TV5 Pasko2K16 Cosplay Christmas Party Event Kulitan Moments

TV5 Pasko2K16 Cosplay Christmas Party Event Kulitan Moments

(Filipino Version of the song 12 Days of Christmas) (Hosts thanking the audience) Chai: “Wait … I lost my cheat sheet” Chai: “I have a question for you…” Chai: “Oh where’s my Q&A cheat sheet again …” Chai: “Oh I lost it again …” Chai: “When a cockroach falls in a tub of … “soapy water …” … “will the water get dirty?” … “or will the cockroach get cleaned up?” Kakashi: “The water will get murky!” Chai: “Why?” Kakashi: “Roaches are nasty & dirty!” Chai: “Now there’s Naruto!” (excitedly goes to Naruto) Chai: “Ouch!” Chai: “I (also) have a question for you!” Naruto: “Game! Wazzup?” Chai: “If Corazon was the 1st ‘aswang’ (i.e. Filipino folklore monster) … “then what number in the order are you at?” Naruto: “Huh? Hmmm what’s my ranking then …” … “Maybe 10th!” Chai: “Ten-en-en-en! He said 10-10-10 eh!” Chai: “Oh there’s Deadpool!” Chai: “Oh wrong! He’s Deadshot instead!” Deadshot: “Deadpool is my buddy!” Chai: “Where’s the Edge of Glory?” Deadshot: “That’s so hard (i.e. the question)!” Deadshot: “You should ask me mathematical questions instead.” Chai: “Can’t ‘nautical miles’ be explained mathematically?” Chai: So here’s the answer as to where … (sings) (and wrong lyrics yeah!) Chai: “Oh Chun Li’s getting dressed down now …” Chai: “Let’s disturb her …” Chai: “Oh what kinda seat is this … I can’t sit on it!” Chai: “In a box of crayons” … “what’s the difference between …” … “Yellow Green” “vs. GreenYellow?” Chun Li: “In the Yellow Green (color)” … “the yellow overpowers the green” … “in Green Yellow …” … “the green (color) tops the yellow one!” Chai: “Oh you’re so good!” Chai: “Why does the ‘ispageti’ (i.e. Filipino girl group song) … “go down lower and lower and lower?” Ryuuko: “Whaaaat? Ahhhh it’s ‘coz of this!” Ryuuko: “Ispageti going down … going down … & going down!” Ryuuko: “Just like that!” Chai: “Ok I’ll do it too!” (Filipino Song ‘Ispageti’)

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  1. Great video ! This lots of fun. I hope you will continue to make great content like this in the future.
    Keep it up my friend and thanks for sharing.

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