13 Replies to “Top 10 Democratic candidates face-off today in Atlanta”

  1. As a black woman I'm voting Republican for the first time in the 2020 election, the Democrat party has lost their damn minds.

  2. Every time a great idea to level the playing field, lower stress levels, or just general fairness, the rich still seem to find a way to have people hate that idea, like for example no way will we include the children from those three people…
    Turning a positive into a negative.
    40,000 die every year from lack of access to health care, which is just fine if we don't have to give those three guys' kids education or health care.
    "You're Fired" is something your for-profit health care denying company, or employer, shouldn't be able to say to your doctor.
    Take down that wall that separates you from your doctor of choice.

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