Voice Coach Reacts | Floor Jansen | Que Se Siente | Beste Zangers 2019

Voice Coach Reacts | Floor Jansen | Que Se Siente | Beste Zangers 2019

Today I’m listening to Floor Jansen sing “Que Se Siente.” Keep watching! Hi everybody! It’s Christi Bovee with
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Floor Jansen singing Spanish? Well, yes! If there is not enough variety in the BESTE
ZANGERS litany of songs that Floor Jansen does, then let’s just add a little Espanol.
And it is Rolf Sanchez’s song. He’s actually a singer from the Netherlands
who has, I believe, a Dominican mother. So he’s been raised multilingual like
all of these beautiful Europeans have. And now Floor Jansen is singing his song, Que Se Siente. Let’s dig in! Oh she looks so cute! She’s beautiful Oh my gosh I love that! Let’s just hear
that last little bit again because wow wow wow that was incredible! Wow, I love that melodic choice and her
ability to do the gymnastics around it vocally! And Ralph looks so
delighted. He is so cute. He has the most wonderful smile and he looks genuinely
delighted to hear this treatment of Floor singing his song. I mean ,who
wouldn’t be really? I’d be a little intimidated probably if it were one of
my songs that she would do it better than me. But everybody here is in such good
spirits. They are so jovial. They are so delighted and so happy for one
another. So, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of insecurity happening there. it’s
really really fun okay back to the song little distortion there oh she’s just so good, isn’t she? and I
love how just she’s just… it’s like she’s taking the song and
massaging it, kneading it…does that even make sense what I’m saying? there’s
just this ability that she has vocally to take this song and make it her own.
I think what’s so much fun too is she’s just able to be who she is without
apology. Isn’t that what we all want? I mean, let me just tell you… that is what
you should want! You should want that ability to be who you are without
apology! She just walks in and she’s like “What?” So inspiring. okay I’m talking way
too much…let’s keep going nice I love that she shows such vocal control at the ends
of her phrases at a really crucial time a time when she could be running out of
air, etc. We know she’s not going to because she’s amazing, but it’s one of
those things that WE need to be thinking about as WE are practicing and getting
our voices in shape. You want to be able to finish your phrases well and she’s
the master at that! It’s a really good thing to watch how she finishes
her phrases. Is she going into that little straight tone slide kind of
thing? Is she finishing off with some vibrato? Is she
finishing off with just a little taper or a breath release? There’s all sorts of
different things that she chooses to do on all of these songs and it’s one of
those things that you could be listening to just to study that alone! let’s keep
going I love the orchestra nice oh my gosh that was incredible okay
let’s deconstruct it a little bit another amazing song by Floor Jansen
let’s talk a little bit about some of the things that she’s doing! The
whispery voice in verse one… I love the way she starts the song with
just a real breathy whisper kind of tone I’m realizing with what Floor does with
Nightwish… Yes it shows off her voice in an incredible way. But THIS has been such
a joy to see her really shine. We’re really able to hear her. We’re able to hear her have this more
pop kind of style. Is it necessary for life? I don’t know. But it sure makes life
more enjoyable! In this song she seems to keep everything really forward. everything is just nice and forward
almost kind of a little nasal sounding that’s yet another tone quality I
haven’t heard the original some of this may be keeping in line with that but
it’s giving us a window into yet another sound that Fleur can make I want to draw
your attention to the areas where she’s giving a little breath release at the
end of her phrases but it’s like “Que Se Siente” (breath)so you can hear her giving a little “huH” at the end of the phrase. It just adds a
really kind of a sexy… really nice finish to a phrase. She’s doing a little fall there.
That’s another way she ends her phrases That band is incredible! the lead
guitarist…his melody lines are so tasty It’s really fun to listen and watch them
they’re having a blast they’re living their best lives. It’s great! That was where she brings in a little
distortion, a little texture into her sound. She’s making it hers! she’s putting
her little signature on it. Here’s another ending to a phrase. straight tone high belt into a
little more rounded sound. It is right on the edge of maybe being a little more head
voice-ish? Just a really interesting long phrase that she’s
holding beautifully She’s nailing it every time. Floor is really using her breath support
perfectly not to mention she looks like she’s having a blast. I mean she looks
adorable! She’s having so much fun she’s having the time of her life! Wouldn’t you
as a vocalist be? It’s like being a kid in the candy store! you’re getting to try
all these different things and show that you’ve got the goods! I could see her
doing solo act shows in Las Vegas. Something that has a variety show
feel to it because she could actually do it! she could actually carry
it! and I’m so excited for Americans to find out more about this vocalist she’s
just being becoming well-known in her own country and that’s exciting for her
as well I just wish her all the best Well that’s it for me today. Like if you
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new iterations. I hope that you keep finding your voice and making your sound
in the world today. The world is waiting for YOU to show up. And remember: YOU ARE LOVED! Bye bye!

