THEY WANT YOU TO BE POOR – An Eye Opening Interview

THEY WANT YOU TO BE POOR – An Eye Opening Interview

-The school system is actually teaching ppl to be poor -The schul system will never teach you about money -it is designed to teach you to be an employee or doctor or lowyer or specialist, -but never about money My father was a head of education. phd and all that stuff I went home and ask him “Why dont we learn about money in school?” And he looked at me and says Because the government
doesnt let us teach that subject -The goverment tells us what we can
teach and what we cant teacdh -And I thought that was strange and I said -“But arent we going to school
to learn about money?” He says “No”! “Your job is t get a job” Poverty is passed on, its taught
in your family. And middle class is taught in families. And so the people right now
who are sitting at home, who are struggling financially, or are worried about money, or are unhappy… they may be making a lot of money, but are unhappy with what they’re doing… IT was probably taught to you. Your super ego was taught “Get a job,, work hard or “you ll
never be rich”, or “the rich are evil” or whatever -Until you chagne your mindset
money wont help you right? -correct! And we see that with
people that win the lottery, -ppl that have more money, -they still have the same problem. Right -Because they have the poor
man soul. Correct. -If you’r poor , you will always be poor. -That’s really hard for ppl to understand -Yes the money will disappera that fast -Just like with most pro athletes. -They make millions of dollard and 65% -Are bankrupt 5 years later -because they come from poor families -Now you tell them that and -they get very angry at you -“Its the rich fault! -You guys rip me off! -The Government ripped me off” -But unfortunatelly what mr.
Lipton was saying, Its passed down genetically. The mojment I pay you, you
think like an employee. thats the trap! Entrepreneurs work for free. The moment you accept the paycheck, your brain goes dead. As long as you are hungry you ll think. you see ppl say: “Well why dont you give the poor money?” the only problem with that is it creates more poor people! -Give a man a fish , he fished for a day, or eats for the day -Yea you give a man a fish you get a lot of people who
want mover fish, but you teach them to fish. But you are the Robin Hood of knowledge because I see you giving this
knowledge out and do the rich people cringe and say “Dont tell them taht Robert!” Yes, Yes. “Dont tell people what you know. Keep them poor.” Poor will always be amongst us Because it starts up here. Its in their workds and their
words become flesh, but when they say “I cant afford it”, or “I cant do that”, they go down. they become what they say. I meet so many people, “I cant afford it! You think I am made up of money?” MY phd daddy says “what do
you think I am?” made up of money? I cant afford that!” And my rich dad would say “thats why hes poor.” Poor people say “I cant afford it.” I cant do taht. I dont have time.” Because it is an escape! Its an escape! Its easy to say “I cant afford it!” or “I am too tired.” or “I cant go to the gym!”, When you could go to the gym, but “no i cant” the truth is that “i m just too lazy to go to the gym.” And you play it safe and you
dont introduce new risks into your life and so… I have job secured. right And your rich dad used to say
what, instead of “i cant afford it!”? “how can I afford it?” “how can I do that?” “What would it take me?” or “Why should I do that?” A question opens the mind, A statement closes the mind. so when you say “I cant afford it!” your mind shuts down and you become what you say. People say “Money is not that
important to me!” then if money is not that
important to you, money is not important to you! “I dont care about money!” The money doesnt care about you! The word does become flesh! or “I ll never be rich!” or the favorite one is “the rich
are greedy!” its the poor that are greedy, if you think about it because to be rich, you have to
give something. I had to produce books and games and I purchased real estate, I provide housing, i provide jobs
and all that and thats why im rich. but greedy people produce nothing! “oh no its the rich that are greedy!” and i am going “hey sports fans, you point a finger forward, three are pointing backwards.” and so as we know, there is a big attitude prolem against the rich today. we all have fear! to be truth we all have fear, its just how you deal with it! einstein said “imagination is more important than knowledge, but knowledge empowers imagination.” and what most people lack is real business knowledge, like accountint, like debt, like taxes. you got to know that stuff, but they dont teach it in school
to anybody. people who are afraid of making mistakes, like they teach in school, they dont ever grow! because spirituality is “there is good and there is bad. there is right and there is wrong. there is up and there is down.” most people only wnat to be right, or they only want to be positive. well you cant have that! thats not reality! every time i failed i was like “ok good. what have i learned?” and the average person, the reason they are poor is tey
havent failed. they play it so safe, they havent made any mistakes like they were taught in school. that means they dont learn anything! thats why the school system is actually fundamentally corrupt! its anti-education! and I think what most people do is they let their parents or their friends talk them out of life! we re so afraid of failing, but failing is how we succeed! our schools punish you for
making mistakes. and thats why we have so many people who are afraid of admiting they re making mistakes or are afraid of failing! Subtitles by the community

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  1. This guy is correct when he talks about the government wanting people to be dumb, poor, and employee mindset. He is also on point when he says its passed down genetically as well as spoken words become reality. So be very careful about your mindset the and words you speak into existence. The part where he is wrong is when he claims "the rich are not greedy." If that were true then why do you have banks making crafty ways to squeeze every cent and dollar they can get out of people? Why do you have nations like Spain, Great Britain, Portugal, America that got rich off of stealing from other people (their land, resources, and even people as slaves for free labor)? Also, why is there many examples of rich exploiting the poor to get richer? If you go to any "affluent" neighborhood the gas prices are cheaper by at least 20 cents. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear then use it damn! Wake up!

