19 Replies to “Trump Celebrated His Historic Summit With A Historic Lie”

  1. Trump: I don't care that he killed his father so he could become the leader of North Korea, I do care that he was able to do it successfully.
    Trump after outrage: I meant to say that he was successful in being able to run a country at 26 years old… really smart and funny guy.

    Analogy for this, you can use it Stephen: I don't care if the guy is a rapist, I care about the fact that he lasted six hours before ejaculating. He has terrific mental capability.

  2. Slovenia is not in fuckin Eastern Europe, it's in Central Europe. Their neighbours are Croatia, Hungary and Italy.

  3. wow, just wow. they should put this idiot in a north korean jail or concentration camp for a few years to let him see how great his buddy kim jong un is.

  4. "His people love him…" Yeah, because they'll be imprisoned, tortured and killed if they don't. What an unbelievable moron.

  5. Hey Stephen , I greatly enjoy your chain of thought done with so much irony , logic , humor and sarcasm but then again we are talking about TRUMP who basically does most of the work for you , keep pulling his " I m a stable genius " cord of crap because as a fellow NEW YORKER an Pureto Rican now 63 , I've always found him to be insufferable, an I don't give S*#t about any one kind of guy, it goes all the way back to his DNA , Hey is it me or is the only thing missing from his rallies is a burning cross and sheets. Any way give HIM HELL , cause thats what he's giving us.

  6. The man has killed his relatives!!! So having control of the population is the objective, you're in the wrong historical time frame.

  7. Kim Jong -Un …..funny funny guy, and his people love him??? You litterally have no brain if that comes out of your burgerhole!!!

  8. Trump is a dangerous and out of control wannabe facist, he must be stopped, and his sycophant cabinet replaces with a new kind of politics, a president and government not born from cronyism and a lust for power.

  9. Looking back at this in December 2019, after his impeachment (and hoping, for humanity's sake, that he is removed from office ASAP even tho I know it's not gonna happen, I have to say that this is one of the best things Trump did in foreign policy.
    Not because I'm soo happy about NK, but because at least Trump was not a hypocrite.
    He went to NK's leader on an equal moral standing, which is EXACTLY where he should be.
    Cause, guys, before you throw a hissy fit about NK's human rights or lack thereof, let me quickly remind you where you stand:
    1) Your system makes it economically profitable for some people to deprive other people of their freedom. As a result, you have the largest prison population on earth, and on top of that, you mostly deprive non-white people of their freedom with sentences disproportionate to their crimes.
    2) You have Guantanamo bay still open for business, where people can be jailed without trial and tortured bypassing the Geneva convention, and nobody blinks.
    3) You tear apart families at the mexican border and put children in containment camps (which they are, irrespective of their looks).

    And that was just a quick example. NK didn't invade Iraq over oil nor did they invade Afghanistan to waste 1 trillion of taxpayer dollars – innocent afghani people died in droves, all for the profit of few.
    Long story short, the most belligerent country in human history ain't lecturing ANYBODY on human rights (without being called a hypocrite).
    Not China.
    Not NK.
    Not arab countries.
    Not Russia.
    Not anybody at any place, in any time.

    And one more thing: "allies" and "enemies" are wartime ideas. I know you guys cannot even imagine how peace looks like, given your record, but don't go calling NK your "enemies" unless you're at war with them.
    I ain't seeing no US marine landing in Pyongyang guns blazing just yet, so I have to assume you're not at war with them. So they aren't enemies.
    And I know it might even come to a shock to you, but in more and more people's eyes, the differences between you and NK are fading by the day.
    Trump's attitude was right on this one. Probably the ONLY time where he was appropriate since 2016.

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