100 Replies to “Voice Coach Reacts | Floor Jansen | Que Se Siente | Beste Zangers 2019”

  1. Fun group and jovial. But for many also a chance of a hit and (more) fame. Shot in a few days and always more emotions at the 2nd shoot of the night; long days and for many.. the alcohol of course.

  2. I am gonna say it one more time: Floor does not sing. She puts a spell on every word that comes out of her mouth and plants it in you hart.

  3. In addition to the other singers from that show, please review this video from floor: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qLEcnFBOa_E. It's from one of her old bands, revamp.

  4. She is like a vocal sculptor,. Doesn't matter who's or what kind of song it is, she will make a statue out of it by making it her own. Amazing.

  5. If you loved that cover, Christi, you'll love this one too:
    It's Dan Vasc doing Toss a Coin to your Witcher. It got over 5 million views in less than a week, but above all, it's really good.
    As for this song, it was such a pleasure for us old school metalheads, to hear Floor sound so much like Ronnie Dio or Eric Adams.
    Floor does old school hard rock in her project Northward with the guitarist from Pagans Mind.

  6. Also can i suggest you as a Floor and maybe NW fan to listen to dead boys poem from the Buenos Aires 2018 concert. Floor does a killer performance on one of the most beautifull Nightwish songs.

  7. Nice reaction again😀 BTW the upcoming month Floor gives several solo concerts in The Netherlands.
    And yes the band from this program will be at that concerts as Henk Poort joins also as a guest😄
    And guess what I've got tickets for one of these concerts😂😅😂😅

  8. Wonderful analysis as usual, and you've said a few things that I've said about Floor as well over the years–especially the "kid in a candy store" comment. She's like that every time she's on stage, for the last 20 years! BTW, she thought so much of this band that she's taking them on tour…first date in about a week (23rd, iirc).

  9. I have a feeling Floor would approve of and appreciate your responses to her work.

    I remember an interview quite awhile back where she was asked about reaction channels. She made a somewhat dark remark about "some vocal coaches." Clearly, she felt that some people were misrepresenting their (and her) profession. Truthfully, we all know she's right about that.

    I think, however, you would be amongst very few she would support. Your obvious love of the music, and the person behind that music's performance, make you authentic. Floor likes authenticity.

  10. When I discovered this song, I was so amazed that I repeated it like 20 times in a row 😁 She was so pasioned and she truly understood the lyrics, she's a great singer!! 🙌👏👏👏👏👏🌹

  11. You may want to react to Rolf and Emma's duet of Pa Olvidarte. It's a lot of fun.
    Emma sings in Dutch and Rolf sings in Spanish. The whole performance is like a dance lyricly.
    (like I said just about all the performances are gold)
    If only US shows weren't hell bent on people being asshats to each other.
    Emma Heesters & Rolf Sanchez – Pa Olvidarte | Beste Zangers 2019

  12. Please React to Diana Navarro from Spain, she has a very beautiful voice full of feelings, her song "El Perdón" will touch your heart…
    Live: https://youtu.be/mLy9UIp4zsw
    Regards from México 🤗💞

  13. She's such a powerhouse, and when backed by a band like that, she can do anything she wants.
    I love how you pretty much always point out the band as well, they deserve equal praise to Floor, they are just that dang good. (i've not heard anything by them yet, that wasnt perfect)
    This song kinda broke the South-Americas for a few days, with this song soaring to the top of the itunes charts in several countries, within hours after its release, she has fans, lots and lots of fans 😉
    I love how she changed this song from Reggaeton to Spanish rock, it reminded me of "Heroes del Silencio" in more than one way, i loved it!
    Ty for the upload Christi 🙂

  14. You said you like the band; they are the Marcel Fisser band and the lead-guitar player is Marcel he is the leader of this fantastic band
    This band is often asked to accompany singers in the Netherlands , when they perform on TV.

  15. Rolf and Samantha became close friends with Floor while filming the show and would often surprise Floor with desserts in her suite. It is quite a dichotomy watching Floor and Samantha interact. Floor's calm, pleasant demeanor really meshes well with Samantha's raucous, fireball personality. I kinda get the impression that Samantha developed a little bit of a crush on Floor.

