want y’all just salty the women team is better then the men’s team and has been for years. They can’t even make it to the fucking World Cup but yet gonna talk shit about how these bosses celebrate. Smh.

  2. They clearly have not played soccer before, there is something call respect that every play is taught to learn before playing.

  3. Did they say the women's soccer is doing the same work? As the men's soccer team?! Omg, that's adorable.. This is the same US women's soccer team that lost to a team of under 15 year old boys.. you know that right? Don't kid yourself, it is a whole different level of work in men's sports that merits the money they make. Women just complain because that is something they've always been good at doing since the beginning of time.

  4. Doesn’t really “prove their worth” against men cause the us women’s soccer team lost to a bunch of u-16 guys

  5. Man i am with desi lydic on this. They should have paid more for those extra 60% for the same shampoo that men use.

  6. I bet you my fucking tongue on silver platter that’s the men’s team would destroy the women’s worse then they did Thailand’s.

  7. I get that women want equal pay. But have they seen what countries like Brazil spain Portugal France and britain have as their national MENS team. Of course the us mens team is only gonna score 12 goals in 3 appearances. The mls all stars are gonna get crushed by atletico Madrid unless ibra vela and Rooney carry the team. Men have harder competition. The women are just playing against 13 year old basically. No disrespect towards women from other countrises because you have way more talent than i do to do what you do

  8. Germany vs Brazil 2014 World Cup scores 7-1. Make the Brazilian people cry, throw the tv from the apartment. Does that mean German shows pity?

  9. Fuck off with that disrespect shit they breaking rules?no if ur going into a battle don't ever show mercy beat them into the ground until they are ashamed to show their faces around don't ever give them a chance to try to challenge you again let's go america

  10. U.S. female soccer team got slammed by the press because Megan spread her hatred against the Government every chance she got.
    Sports Reporter: "how does it feel to win the World Cup"
    Megan: "screw the White House and I want equal pay. Men are overrated, feminist and Leftist will Rule the World"

  11. USWNT can win the womens world cup as long as they want, it's still not the same achievement as for the men to qualify for the world cup. Why do they even compare themselves to the guys, there is not a single men's team in the world who they could beat. They're smaller, slower, weaker, that's the reason hardly anyone cares about womens soccer, fans want their sport played in the state of the art.

  12. Wait!? Now your saying its not good to be sensitive? Hmm.
    Im confused i thought thats what the left was all about


  14. Technically the women's soccer team is OVERPAID. When directly compared to the amount of money the market brings in, women are paid 22% of their market + benefits + healthcare + insurance. The men ONLY get 7% of their market. If you make more then you get more, that is how capitalism works. So ladies, if you want to get more then you need to make more for your brand. Unfortunately for you that will never happen, because no matter how many wins you rack up the fact of the matter is NOBODY IS WATCHING YOUR GAMES!

  15. Most people in Thailand probably never even knew that they had a women's soccer team. That is how insignificant the USWNT win was. By the way, this same USWNT got thrashed 5-2 by an under-15 Dallas FC boy's team.

  16. Just imagine if the men won 13-0 and then WON THE WHOLE THING. Would people still complain about how the players were celebrating?

  17. I dont think she know how much barder mens football is?? IF they played against the mens team they Will see why they are geting morse paid?? like have that seen Messi and Ronaldo and mbappe hahah

  18. Well your women soccer team lost to a bunch of 15 y o kids and most countries doesnt focus on womens soccer they breed real professional male players who are renown world wide, take this win because honestly in the real world cup you wont make it far

  19. Stop being serious, you act really stupid dude! Act funny, you aCT a tiny bit more educated. Lame ASS unpatriotic gaytard. Yes that sounds correct. Good night, (why not), retard. Lol

  20. Not gonna lie if you can’t beat a team of 15 year olds, then you don’t deserve over 100k. But those pay margins are gross af tho

  21. Us men’s soccer in the world cup is like silvers vs a god squad in fifa. Us women’s soccer in the world cup is like a god squad vs bronzes.

