These Sisters Play DIRTY w/ Huge Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

These Sisters Play DIRTY w/ Huge Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

Oh it’s so big. Oh hell. Why would you ever do this
to your little sister? I mean this is not any better. This bitch may be bleeding
but this bitch is dead. How Far is Tattoo Far is the show
that puts relationships to the ultimate trust test in a very permanent way,
with blind tattoos. On this episode, sisters Wendy and Karen
put each other on blast. They’re both moms. I’m a fresh mommy,
I just had one a year ago. How about you? I got four kids and I was
a surrogate twice. Whew. Oh my God. You are a champion. Karen’s had complications
in her own pregnancies, she doesn’t need to go
and rent her uterus just to keep her
family afloat. But have very different
approaches when it comes to money. What do you do for work? I’m a stay at home mom
right now. I just coupon.
So I try to help out that way. No but she’s like super cheap
and it’s embarrassing sometimes. But I’m not a surrogate. Oh! Maybe these tattoos
will be well-intentioned. I want to put her on blast. I want to teach her a lesson. Good (bleep) luck. Oh, well,okay then.
Well, good luck indeed. It’s tattoo time. Oh man. I’m so nervous. I just want
to see this all right. (bleep) Honestly I don’t think
she’s in as much pain as I am. But she will be
when she sees the reveal. Are you ready for this? Let’s see what these sisters
did to each other. Why are you so mad? This was for my son. You have a whole other arm. No, you knew this was my sleeve. Now I can’t even wear
a bathing suit. But it doesn’t (bleep)… Why are you wearing
bathing suits? Oh. All right, Karen come on girl. All right, Karen
how are you feeling right now? Hopefully nervous. I just want to get it over with. Hey Jordan, time to reveal
your masterpiece. I hope you still love me after. Jordan you’ve made a whole
mural. You literally want to die. I might just kill you. All right, all right. Oh my God. You (bleep) bitch. You’re a (bleep) idiot. How am I going to explain this
to my (bleep) kids you (bleep)? You don’t have to explain it.
They can see it. Just to be clear here. The tattoo is Karen herself
giving birth to bags of money. Representing
her being a surrogate. I just want her to see
that you don’t need to rent your uterus,
your vagina whatever. I’m trying to give them
a better (bleep) future. You’re (bleep)
ridiculous. Nobody’s saying you’re not
giving them a future. Nobody’s saying… Don’t even
(bleep)… You’re (bleep) stupid.
You’re (bleep)… Nobody’s saying you’re not
giving them a future. I’m just saying you don’t
have to (bleep) sell vagina. I’m not selling my vagina. I’m helping another family
have a kid. She’s got so much potential
up here. It’s her health. You make no sense.
It’s her health. It’s her career.
Shut the (bleep) up. Okay then go be a (bleep)
prostitute, you’re halfway there. Well, speaking of halfway there,
switch her up. All right, any final words here? You deserve your karma. I have nothing to say. I’m just
ready to see this (bleep). Oh, she’s going to be pissed. Shut the (bleep) up, no way. I swear. This is what you (bleep) get. I think we should bring
Tiffany out. Oh it’s so big. Oh hell. Why would you ever do this
to your little sister? I mean this is not any better. This bitch may be bleeding
but this bitch is dead. She got what she deserves. Wendy, are you ready to see
what is on your arm for the rest of your life? What the (bleep) is this?
Bitch is that me? Why don’t we get a clearer
explanation of this? It’s like an obituary
and it has her face on it. Isn’t it to die for? What does it say? Bad karma, being a mooch,
being a liar, cheep as (bleep). You stupid (bleep) idiot.
What does it mean? Well you were (bleep)… … picture of me.
What the (bleep)? No, what the (bleep)
does it mean? What does it mean? Remind you not to be a (bleep)
scammer and be taking- I’m a (bleep) couponer,
I’m not a (bleep) scammer. – Okay.
– Understand the difference. Now you’re a couponer. Understand the difference. Before you were taking
people’s money. What are you talking about? There’s a story behind it. A while back,
her and her friends wanted to go to this concert. And so they printed
out an obituary and they put it in a can and they started asking
for donations just to go
to that concert. That wasn’t even (bleep)
me, that was my friends. That doesn’t matter. You are who you hang with
and you took part in it. This doesn’t even have anything
to do with me. Okay, Wendy, okay. I bettered myself and I’m going
to do the same by distancing myself
from her. Okay, well, good for you. That’s it? Yeah. She knew what she was
getting herself into. Maybe when I’m on my death bed
for reals and then she’ll be happy.
I’m extra but she kills me. I mean you guys for the kids’
sake, can you put it behind you? Obviously we both
had misconceptions of what we thought
of each other, so… Eventually we’ll… Okay. There you go. Sister love. It’s okay to be mad
at each other. Okay so now that some time
has passed, how are things between
the sisters now? A lot of our family still doesn’t believe
that they’re real. And we’re like, yes it’s not
coming off any time soon. She’s still going through
with her surrogacy. Wendy learned something
from me from this tattoo. I’m going to be a surrogate

100 Replies to “These Sisters Play DIRTY w/ Huge Tattoos | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV”

  1. The fact that the sister is being rude to the other being about being a surrogate is disgusting. My best friends little sister is from a surrogate and it just makes me so mad because she’s giving families hope and Wendy’s original outlook of “selling your vagina” is soooooo far from the truth!!!

