U-Kiss Eli reveals his early marriage life [Mr. House Husband / 2017.01.10]

U-Kiss Eli reveals his early marriage life [Mr. House Husband / 2017.01.10]

(One cold, windy, winter day) (A large supermarket in Seocho) – Mr. Jamwon. / – Jamwon-dong. (Looking romantic even from a distance) – Is that your wife? / – Yes. She’s pretty. (They’re holding hands!) She’s beautiful. (Today’s star, Idol housekeeping man, Eli) (Eli, handsome member of U-KISS) (The group that mesmerized Korea, China, and Japan) (And the first idol singer to get married!) (Eli of U-KISS Confesses to Secret Marriage) – You were born in 1991? / – Yes. I entered college in 1991. (Marriage between an idol singer and an older woman) (He’s the father of a six-month-old baby boy) How cute. (Idol father Eli) Hello. I’ve been married and doing housekeeping for 3 years. I’ve been taking care of a baby for 6 months. I’m Mr. Jamwon, Eli of U-KISS. Hello. I’m U-KISS Eli’s wife and Minsu’s mom, Ji Yeonsu. Nice to meet you. I come home once a month, so I want to make it up to her all in one day. It’s our son’s first time trying solid food, so we came to buy groceries. – Isn’t it heavy? / – What? – Isn’t the bag heavy? / – It’s okay. You seem to be panting, but you said you’re okay. It looks good to carry a baby when you’re fit. You’re right. Those times were so great. Things aren’t so great now? (Where are they headed first?) Let’s buy him a toy. – He has many toys. / – What? He has enough toys already. No. (He doesn’t hear her) He can’t play with all of them at this age. (You’re buying it for me, right?) I used to love assembling things. I used to put together plastic models when I was young. I think Minsu likes it, too. Minsu is at the age where he puts everything in his mouth, so he can’t play with those toys. Eli wants to satisfy his own desires and insists on buying them. (Wandering around the toy section for his son) He’ll put everything in his mouth. (Gives up) That’s for age 14 and up. (Eyes wide open) Check out the price. $286? Your wife is educating you first. She must feel like she’s raising two sons. (I want to buy one…) – They’re expensive. / – They’re very expensive. (Mr. Jamwon leaves without hesitation) (I did a good job, right?) My gosh. (Culture shock) We never saw anything like this before. We’ve only seen Seungwoo eat free samples. (People are watching, dad) Can’t we turn off the video recorder for a moment? (They hold hands and set off to buy groceries) We have to make baby food for him, so we should buy a spoon for him, too. (Baby’s spoon is essential) (He thoroughly checks what to buy) Which spoon is good? This one is soft. I’m buying a spoon for him to eat solid food. Oh, a baby’s spoon. It’s his first time eating solid food. – Right. / – Many families use that. – It’s okay to eat with silicone? / – Yes. It’s okay to put in a baby’s mouth? Minsu! (He’s putting a dirty display spoon in his mouth?) – No, no. / – Minsu. (That was close) I wanted to see if he liked it. (He wants to be thorough, but he’s still clumsy) It’s like raising two boys. (He stops in front of the pots) Right. Many people use that stainless pot. It’s too expensive. You’re supposed to use a stainless pot. We can use other pots, too. I want to buy a new one since we’re making baby food. Of course a baby’s things are expensive. Why do you think a baby’s things are expensive? No. – Men usually think that. / – Right. Your wife is very thrifty. Yes. Let’s go to the organic food section. Organic food? What are you going to buy? Rice for babies. Rice for babies? We can just use the rice we have at home. No. There’s no such thing as rice for babies. There is. Look. There’s no rice for babies. – There is no separate rice for babies. / – No. Organic rice. – People usually buy organic rice. / – Right. Right. – How many kilograms is this? / – 3kg. Then it’s too expensive. (She thinks it’s too expensive for 3kg of rice) It’s because it’s organic. Usually, people say organic produce is good. Since this is Minsu’s first solid food, I wanted to use the best ingredients. Excuse me! Can I use this for baby food? No, you can’t. This is brown rice. – Brown rice… / – You shouldn’t use brown rice. Babies can’t digest it. You can’t use that. – We can use rice we have at home, right? / – Yes. Go ahead and do that. (I told you so) Thank you. – Goodbye. / – We do have rice at home. (We do, but I just wanted the best for my baby) (His wife thoroughly checks the receipt) What are you looking at? Don’t worry about that. (I’ll earn lots of money. Don’t worry about it) He’s assuring her that he’ll make lots of money. (Eli’s “love house” is revealed for the first time) “Love house.” (Born handsome) (Pictures of the beautiful couple are everywhere) (And the fruit of their love, Minsu) (Minsu’s cute things are everywhere) (This is Mr. Jamwon’s “love house”) Your fans must’ve been disappointed when you married. Yes, very much so. – What about now? / – Now… Many of them have left me. Many fans left you. But I have many new married fans now. Rest, honey. The house looks so cozy. I’ll do everything. The food I will make today is thin rice gruel. This is our baby’s first solid food, so I studied a lot beforehand. I looked up information on many blogs. (Just like he read on the Internet) It’s not going to be easy to follow the blogs. (Washing rice first) (Rub rub) (Swish swish) (What a Korean idol washing rice looks like.avi) (Eli shines as an idol singer on stage) – Is that you? / – Yes. (But right now he’s just Minsu’s dad) Where did you get that T-shirt? It makes your shoulders look broad. (Mr. Jamwon, is it easy to wash rice?) How much rice do I need? (He’s hit an obstacle already) (Search the Internet when you don’t know) It’s not easy to follow the instructions on blogs. 