  22. The reason that women scored more in that game was because their opponents were really bad just because you're better at soccer doesn't mean your opponents are horrible also there's been a study on a soccer team where they pitted a boy's college team against the World Cup holders for female soccer and the boys college team won by a landslide so first claim debunked. This proves the point that just because you are better doesn't mean your opponents are not equally matched to you 2nd of all the reason they get paid less is because less people watch their games if less people watch their games than the game gets less money and therefore can't distribute as much per player.

  23. This poor little man cannot speak a sentence without his TDS flair up. Its an incurable liberal disease, love it. Is this the US womens team the 15 & under boys in Texas beat 5 to 2? Maybe thats why people will not pay as much to watch them as the men, become a stripper they make more than the men.

  24. Hmmmm……scanning the US team, then scanning the stands for what sea urchins could possibly be rooting them on to behave like adult sea urchins, and…….yeah, a loooooooooooooooot of pasty-faced, monstrously fat, hideously ugly, lily-white teenie boppers trying to swivel their Lane Bryant Size 40's in their seats. American, caucasian, "I'm With Her!" t-shirt wearers……what behavior should you expect from the planet's bottom feeders(?)

  25. fun fact: The women's team doesn't get paid at all if they lose. But if the men's team loses they make more money than the women do if they win!

  26. Comparing tony stark with Hawkeye is just retarded, you get paid less because you’re playing a tournament who nobody fucking watches and because you’re women, with all due respect nobody likes to watch women play football, at least not me, And to top it off you’re comparing the women’s national football team to the men’s national team, how does that make sense. It’s two different competitions, they’re just not on that professional level yet.

  27. The only thing I will say is stop dissing hawkeye. Without him, we dont get that hulk vs loki scene or hulk vs iron man. Well 2nd one is a maybe.

  28. It’s a difference in cultural approach to sportsmanship. I’ve lived long enough in America to know they like to party and celebrate even over the little things, back home in Japan it’s not really done that way, but I’d feel wrong to judge people over that type of stuff.

  29. Let's put us mens national soccer team against the womens. I think it would end up kinda same as this thai vs us match. And if u15 boys beat you that badly… you don't deserve equal pay

  30. I know this is comedy, but that desi women comment about woman need to paid same as man did, do you understand economic??? Man football (soccer) much more popular than women and generating much much more money than women team. So even if your team won world cup trn times, its not gonna change the pay unless woman football suddenly generates revenue same as men

    Americans are really this dumb? Do you believe that every men team in the world plays like the Thailand Women team?
    Because facing men teams like Italy, Czech Republic, Ghana, England, Algeria, Slovenia, Germany, Portugal and Belgium are easy to beat 13-0 everytime right? This proves why the world sees american as one of the dumbest people on the planet.

  32. Why are the women paid less? Because fewer people watch them in both the stadium and on the tellie! Same counts for men/women volleyball, cricket, hockey, etc.

  33. Women's soccer is kind of cute, but it's not really a sport. Just kinda something for the girls to do. They should play during halftime for NFL games.

  34. The thing is nobody really watches women soccer and it doesn’t bring as much revenue as does the male soccer matches that’s facts. Also how much your payed isn’t dependent on how many goals you make it’s how much the tickets sell for. If it were based on goals, defenders and goalies would be on the streets

  35. It's because we are AMERICA, it's how AMERICA roles. HELL YEAH ! I know it's cool that your nation team wins women's world cup, but the way american media is reacting to it lol, the same team can be destroyed by 15 year old boys and they are talking like they are the best at everything. OMG, how women get payed less money than men ???!?!? THAT IS NOT RIGHT ! I would pay 1 million dollars to everyone (if I had that much) just to see ONE game, just one game of worlds cup winner WOMEN VS MEN FOOTBALL MATCH and say this is how France roles and watch that feminist's face after 0-69 score.

  36. Mens soccer is way harder then women's, women kind of dont have a lot of competition when other nations BARELY CARE ABOUT WOMENS SOCCER

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