Town Hall Audience Member – Key & Peele

Town Hall Audience Member – Key & Peele

Folks, I have
a simple philosophy. The government should work for
everyone, not just the elite. And that’s why I helped
pass the farm bill, because I care about farmers.
But I won’t stop there. I will work for everyone,
whether you are young, whether you are old, whether you are Asian
or Hispanic, whether you are straight
or whether you are gay. I will work for all of you. And that’s why I also
support marriage equality. Folks don’t choose to be gay, anymore than I choose
to be straight. Could you imagine
if someone told you that you couldn’t marry
the person that you loved? I’m sorry, I think
gays are people too. Gays are not different.
Gays, they’re just like us. They love, they fear,
they raise their children, they strive for a better life. But there are those
who believe that being gay is an abomination. That’s absurd.
The homosexual community is a valuable community
in this country. They are doctors,
they are lawyers, they are teachers,
they are me, and they are you. And their contributions
are no less important than any other group
in this fine nation of ours. So, turn to that gay person
near you, and see that they are
no different than you are. Thank you.

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  2. The scene where the cameraman looking for him is gold. Reminds me of The Office when Michael had a second job and was trying to keep it secret ??

  3. So why was he hiding? From the camera? I didn't realise the camera was meant to be, there. Like often the camera is present in a scene but more in the way of a film where it's not part of the fiction.

  4. I lost it when camera finds him and he's pointing at the guy next to him, who looks gay but then he puts his arm around that girl.. ???

  5. Government works for everyone not just the elite… that’s why we have a republic. Not a democracy. That’s why a constitution exist. Yet at every turn, a certain party wants to destroy the republic and the constitution

  6. Love these guys, but when they rip off material, they should at least credit the people that wrote it. See Steve Martin at the 2003 Oscars, at about 11:20

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