25g of soaked rice and 300ml of water? I need 25g of rice. We have no scale at home. (Here we go) Here. Honey, you can’t use that. Honey… (No way…) – Is it a body weight scale? / – Yes. (A body weight scale) Oh my. You’ll measure grams with that? – You can’t use that. / – I can’t? You can’t. No, I can. I think it could work. 25g. 25g… Can’t you step on the scale holding the bowl? 0.025 kg. Let’s see how much this weighs. (Measuring the weight of the bowl) It won’t measure. Of course not. Oh, it only goes up to the 10th digit. Oh no. How many grams are in a cup? (Honey… Please help…) (She’s too busy looking after Minsu) A paper cup? Forget it. I’m sure everyone goes through that. When making baby food for the first time. (Going with my instinct) I think this much is 25 grams. This much? I don’t know. It’s about this much in the picture. He thinks I know everything. I don’t know where that comes from. I’m sure this is about 25 grams. You trust her. This should be good. You should’ve gone out and bought a scale. 300ml of water. (Getting help from Minsu’s bottle) I used the baby’s bottle. Many people do that. 240ml. This should be about 300ml. Okay. I got 300ml of water. No. This is too little. This much? (Should I put it in or not?) Wait. Do I put it in after I boil water? (Glancing at his wife) Don’t worry. You’re looking it up again? Don’t worry. What if the blog says “Just kidding” at the end? “Gotcha!” Like that. I’ll begin cooking it now. Okay. Make it good. – How cute. / – Oh my. Do I grind up the rice? What does it say on the blog? It says to grind the rice with water. – That’s right. / – Right? Aren’t you asking her too many times? It seems different from the blog. I’m using this for the first time. (Surprised) (I’ll grind every grain of rice!) (Pour ground rice and water into the pot) (And boil while stirring) I wanted to make his first solid food. How great is that? I don’t think I did that. Men who work usually can’t make baby food like that. Did you make your son’s first solid food, Iljung? I took many pictures. Of making baby food? I guess that’s okay. When she was feeding our son, I took pictures. (Stir and stir) (An idol’s sweat, previously only seen on stage) (I’ll willingly break a sweat for you, Minsu!) There we go. (Now it looks like thin rice gruel) (The milky color looks great) It’s like glue. – It is like glue. / – It looks good. (The thin rice gruel is thick thanks to Mr. Jamwon) Didn’t you add vegetables, too, Taegyu? – This is for the early stage. / – That comes later? Yes, that will come much later. (Minsu, I made this for you) It’s ready. Wow. Daddy made food for you. (I look forward to it, daddy) Wow, you’re great. – I haven’t done this, either. / – I think it’s done. (Proud) When was the last time I heard a comment like that? – I can say one for you right now. / – No thanks. (Pleased) (Mr. Jamwon’s first solid baby food) (“Thin rice gruel” is ready) Kiss. (Kiss for doing a good job) Oh my. He’s just like me. Look at me sweating. You did a great job, honey. You want daddy’s food? (He cools it first) Wow! Daddy’s the best! He looks a bit sleepy. He picked up the phone to order delivery food. (I’ll pay with my card for a serving of baby food) This is your first time eating this, Minsu. Wow. Let’s face daddy to eat. Your first solid food. I hope it’s good. Let’s try it. Here! It’s his first solid food. Enjoy. Sure. He’s unfamiliar with it. Leave a little bit on his mouth. Oh my. Oh my. (I worked hard to make this) Then let’s have mommy feed you. I just… (Minsu starts to cry) Okay. Okay. Okay, okay, okay. He doesn’t like to be held by his dad. – He’s uncomfortable. / – Since it’s been a while. (They try once again) He’s eating it. – He ate it. / – He’s eating it. (He accepts it when his mom gives it to him!) Oh my. Oh my. It’s good, right? It’s his first time eating food that’s not formula. Yes. (I’ve never tasted anything like this before) We’ve all gone through that, right? I can’t imagine it. No, not us. Our children. I don’t remember being a baby. I thought you were talking about your first baby food. I ate baby food? There was no baby food. It was during the war. (Hahahaha) He’s talking about the Vietnam War. You want to try eating what I feed you? (Minsu accepts it from daddy this time) (It’s good) It must be good. It’s good? You like it? I’m so happy that he enjoyed his baby food. I think making baby food is really hard. It must be tough for my wife. I’ll have to help out a lot. Look at his eyes. (Novice dad Eli’s first baby food) They don’t usually zoom in that much. That was a historical moment. – It was a historical moment for Minsu. / – Yes. It was his first baby food. Your wife seems very cute. Before she had a baby, – she was all about being cute. / – I see. – How so? / – How was she before? How was she cute? Saying, “I just got up” like that in a cute voice. On the phone. (Older people don’t understand) After giving birth to Minsu, she’s become strong. Yes, because she’s a mom. – Because she’s a mom. / – Yes. Are you disappointed? Sometimes. Sometimes I am. But I respect her as a mother. I was like that, too. She used to be gentle to me, but after Siha’s birth, she’s only like that to him. – Right. / – I feel like, “That was all mine.” That’s right. I think it’s worse because I have a son. If it were a girl, I would’ve coddled her more. It’s good. So you see her once a month, or less frequently? Once every three or four months if we’re on a tour. You must long for each other. You haven’t lived together much then. If we perform in Korea, I can be with them, but… I’ll ask you how you feel after you live in Korea for a year then. When’s our next world tour? You won’t be hoping to leave the country, right? No. (That won’t happen) (New Year Special)