  2. If you're poor your always be poor………..bit of an assumption. Can't go to the gym…Maybe the person is tired. Alot of assumptions here. You employ people but people are trapped by being an employee . I see haha

  3. If you want to be rich you should not go to school. You should learn by yourself.Just like Danlok.At school they teach you all the subjects that you don't need in the future.

  4. This guy is a Marxist commy. He’s referring to what’s called “false consciousness” and “cultural hegemony”.

  5. Thanks very much more than this so good idea but you so much more than this 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  6. "The reason they're poor is they haven't failed" no because if we fail we lose our house or our job get into debt etc bottom line is poor folk cant afford to fail so we cant risk anything I think this prick needs to live on the bread line with 2 kids in a one bedroom flat

  7. So good idea but you so much more than this 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  8. What should I do in order to get rich and wealthy first I'm still a teenager studying on school please I need help here..

  9. Humans don't deceive each other. Wonderous adversigns do.. like bullets do that guns can't accomplish.. food hunted

  10. We're more likely to be greedy with what we lack. The poor are more prone to be greedy in the flesh, the rich are more prone to be greedy in the soul. What's the parable, it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle?

  11. Wow! Wow!🤔 Switch my mind set and words and teach my kids about accounting, budgeting… now🏃🏽‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️! Jokes aside, don't have time to apportion blame, got to get moving now mostly with the kids.

  12. Bunch of Crap !! I've tried that mentality if Got me broke, unemployed , and still in debt, one thing is for sure , if you can't think properly ,or understand , comprehend , your sorrounding ,…your lost…!! This is guy also full of it…

  13. No Matter How many time's people tell me you will never pursue your dream's I always think in my mind you just never know when an important person will come along and Invest in My Dream Businesses and so that is why I keep working on My Dream Businesses and putting them on YouTube in witch I like to call Investor batting and My Advise to people is think of what you like to do and or enjoy doing and then put out there on the internet and make what you love into a career!

  14. This is very inspirational to me
    I love it when he says
    School don't teach you about money it teaches you "your job is to get a job".

  15. Why should the schools teach our children to be rich when it's easier to train them to be willing slaves.

  16. What about, "I don't need all those things, I'm comfortable where I'm at." But constantly complaining about being able to go do stuff because they can't afford it.

  17. It all depends on how much money you need. I'm 31, I have a million in the SWTSX index fund. It gives me 30k a year in dividends and capital gains. I do other things online like stock photography and trading stocks for fun. I live below my means and I know the more things I own the more they own me, so I keep my life simple. What you need to know is how much do you really need to make a year to live. Remember, the best thing money buys is your freedom. You don't need millions of dollars to be happy, you just need a steady income from investments to pay your monthly bills and have some fun money.

  18. I don't regret going to elite university. Because I don't have to go through life with the constant need to prove that I have something between my ears.

  19. You are programmed to be afraid of being poor, you are not programmed to be poor. A poor if he always had been poor, or even someone who always was content with the minimum he have never his situation will bother him ! This world is made for you to be afraid, your brain is a gold, your emotions is diamond to them, human don’t want be sad, afraid, traumatized, once they create this negativity around the word “poverty” and teach your brain to be afraid of it they can do everything they want from you, they use fear on us, and this is how Donald Trump have been elected. This is how they made you think 9/11 was an Islamic attack so you can hate them, so they can justify their intervention in the Middle East to steal the black gold. This is how every singer pop star are so fucked up look at their past all children traumatized by a family situation or social situation… stop sleeping… stop sleeping!

  20. It teaches us to be slaves. Society could not survive with everyone at the top. Some figure out how to be free of it and do well on their own. Some become slave masters.

  21. He has some good quotes. Word becomes flesh. A question opens the mind and a statement closes the mind. Your language and your self talk do determine your life and reality to some degree. I believe that most people don't just suddenly become rich. Quite often they come from a privileged background. They are raised within a culture that supports their privilege, whether it be a structural advantage, being a young white male, having people within your family who are already wealthy and who have already established themselves as successful business people. If you start with that advantage, you're already living and breathing that mindset, which is to basically use the rules to your advantage. It does not surprise me at all that the poor stay poor. There are reasons for that. People remain poor because of their background, their culture, their lack of privilege, their lack of access to resources, opportunities and luxuries that wealthier people have automatically, from the second they are born.

    Of course you can change your mindset at any point. But it is much more difficult to do some if you're coming from an underprivileged background where you are already behind from the get go. In order to get to that point and in order to realize that you can realize anything, manifest anything, you do need to be privileged with people who are successful. You definitely need a little bit of luck or a couple of guardian angels. It's definitely not as easy as he makes it out to be.

  22. best quotes:
    'a question opens the mind. A statement closes the mind.'
    'you point a finger forward, three are pointing backwards.'