  2. She’s a surrogate…thats absolutely amazing. She’s having half biological kids for women who can’t. She shouldn’t be shamed for that in no way. It isn’t affecting her health if her uterus is healthy and she’s having healthy births.

  3. Okay, so she can tell the differences between being a couponer and a scammer but can’t with being a surrogate and prostitute??? Also wtf is that scam story, that’s so low

  4. People are all hating on the little sister and I admit, at first when watching this I was too.
    Keyword "Was" as when I watched it again- I paid more attention and watched it with a more open mind.
    At the very start, the younger sister stated her worry for her older sister and sure, the way she said it was rather harsh and off-putting but if you read between the lines the younger sister explained her concerns;
    The older sister is a surrogate, yes? Well, that's amazing and it'd be even better if it didn't affect her health!
    The younger sister says how the older sister had issues with her pregnancies before and do you know what that means?
    It means technically giving birth multiple times while having difficulties before means it could be considered dangerous and to a point life-threatening to the child or mother. Wouldn't you be worried if your sister was putting her life at stake? Sure it's so amazing and utterly gut-wrenching that she'd be doing that for people incapable of fertility but when you have kids of your own and you're putting your life on the line… In my opinion, that is selfish. Very selfish, indeed. If you have a child out of your own will and decide to do things which could threaten your life you're being selfish by not reassuring the child a future with a mother/father, by not reassuring the child a stable living arrangement- after all who knows what would happen to the child if the mother died? What exactly would the father do (If he even has a father, I don't remember her saying anything about her relationship status.)

    Although I say I dislike the older sister, the younger sister isn't all in the right either;
    The fact she called surrogates prostitutes is awful and sickening, to say the least. It's very ignorant and stupid to call people who willfully go through pain and suffering for such a small price (In my opinion) prostitutes. Either way- both are in the wrong but we shouldn't be hating on the younger sister. The younger sister obviously loves her older sister and worries about her- she believes her older sister is smart enough to get an amazing job which wouldn't be so problematic and that's true love right there.
    Even if the younger sister uses the wrong wording and is rather ignorant.

    Another thing I find is awful is the older sister is commenting on the younger sister's smart lifestyle. She looks for sales probably because she doesn't have the best-paying job or job at all but at least she is trying to feed and dress her kids to the best of her extent. Would you rather her not give a shit at all? Not everybody in the world is rich enough to spend so carefreely and I know a lot of people who even though are richer than most still look for sales.
    Sales are there for a reason so why not enjoy them?

    Either way, this is just my opinion. I don't mean to start any fights, I'm just stating my mind.

  5. Oh so proud of her play sacrifice of her life for family or a couple who can't have kids God bless you you're awesome God is so pleased with you

  6. Little sister: I’m a fucking couponer not a scammer know the difference!”
    And your sister is a surrogate not a prostitute “know the difference!” 😂

  7. Stupid bitch. Surrogates are not close to prostitutes. Giving a fkin family a child who can't have one is a freaking blessing. Monster.

  8. Wtf both of them need to chill yeah girl her body her choice and the younger sister has the right to save money in the way she wants she’s not being cheap she’s being smart ok chill out.

  9. Being a surrogate is one of the best things you can do for someone else. Someone needs to knock some sense into Wendy. What a dumbass bitch.

  10. The little sis is so stuck up! Surrogate's are amazing people but people like Wendy are horrid af. Karen doesn't deserve her as a sister

  11. “I’m a couponer, not a scammer! Understand the difference!” BITCH UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SURROGATE AND A PROSTITUTE!!! The little sister is so disrespectful.

  12. “but I’m not a surrogate” … so you mean you haven’t given the gift of life to those who can’t conceive on their own?? I’d be damn proud of my sister but that’s just me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. "I'm a couponer, not a scammer! Learn the difference!" yet this bitch doesn't know the difference between a surrogate and prostitute.

  14. If I was up there with someone I don't like , I'm done that tattoo goin on her fukin face
    (I know who I would bring up there)

  15. That sister is so arrogant. Giving birth to a child for a family that cannot, isn’t selling pussy. It’s being a decent human being.

  16. Theres absoloubtly nothing wrong or slutty about being a surrogate so the younger sister is horrid. But the tattoo she got was awful oo

  17. I do not like the skinny sister cuz she is a bitch being a surrogate is the most nice thing that a person can be other than a veteran

  18. She’s so ignorant, there’s nothing wrong with being a surrogate even if you are doing it for money you’re still helping someone have a family and that’s not even close to being a prostitution wtf

  19. I wish me and my bff could go on this show and show people were ACTUAL bffs😂😂 but if she puts somethin huge on my anything I might kill her😂

  20. I hope her little sister comes to this video so she can see herself get dragged up and down the street for being so ignorant. And now she's a hypocrite as well ?? 🙄 props to big sis. I wouldn't deal w that bullshit ngl. She is so, so strong.

  21. Being a surrogate takes a lot of guts and I praise that woman for giving other families a better life by gifting them with children what an amazing woman 🤩

  22. “I’m a couponer not a scammer know the difference” says the one who doesn’t know the difference between a surrogate and a prostitute.

  23. Honestly, the little sister deserved that tattoo. I don't even feel bad for her. The older sister is doing such a wonderful thing giving families the ability to have children while supporting her own family. She's not a prostitute that's not even close.

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