TROS kids gathered to celebrate 6TH ANNIVERSARY! [The Return of Superman/2019.11.15]

The Return of Superman’s sixth-anniversary special. With one heart, they’ll make a special 2020 calendar. (Let’s take nice photos together.) (We’re going to do a good job too!) (It’ll be full of happiness.) You never know where the kids will run off to during the hectic calendar photoshoot. (The Return of Superman’s 2020 calendar shoot story!) (Screaming) It starts now! (It starts now!) The Return of Superman Episode 303. “The World Is Beautiful When You Smile.” It’s a sunny day that warms up the heart. This place full of flowers is the perfect place for children to run around. Which family is visiting an arboretum? (Which family arrived first?) (It’s William and Bentley’s family!) – It’s William and Bentley. / – Dad, who’s here? A lot of friends will come today. – They’re going to meet friends. / – I’m happy. Right? (Are all of our friends coming?) Are you happy too? – There are so many flowers here. / – Dad. Dad. Another flower. There are more flowers here. – Flowers are everywhere. / – It’s like a flower shop. – He found something. / – What are you looking at, Ben? – It fell. / – What were you looking at? This fell. (One flower was on the ground.) Who should I give this to? I don’t know. Who do you want to give it to? Should I just give it to Bentley? (Yes, give it to me.) – No. / – Gosh. How awkward. I’m going to give it to my friend. Okay, let’s go. You’ll meet many friends today. (Happy) (Let’s hurry!) Bentley. (Dad, look at that!) (They arrived in front of huge golden gates!) (Dad!) (Amazed) Did I come here to see this? Beyond the golden gates is an enormous garden that looks like it could be in a fairytale. (A fairytale-like scene beyond the golden gates) What magical things will happen to the kids here today? (Amazing!) Dad, are my friends not here yet? No, not yet. (Hurry up and join us, friends!) Dad, why is that person cut up? Where? (William found a torso.) – It’s a statue. / – Their hands must hurt. He startled me. (Ouch!) They’re naked too. Dad, take off your clothes. It’s okay. This is art, William. Art! (When are my friends coming?) Sit down. I like coming outside. – They’re coming. / – They’re coming. – They’re here! / – Who is it? William! – William! / – It’s Rawon. Hello! You can say hello to your friends. Hello. Hello. It’s Bentley. Bentley. Hello. Hello, Bentley. – It’s been a while. / – He’s a good greeter. – It’s their first time meeting. / – Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello. – I see. Rawon’s shy. / – She’s shy with handsome boys. You look like this. He’s giving you a flower. It seems Bentley’s preparing something too. (What are you going to do, Rawon?) (It’s a yellow chrysanthemum from William,) (and a grass leaf from Bentley.) (Rawon received both at once.) Gosh, what an awkward situation. (Raim, you can take it in my place.) (Why are you being shy?) (What about my grass?) – The grass… / – It fell. (I guess the grass isn’t good enough.) (Shy) This is Raim. Raim. Raim? Even your name is pretty. Gosh, you’re so sweet. Exactly. He talks so sweetly. (What a nice guy.) What’s your name? (Ra, Ra, Ra…) – Is that your name? / – I’ve never seen her like this. Rawon, do you want to go eat ice cream? (Nodding) Give one to William. – Give one to William. / – I’m sure there’s ice cream. You have to accept money right away. You have to put it away fast. (He puts the money in his hat for safety.) That’s it. He won’t lose it this way. Let’s go, Rawon. (We’ll be back.) Rawon, get along with William before you return. Rawon, what do you want to eat? I want watermelon. – They’re holding hands. / – I want melon. I’ll buy everything for you. – How sweet. / – He’s so cool. Have you had dried yellow corvina before? What is that? Is it meat or fish? I had fish and rice before. I ate it after we took out the bones. Do you spit out the bones or do you eat the bones too? (Rawon is listening to him quietly.) Who am I talking to? (Laughing) – We have to eat ice cream. / – Goodness. – Where do they sell ice cream? / – How pretty. Let’s hurry up and eat it. Rawon, follow me. (They arrived at the ice cream shop!) Rawon, what do you want to eat? I want a mango. One mango and one strawberry, please. – Please make them delicious. / – Okay. That’s seven dollars. (Rawon is paying only five dollars.) You don’t have enough money. – William, you have to pay. / – It’s here. Of course. – Where did my money go? / – What happened? (The money he put in his hat disappeared!) Rawon, what do you want to eat? – I’ll buy everything for you. / – My goodness. Oh, no. (He lost his money while talking big.) Am I cool by any chance? (You were cool just a minute ago.) I don’t have any money. – What now? / – We’ll have just one mango. Here’s your mango ice cream. It’s yours. (After having a lick…) (Peeking) (He’s burdening her with his eyes.) Is that delicious? Is the mango ice cream good? – Why is he so funny? / – I wonder if I can have some. (Here, William. Have a bite.) – Gosh. / – How sweet. Thank you, Rawon. Hold my hand. He’s telling her to hold his hand. (I think we’re going to get along well.) I think we got close. – Put this on. / – He’s older than you. – Bye, bye. / – It’s Bentley. Raim can’t speak yet. She’s a baby. How old is she? She’s 10 months old. – This is the most comfortable time. / – Yes. You have two boys… (Sighing) – They must be wild. / – They’re never still. (Are you talking about me?) I think boys move around differently. They’re very active and are loud. (My voice is this loud!) (Raim, do