  23. Just as I say, school teaches you to be an employee, they teach you to be poor, and they teach you to be a beta male. So yeah the school system is garbage

  24. If you see the glass as half empty people call you negative, but if you only see the full half you'll never have the drive to obtain more

  25. I’m in danger and other make people Let me many things believe things to make my not to believe and
    Every one say not what happen. They wanne kill me and they want let criminals go away

  26. Did you know 'School' was initially designed to get younger children accustomed to work longer factory hours back in the industrial revolution?

    If you want to learn to be a billionaire/millionaire ask a billionaire/millionaire how they became a billionaire/millionaire. Don't ask your English or math teacher how because if they knew, they wouldn't be teaching you math or English.

  27. Also, here is another fact. The Rothschild family are the demons of this planet. They're the reason for most of our problems.

  28. Thing is, once you've been produced from the system a poor person, that is what you'll be, forever. It's impossible to come back from that. Especially if your parents are poor. It's a caste system. Seriously. This guy has to be about as dumb as they come. "I had a rich dad and a poor dad. The rich dad thought rich. The poor dad thought poor." Now he's doing great. Why? Because he had a rich dad and some hefty hand-me-down cash to work with. You don't get money by believing you're not poor. You get money by GETTING PHYSICAL MONEY.

    You greatly offend people who are actually struggling in life. Imagine if you ONLY had poor parents. You would be singing a totally different tune right now. And not just because of your mindset. We don't conjure money from thin air. Your mindset doesn't do shit for you until you actually have money. If you can't get that money in the first place, then it truly is a system designed to keep you down. But since it's situational, all of the retarded capitalism-worshippers will just say "Hubhubhubhub, save money hubhubhubhub". Well have fun with your easy money. Some of us don't get to just have money when we decide we want money.

  29. As well, you have to be attractive in order to climb the ladder from nothing. There's no way to actually come back from being poor. The real mistake is that people think it's a mindset. It's not a mindset. Money is an actual thing. A material. A material that some are not able to obtain. These guys just don't get it. Of course if you have a rich dad you'll end up rich. Because he handed you down the money. Duh.

  30. What a crock of shit, the poor are greedy, not the rich! WTF is this guy on about, the poor or working class aren't greedy, we're struggling to survive you egocentric TWAT!

  31. Only one kid I know of that I went to school with ended up making a lot of money and that was because he became a pro baseball player. Nobody became rich entrepreneurs. I learned next to nothing about money in school except how to add and subtract small amounts to if money just to give change. Oh I also learned in how to write a check in one class. Nothing about investing, minimizing debt and entrepreneurship,.

  32. That is absolutely correct if I ever fail at least I know I’m smart with money because already know how to do it I would invest in 100,000 or lessAnd start my first business a year later with that money I get for my business I will use it to get another business and then half of that time I will get that same money for my first business then I start my third business and I’ll keep on going until I’m a billionaire

  33. If being poor passed on geneticly how you broke this circle? I dont think geneticly this is connect with your mindset. Did you make your wealt from debt? What is the relation with between debt and tax?

  34. This is not truth. It's all down to luck. Luck is where you were born? Who were your parent's? Were they wealthy? What is your state of health? What country you were born in? The list is endless. Luck is everything. The royal family are just privileged, because they were born that way. Luck. Also it's not a level playing field. The game of monopoly has been going on, well before you were born. The houses and hotels have all been brought. The extreme rich, are in control. The rich don't pay their fair share of tax. The gap is getting ever greater.
    Only way to bring change, to reel in these rich is VOTE.

  35. A statement closes the mind. What if I say, I can change myself or I am special? Also don't ask questions on how you know something you shouldn't do is wrong because it confuses and deflects you from action.

  36. The moment you get paid, you think like an employee. That is the trap!Entrepreneurs work for free. The moment you accept the paycheck, your brain goes dead, as long as you are hungry, you will think…

  37. Hes right the government doesnt want schools to teach us about money if they can teach students on how to become Doctores,Engineers, etc. What makes you think that the schools cant teach us about money etc. They can but they decide not to because they want us to work for them

  38. It's the poor that are greedy. 👌rich guy that got a loan from his father. Some I believe, but most rich people are greedy. He might be right about school education, but I wouldn't want my ass wooped every time I failed a homework assignment. My 6th grade math teacher humiliated me enough.

  39. Josue: money answers all

    john the critic:no god answers all

    Josue:no money has been given by god so you take the money you take god

  40. Wow thats so strange you would think you would get to know about money in school but hes so right that's really something hmm one day i will be rich🙏🙏🙌🙌

  41. When you think about it. It's YOU that accepts that school system. If no one would go to school anymore and resist, what can they do? NOTHING. Time to resist.

  42. Yes… Im a Man Who spend 20 year of my life in School and im Poor… I work as a teacher because my family said that its a big deal… Im now poor lost my healt and im not Maried i dont have a car…but im happy to be educated and learnd lot of thing… But if you wont to improve yourself you have to search dont let the School be your lifestyle…i tel that to my student that the need to use what they need in there lifs.

  43. I worked for years and never got paid. Then I figured out how to get paid for little work. Now I am rretirecd and quite comfortable. I call that a win.

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