TWM Movie Night: The Scene-iors First Viewing Party

(slow instrumental music) – Hey guys, it is Movie Day. I am so excited. The scene-iors are going
to see their movies for the very first time today. Ah! (upbeat instrumental music) Alright everybody. I love you. Come on in! – I’m wearing Versace. (audience cheering) – I also have popcorn for everybody and I also have Ensure. (audience laughing) Let’s get crazy everybody, okay? I just wanted to thank
you guys and let you know how much you guys mean to be and I don’t think you will ever, ever really know how much you mean to me but this today is just basically something I can give back to you
that’s a little bit of joy back to you guys. On the count of three,
Matthew’s scene-iors, one, two, three, action! – What we got now is Brokeback Mountain. Everything’s built on that. You are too much for me Ennis you son of a whore son (beeps). (audience laughing) – I am William Wallace. (Matthew neighs) They may take our lives but they will never take our freedom! – [All] Ah! – I waited for you for seven long years! (audience applauding) – Ah! (explosion) (audience applauding) – Do you feel the breeze from the subway? Isn’t it sweeping? – Sort of cools the ankles, doesn’t it? (slow instrumental music) – Here’s looking at you, kid. – One, two, three, action! – All my life I had to fight. Now you wanna dance son in law Miss Celie? Keep on advising him like you do. – Yes, thank you. – Ice berg right ahead! (audience cheering) – This project is my life. It has taken over my life. The fact that you guys
enjoyed it so much today, I was so nervous to show you and I just wanted you to have fun and the fact that you,
it appears that you did means the world. (audience cheering) – I don’t know what to say. I was sitting home looking at TV. I had nothing else to do. It’s given me a new life. – This gets me out of bed. I wouldn’t get out at all
if it wasn’t for this show. – [Matthew] Was it fun to see
all your friends up there? – Oh gosh yeah. That was even funnier! (laughs) – Made me happy to hear
everybody laughing. – I was too and I couldn’t stop crying I was laughing so hard. – The costumes, the
scripts, everything is just, it’s given us a new life. It has fulfilled my emptiness. – Thank you, Matthew for giving me such a wonderful new life in my old age. I feel new again!

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