The Wives Get Confrontational & The Husbands Get Wild | Married to Medicine

The Wives Get Confrontational & The Husbands Get Wild | Married to Medicine

100 Replies to “The Wives Get Confrontational & The Husbands Get Wild | Married to Medicine”

  1. Attention Attention PSA:
    To the 👨 in the restroom with Miss Quad 😐 Sir 🛑 That’s called stalking and it’s creepy amongst other things…

  2. Now y’all see how she really is and see why Curtis chested not giving that scum btc a pass but y’all thought she was so good

  3. I really really really really dislike Heavenly's daughter. She is a brat. The things she says out of her mouth to her mother??? Whew chile… Am I the only one that feels like that?

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  5. Quad is my favorite because she keep y’all mad and asking, ‘why is she here?’ 😂 She is there because she is the Beyoncé of the show.

  6. Idk why quad is lying bout she need a dude thats about a ten! She look like she can’t handle the D at all! She doesn’t strike me as some one who is sexual.

  7. A lot of y’all have nasty spirits “here’s the real Jackie” “miss perfect”….y’all couldn’t wait to jump on her about something and why? Because she is slow to anger? She not always trying to fight and cuss somebody out? If she does snap i wouldn’t blame her these women are annoying

  8. Yo,I wonder what’s gon happen Twix Simone and Jackie?? They Luv 2 Edit the Show so U will Tune In🙄🙄🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️!!!

  9. This show makes educated sisters look very low graded with no class very disrespectful to black women which cause me not to watch the show because this is not how Queens carry themselves

  10. Smh head why do folks assume contessa is going to fight mariah is beyond me all she did was snatch her hand away and tell her to move her hand away. Smh.

  11. These people have no respect integrity or self awareness and it’s sad because they’ll do anything to stay relevant sad

  12. Mariah better back before Dr. Contessa goes military. Is it me or the scene with Dr. Simone and Dr.Jackie seems chopped, up, I feel it is one of those role plays they do to show how the other ladies are but I loooove me some Dr. Jackie so I hope her and Simone be good. One thing about the Married to Medicine and RHOA ladies, they hair and wigs be laid down!!

  13. These ladies act like Mariah is a serial killer then copy her style. The TOP-NOT looked better on Mariah who wore it last year than on Quad. Mariah cant say QueenBee (in ref to. herself) but Jackie named her book QueenBee. Heavenly starting her channel, {after Mariah} and stating she tells the truth yet doesn't EVER have a storyline. Quad running around with the FAKE tone calling herself MsQuad and saying she was "the" star of the show, but Mariah cant say she's the nucleus {which she is} she developed, shopped, sold it to Bravo and casted all the orginal ladies. Then she/ production turned it into a franchise. Seems like no one want to acknowledge Mariahs hard work and putting them in our homes for 45min a week. They are ALL educated beautiful women. Thanks Mariah.

  14. Contessa please come out of the closet so we Bravo could stop filming your fake "marriage troubles" storyline. Also Devinly and Cone only film in their kitchens. I bet their houses are nasty as hell. Jackie been fake.

  15. Out of all the ladies Jackie is the one making the most money. And i think she should tell them how she feeling they can say whatever. What's the damn problem now about Jackie?? These woman talk to Jackie lile she the younger siater now ahe done with begin nice. This is what nice got her

  16. Contessa is just like OG from basketball wives…with that being said..Mariah..u don't want that smoke..she aint toya sis

  17. Contessa is so boring when ever her part com on I just look for something to do in my house lik please don’t bring her back

  18. I really like this show… Something about seeing a black cast "intelligent and we'll to do" getting gutterball and trashy with each other that makes it a guilty pleasure for me. Because it's natural to expect them to deal with things better because they are doctors or related to doctors.. but, the reality is that they are like everybody else with struggles.

  19. I love Toya and always have, she is that cool chick that get along with a group of guys or girls. But the girls she may have to get u together. She just tells it like it is and I love that b.s. meter she reads.

  20. Never liked Jackie, always thought she was shallow. Jackie needed to hurt people by fat shaming or talking about how fake dr. heavenly. LV suitecase was she was carrying and she could spot a fake. But she couldnt spot a man asking you to make time or I find someone that makes me feel good about myself. Jackie hates Jackie for reacting fast to breast cancer while caring a child. She's a live, but understandably mad she never felt what motherhood feels like. And she feels she needs to attempt to be perfect in every other way. Which is impossible for anyone.

  21. Jackie has always seemed fake to me. People are now seeing her fake facade crumble. Toya is the only woman not involving herself in everyone's foolishness for once.

  22. What in the man best friend going on here…..It’s clear why Dr. Jackie and Heavenly are close. Heavenly is Jackie’s guard dog.

  23. I like Eugene & Cecil more than their I love Contessa’s feistiness. I really like her. Jackie is still awesome IMO.

  24. If y'all don't stop putting dark eyeshadow in Jackies crease, I'm packing my makeup bag and coming to Atlanta!!!

  25. Maybe Dr. Jackie needs do one thing at a time like Dr Simone said. What is causing the neck rolling and mean attitude? She says everything is progressing so what’s the tea?

  26. But wait all of a sudden Jackie turn hood 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Where was that energy when she found out Curtis cheated 😒😩

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  28. I don't think Dr Jackie called her infertile just to be nasty, I suspect they edited that scene so it can come out like that…I'l wait for the episode to air, I like Toya, Simone, Jackie, Heavenly, Contessa not sure about the new lady

  29. Most of these housewives are not wives, why is it a problem that Quad is still on tge show. Love or hate her she makes good television

  30. Wait so Dr. Jackie just called out Buffie's infertility issue during a speech on this upcoming episode but she is mad that Mariah told her in a general discussion she doesn't know what its like to be a mother who has to fight for her child. Oh ok.

  31. First off, THAT Jackie has always been there. She has never wanted stuff to drag on and on. I agree with her. Once there is an apology let that ish go otherwise why do apologize. So far this season she's had to deal with two women wanting apologies. She's given apologies thinking that was the end of discussion but they kept harping. Eventually I would snap too.

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