  16. I was looking forward to your reaction to this one! This performance is a good one for showing off Floor's ability to almost constantly vary different parts of her voice placement and thus tone quality throughout a song. It's one of my favourite things that she has started to do more of the last couple of years. She does a lot of it in "I don't know a thing about love" from Beste Zangers (mainly with varying cord closure) and quite dramatically in Nightwish "Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean" from Buenos Aires.

  17. español floor yema. ,Hello reaction nightwish and tarja turunen vocal dvd end of era, song,bless the child, tarja beautiful

  18. "I Don't Know A Thing About Love" is a tearjerker in Reuben's honor (Jodie Foster facial expression midway through the song)

  19. Loved the distortion and the different colours she added – didn't know what ornaments she would choose- a slide? A growl? A scream tail off?

    So cool

  20. Another great reaction Christi. Being bilingual myself. Speaking both English and Spanish fluently, I am amazed how well she sings this considering she can't speak Spanish. Her diction is amazingly good and she managed this in only a week of rehearsal. Truly stunning!! The original was done as a Salsa song so this is totally different which also shows off Floor's musicality. Here's a link for the original if you wish to compare how different it is!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRXmv4HLFfQ

  21. Christs My Lady O yes, your face says all, This woman is a true gift to all Humanity in every way, THANK YOU. Bit of Info for you Christi, in a little under two weeks Floor starts her solo tour of the Netherlands with the Marcel Fisher band as her backing group,, And Henk Poor as he guest. and yes they are All Amazing. Floor sold out ALL10 shows in under 24 hours, including the Afas Stadia which is a 5000 seater venue, I tried so hard to get ticks but they all went so quick I was to late. But I have got tickets for the Nightwish show at Wembley SSE arena on 18 December this year. Your next Floor review from best singers should be, I don't know a thing about love, a song written by Ruben Annink when his parents got divorced when he was a chid, PS you will need tissues for this one. Christi I Love what you do Thank you so much. Terry-The-UK-Dude. 🧡👍🤟🏼😎.

  22. Yep it seems to be a law of nature no matter what song she sings it her's after she performed it. The thing i like most about her (apart from her gorgeous voice) is the fun she is having every time i see her sing. She born to be on stage. 🙂

  23. You should check out Emma Heesters perform Strong on Beste Zangers for Floor. It’s a really deep song Floor wrote about her mother who suffers from an illness. It’s a really good performance

  24. Great review and reaction. First, the band must love her as she puts her metal spin on each song, here turning a salsa song into her Floor 2.0 version. Second, she learned this for Rolf as well as all her Spanish speaking fans especially those in South America where they are nuts for her (I believe this actually charted in some countries in South America). Lastly, another stunning performance (German Aria, Dutch Folk and now Spanish Salsa), even her die-heart fans couldn't believe how she performed on this TV show week in and week out. As for being herself good for Floor and she took full advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate her vocal skills to a wider audience and finally got some well deserved and long overdo recognition in her homeland. Here without Nightwish she demonstrated what an incredible vocalist she truly is and when you put her with Nightwish, especially LIVE you understand why you experience them not merely hear them. The studio band was fantastic when you consider how many different genres they had to cover during this 8 week run and all the different artists they had to back up. Also no competition just real respect and enjoyment of each others music, real entertainment and the reason we all miss this show now that it is over.

  25. I believe this song shot to #1 in South America? Floor’s first #1? Personally, I downloaded it the instant it was available. Great song & great rendition by Floor. Shoutout to the band as well. They were the unsung heroes of Beste Zangers. Phenomenal group of musicians & singers.

  26. Yeah she pored a little Floor sause over it! The performer in Floor came to life, as we would say in the Netherlands. And it only makes it tonnes better! I don't even know much about singing, but yes a lot study and analyze in her singing. So many little things and details in her sause pan! Wich makes it also fun to watch these react video's, so keep em.coming 🙂

  27. Hi Christy. I love that you love Floor. She looks good and those tats are very nice and those arms are amazing.

  28. I love what you said about her being unapologetic about who she is, and I wholeheartedly agree. I think that's why I love her so much.

  29. Floor is the most humble show-off I have ever experienced. If that makes any sense. Love this rendition so much and glad you love it too.

  30. Hello Christi, nice reaction and insightfull deconstruction yet again! That melodic shift by Floor you noticed/loved at the early 1:49 mark got me choked too when listened first time…and still does. Whole song is one cool mix of brooding atmospherics and full on power pop/rock drive. Just brilliantly tastefull cover track by Floor and the band.