you want to get up?) Raim is getting up. Hey, Raim is getting up. Raim. (Good job, baby.) She’s the youngest member of our show. Please hold her, Sam. Let me bring the mat over. Hello. Hello. – Hello, hello. / – Hey. – You look good with a daughter too. / – I really… I always wanted one. Raim, you’re so cute. How cute. Gosh, you’re crazy. You’re crazy and she’s cute. He’s rhyming well with Raim in his arms. – Gosh. / – Oh, no. That’s Raim’s. (The snack he was going to give to Raim…) (What a waste.) We have a lot. Don’t worry. (Hesitating) Gosh. – He’s eating it. / – That fell on the ground. He’s okay. He even eats rocks, so it’s okay. Do you even eat rocks, Bentley? Yes! He answered, “Yes.” (Laughing) He eats everything. She’s happy. She’s clapping. Raim, do you want to go down? (Me too! Me too!) Your shoes… (Here are my shoes.) (Dad, please get my socks too.) (How cute.) You’re funny. (Pulling) (That feels nice.) Baby. The baby too? (Pulling) Is he helping her with her socks? (I got one of them off.) He’s taking them off in case they’re uncomfortable. Are you worried she might be too hot? Okay. Is he trying to feed her? He’s so good with the baby. (I’ll have a bite first.) He’s giving it to her after taking a bite. He’s good at playing hard to get. Please give me more. Can all that fit in his mouth? Well, he’s a good eater. It’s rather amazing. – Why do you have your hands up? / – Hands up. (Snacks are the best.) Hey, friends! (More!) I think another friend came. (Hey, you’re here.) Ben, your friend is here. Hello. – Where are you, my friends? / – It’s Jam Jam. Jam Jam, it’s Uncle Ricky Martin. – Do you know Ricky Martin? / – Ricky Martin? – I’m your dad’s friend. / – That’s so old. – That’s so long ago. / – Hello. – Say hello. / – Hello. Hello. You have such beautiful eyes. Hello, Jam Jam. She’s shy. You’re right. To her, he’s a foreigner. – I see him as a Korean person. / – Me too. Get up. (Bentley pretends to sleep.) Why is Bentley acting? Get up. – He got up. / – He got up. He got up. Heart. (Nice to meet you, my friend.) (They stamp their feet joyfully.) Are you happy? Are you happy? He’s your friend. You two are the same age. (Shall we go over there and play together?) (I would love to.) He’s happy. – Let’s play together. / – Yes, they’re friends. Come here. (Try and catch me.) Bentley, shouldn’t you put on your shoes? – Bentley. / – He’s a child of nature. – I’m thankful enough he has clothes on. / – True. Why aren’t you wearing your shoes? Why aren’t you wearing your shoes? What is he doing? Give me his shoes. Where are his shoes? Do you want to put them on? (Flopping down) Are you helping him put them on? – I’ll help you put them on. / – Sit down. He’s putting them on because his friend told him to. (Jam Jam helps her friend.) Try it. (What is this I’m feeling?) Is it good? (Staring) What is this? (All done!) (Thank you for helping me put my shoes on.) What’s your name? (Ben!) I’m Jam Jam. Where are you going? Ben! Let’s play together! Let’s go together! – Jam Jam wants to be friends. / – Ben! You shouldn’t go in there. (Look at this.) (It’s water!) You shouldn’t put your hand in it. (What?) (It’s okay.) (Copy me, my friend.) (Okay, I’ll try it too.) – How cute. / – Do you know how to swim? (Of course!) No, you crazy boy. Goodness, this is very like Bentley. What is that? (I’m normally a good swimmer.) (Let’s have fun splashing.) Ben, you’re a troublemaker. Ben. You’re going to catch a cold. My goodness. My goodness. (I never felt such feelings before.) (What’s the matter with me?) (I can’t understand myself.) Are we running? Ben, wait for me. Dad. Did you have fun with your friend? Are you here to see me? – Friends. / – Rawon is back. (My brother is back.) What’s your name? I’m Jam Jam. Let’s play together. (Holding tightly) (What is this?) Jam Jam is so friendly. (William?) Let’s go together. Let’s go together. (Wait, what about Rawon?) (Let’s go to the fountain!) (Hesitating) (Let’s go together, Jam Jam.) (Rawon is watching everything.) – But Rawon… / – Do you want to go too? – Yes. / – Go to William. William! (After looking his way, she finally calls his name!) William! Run! (I’ll run over to you now. Please wait, William!) Everyone’s here now. (What about me?) (Together!) (Now that everyone’s here, shall we play?) Don’t do that. What are you doing, Ben? Pull your sleeves like this. (Pull up your sleeves and do it gently.) Yes, be gentle… (Mad) (I’ll splash you too.) Stop. – Stop. / – Stop it. (Why is everyone telling me to stop?) (His sleeves are wet.) – Gosh, he’s all wet. / – He’s drenched. (Look at this!) (Shaking) How can you splash water outside? (Awkward) I got wet. (I can’t play with him any longer!) Dad! Ben splashed a lot of water on me! – Did you get wet? / – Look. How did you get so wet? No, it was Bentley who splashed on me. (He’s drinking furiously.) Jam Jam is the only one staying with him. (Bentley is showing her his wet sleeves.) (Hold on a minute.) Is she helping him with his sleeves? – Jam Jam is a true friend. / – She is. (Shall I show you my swimming skills again?) Stop. – You’ll catch a cold. / – “You’ll catch a cold.” You’re all wet. (I’m just in a good mood.) Stop it! Let’s go. (Dad, look at me!) Dad. (I have a precious friend now.) (Staring) Dad. Dad. Did you take a shower? (Startled) (They must have had fun.) Too bad Gunhoo and Naeun aren’t here. – Aren’t they coming? / – I think Jooho has a game today. – Today? / – He has a game. They’re here in spirit. Yes. We’ll see Gunhoo and Naeun a little later.

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