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  1. Lmfaooo fans that left need to get a life and grow up. Hes sooo cute and his wife and baby. I feel like ge should be respected more after marriage cuz that's what I feel

  2. Its sad to hear that a lot of fans left him when he got married. Like tbh, those arent fans lol, true fans support you no matter what.

  3. I’m crying. I SHARE THE SAME BDAY AS ELI. And him lowkey fangirling at @2:38 at the gundam models (gunpla) gives me feels ?

  4. Eli making food for his baby like it's the most important thing ever is the cutest thing. Everyone who left his fandom is missing out.

  5. Continue to support each other, understand each other, trust, appreciate and above all that… Love each other… Bless you, Eli's family

  6. its very bad that fans left their idols when they get married or they start any relationship..i really dont like korean fans for this !

  7. 2:39 this just makes me kinda sad. if ukiss was more popular, earned more money and success, maybe they would have bought those expensive items..

  8. This is just stupid for people to stop being a fan of him just because his married like did you really think you could really have a chance with him? Fans should be happy about this and congrats him not stop being a fan of him like let them live there on life people

  9. Honestly speaking he became sexier for being a dad. More matured, more responsible. 🙂 god bless ur family. This video just came out on my page.

  10. Idol is also human. She or he should married to someone. As a fan we must cheering them. It was that i thought

  11. Being a famous k-pop idol, how can he roam around the streets so casually!??? Are there no fans ??

  12. I don't know what is wrong with kpop idols fan to be honest… Like what do you guys want that they stay single until they get wrinkles so that you can still have a hope to get married to them…
    I am not bragging about my country people but here we don't do this… But we congratulate them on their marriage and become a bigger fan of them.. We start to coo over their new family addition and start suggesting names and all..
    Like they are singers actors or dancers.. See their talent not their personal life..

  13. Us filipinos doesn't need a measuring cup.. or any thing.. we just use our fingers to measure the water and the rice :))

  14. he need to put a small amount of salt just a pinch only babies like it for the first time…8 yrs mom here….???? ?

  15. I dont remember Taeyang losing his fans when he got married though. Some fans can be wishy washy n overly possessive. Sheesh.


  17. afraid of gd to get married and his gd stans will leave him ?
    well,i am sure he's willing to give up everything when that time comes. goodluck to the future wife.

  18. i wonder how kpop idol have little narrow houses while iam here in egypt normal person has wide house !!!!when they see every thing they say its expensive !!while i think korea is much better than my country ????

  19. Eli carrying the baby, holding the cart on one hand and another hand holding his wife's hand is sooooo sweet!

  20. Kiss Eli is one handsome and sexy man in at the same you really realize that he is kind and gentle I hope his wife understands what a wonderful man she has and hope he understands what a wonderful supporting wife he has would love to see more of your family thank you your fan from the United States

  21. So happy for him and his family such good man good husband and good daddy good luck to you both you have very nice family’s love your show ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. If your a fan who left because he is married just don't be a fan of anyone because it's not like they'll stay single forever for your satisfaction

  23. I'm so afraid to lost bts? because I know one day bts have a own families?? its hurt armys? i don't want to leave bangtan?

  24. I wasn't his fan but I have to admit that he is really happy
    he has married ,he has a really kind wife and a really cute son I support him and for those how say this about his wife ,first educate yourself and how women are treated in koreavwith beauty standards and then talk. thank you

  25. Many Fans Left Him For being Married…
    Well I Like My idols To get married….Don't fans Realize when they get married they Will Be Happier?? Don't you want them to produce Beautiful Human Like Them…That's the purpose of them being a human….they are human too not cartoon or imagination

  26. I wish all the other idols their happiness and wish all of them good luck they are human beings they have feelings too we should love,respect and support them no matter what ????
    Eli is such an Angel he is a very good husband and a father .

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