Tiffany Haddish Took Over Netflix’s Golden Globes After-Party

Tiffany Haddish Took Over Netflix’s Golden Globes After-Party

-Welcome back. -Thank you for having me back. I wish they would have played
something a little more funky for me so I could twerk for you.
-That wasn’t funky enough? -Uh-uh. I want something
a little more funky. -I hope they will
take that as a note for the next time you’re here.
-Yeah, I hope so. Because I want to twerk
for y’all. This is a little twerk dress.
-Oh, my goodness. You know, I got
my twerk boots on. -I feel like —
[ Cheering ] Like a real missed opportunity
for us. -I mean, y’all know any, like,
2 Chainz, or…? [ Laughter ] Any Migos?
[ Laughter ] -It’s just not going to
happen tonight. -It’s not — twerking.
-It’s just not — it’s just not
going to twerk out for us. -Yeah, it’s not going
to twerk out. -It’s not going to twerk out.
[ Audience ohs ] It is — I was —
lovely to see you the other night
at the Golden Globes. -Oh, thank you.
-You presented with your co-star in the film, Salma Hayek. -Yes.
-Fantastic. Did you enjoy — You’ve been to
your share of awards shows. Did you enjoy the Golden Globes?
-I did enjoy it. That was my first time ever
presenting there, ever being in that room. It felt like a really cool
high school assembly. -It is.
[ Laughter ] And that, by the way,
that’s the absolute peak of what an awards show can be,
is a cool high school assembly. -Yeah, but with alcohol.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
It is — of the awards shows, wouldn’t you agree, it is
the most fun of all of them? -I mean, I haven’t been
to all of them. -Yeah.
-But for what I’ve been to, that was great.
-Yeah. Did you see — did you run
into any people that you had never met before,
that you were happy to see? -Yeah, I ran into Carol Burnett.
-Fantastic. -And that was, like,
super awesome. You know, she tweeted
about me before because I had hosted
the MTV Movie and TV Awards and I had wore the curtain
and all that. And so she tweeted
that she liked it. And then, I was, like,
I had tweeted back. But then, she didn’t say
nothing back. But then I had — I had went,
you know — I saw her — I was on the
carpet, and then I saw her, and I was, like,
“Do I approach her?” Am I going to scare her
if I approach her? And then, I was like,
“Forget it,” I’m fixin’ to just going
to just get in her interview and see what happens.
-Yeah. -And she was looking at me
crazy at first, like, “Who is this black woman?” And then I said,
“I’m Tiffany Haddish.” And then she was like, “Oh, hi!”
And she was nice to me. And that is wonderful.
When your heroes are kind. -Absolutely.
And she is right, she is as kind as they come.
-Yes. -You —
[ Cheers and applause ] You gave an act of kindness
at the after party. You actually got up and rapped
at the after party. -Oh, yes.
See, what happened was I had been drinking some more,
right? -You had been drinking
some more, yeah. -I had been drinking some
more from being — because my feet was hurting. So then, you know,
when your feet hurt — -So it was medicinal.
-Yeah, that’s medicinal. You know, I didn’t have —
I didn’t have the CBD for the feet
that had wore off. [ Laughter ]
-Right. -So then, I had smoked with
Snoop Dogg, and then, I had — -Oh, my God.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah.
-Yeah. I ain’t gonna lie.
I’m going to tell the truth. I’m going to tell the truth. Because it’s legal
in California. I don’t know about here.
But in California… -Yeah.
-So then I had me a little vodka, and then
I went into the Netflix party, and I saw that the Netflix
party was a little — it was not where it needed to be
energy-wise. -Yes.
And now, this is a true story. You used to have a job
as an energy producer. -Yeah, I was a professional
energy producer. My job is to produce positive
energy in any room I step in. Mostly boring bat mitzvahs
and some weddings — -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Christmas parties
and things like that, my job is to make it just pop,
and get the old people dancing, the young people dancing,
get everybody moving together. -Multi-generational.
-Yeah, multi-generational, across all age lines.
-Yeah. -And, so, I walk into the party, and I notice
it’s kind of dead. And, now, mind you, I had been
to four parties already and asked every deejay
to let me get the microphone, nobody would let me get it.
-Okay. -But this deejay,
he was dumb enough to let me get the microphone.
[ Laughter ] And I told him to play my song.
I said, “Play ‘Dripeesha’ by Todrick Hall
and Tiffany Haddish.” -Right, right.
-And he played it, and I was like,
“He must be crazy.” And, so then, I just started
singing the song, and then he plays
“City Girls.” And I guess he thought
I was going to give the microphone back, but no. I just start rapping on top
of “City Girls,” even though I don’t know
none of the lyrics to that song, I just kept going —
I made my own lyrics up. -And energy up? Do you feel like you turned
the party around? -Now, it looked like everybody
was dancing. I seen cell phone lights.
When you see cell phone lights, it’s either good or really bad. So —
[ Laughter ] -It sounded like a good one?
-It felt really good. It felt like people were
dancing and moving. They was like, “Go, Tiffany,
go, Tiffany!” And somebody yelled out,
“She got bars!” [ Laughter ]
-Oh, that’s a very — That’s very high praise.
I think — -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ] I don’t think — I don’t think there’s even
an inkling of a chance someone will yell out that I
have bars at a party ever.

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  1. This white woman would love to party with Beautiful Queen of the Party. Love your energy and smile Tiffany. You've come a long way and deserve every happiness 😘😘😘❤❤❤

  2. It's a bit jarring going from the news about the USA ravaging another country and destroying millions of lives to… this.

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  4. The way Seth looks at here is the way I would too in his position 😂 Tiffany interviews are fucking addicting 🥰

  5. "Its just not gonna twerk out for us" and this people is why he was head writer at SNL and he has his own late night TV show. A true comedic genius.

  6. I truly lost all fan ship to you any women that can support a man who disrespect trans women struggle and gender issue neither one of y'all worthy of the breath you breath! The thruth should never be used to hurt people or tear a person down you fake ass want to be Jew

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