  31. Rolf did a great 'Solo otra vez' (all by myself) during this season and Henk Poort did an amazing duet with Emma 'vivo per lei'

  32. Credit must be given in this case also to Marcel Fisser (bandleader and lead guitarist) and his musicians for the arrangement which took a salsa / reggaeton song into a rock sphere.

  33. Great great reaction, thank you!
    May I suggest you " I don t know a thing about love" from beste zangers?
    Great as always!!

  34. For a while, I had all of Floors performances from this show on my playlist and I just drove around with a constant lump in my throat. You know, the Emma and Henk duet is also ridiculously good. Love these posts. Thanks

  35. anyone who misses beste zangers,full seasons on daileymotion (i will complete season 2019 also this week ) https://www.dailymotion.com/dm_4316daadae0efbfef6fdc95af3ef532a/videos?sort=visited

  36. What do you make of the seemingly excessive breathiness? In certain spots Floor almost sounded out of breath – first time I heard this performance I thought she might have been under the weather… Would an unfamiliar language play into that – she does not speak Spanish and this was the first time she sang something in it?

  37. She absolutely nails it . Floor doesn't even know Spanish, you sure wouldn't guess that … Great reaction as always, love your knowledge.

  38. There Are Many Great songs in this show… but this one is my personal favorite! Singing in spanish and Also in very her own Style, but still different. This makes me always smile when listening this song… 🙂

  39. Your smile is very, very beautiful as well. Thanks for your very professional comments and reactions. Greetings from Finland!

  40. I see a new video from you checking out Floor and/or Nightwish and I just click it !! Simple. You need to check out “Dead Boy’s Poem – Live at Buenos Aires by Nightwish” you’re gonna love it and…Floor as always superb!!

  41. for the most part I prefer the originals, floor makes the song her own and i cant listen to the original anymore…:)

  42. You have to do Marco Hietala and Floor Jansen doing Ave Maria… Like she's just an angel in her truest form… It's unbelievable, legit sent shivers down my spine like she's done many times before!

  43. If you heard the original it would blow you away like it did to Rolf. It is in salsa! Completely different style! He was shocked! As was I!

  44. Another excellent reaction!

    Watching Floor perform all these other songs and styles, while still staying true to her, was absolutely amazing. I was already in love, but damn, she’s so versatile. I know I’m not alone in wishing the US had a similar show that was about just singing for the pure enjoyment of it.

  45. Can you check out Abigail by Anjocaine. I'd really like to hear your opinion on his voice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcdh-cqEws

  46. Oh ma'am. Believe me, Floor is well known in America and in the whole world, but in the heavy metal genre… Let's just say she's getting known above the genre.

    I love your content. Keep it coming

  47. I get what you’re saying about how she “molds” her voice. It’s one of my favorite things about her how malleable her voice is and how much absolute control over it she has. She can change up the tone and timbre of her voice in an instant, and it gives her performances so much flavor.

  48. Once again I loved your analysis of this performance. It is very interesting how you broke down Floor's singing techniques. I am sure you must be a wonderful vocal coach! Floor would be amazing in Vegas. This show has lead to Floor scheduling a solo tour of the Netherlands, which begins on January 23. All 10 shows sold out in 24 hours. I wish I could attend one! It should be wonderful. Henk will be a special guest and possibly others as well. I hope they get it on film for everyone to experience. Great reaction video Christy! Be well!

  49. Watching Nightwish vids and Beste Zangers, I notice Floor is one of the few singers I have seen whose smile doesn't seem to affect the sound of her voice. Oh, she can turn the emotion one way or the other as fast as she goes from pop/belting chest voice to head voice, but only when she wants it to.
    Rolf really wondered how she was going to "insert Floor" into his song, and as we can see, was quite happy to see how she did it. The song was about his break-up with a girlfriend. His manager told him to write her a letter, but send it to him and they'd make a song about it. Apparently it was a very long letter , and Samantha joked "That's not a single, that's an album!"
    iirc This is the band she is singing with when she does her Solo shows coming up. They played everything spot on, even when they had to make it up along the way (the horn player doing "Spanish yells" when like Floor, he doesn't speak the language), and from Floor's rocking stuff, to Opera (Rubin's "Casual" version of La Donna è Mobile) the band is every bit as talented as the singers on the show.

  50. Did you listen to "I don't know a thing about love?" (Should be "About Love, I Don't Know a Thing") that was a song her and her sister translated to english for Ruben's episode. It was her best solo performance imo. I don't understand how it isn't getting more attention, maybe it is one of those if you relate to the lyrics songs.

  51. I never knew about this show before this season exploded with the "Phantom of the Opera" and so on, but I have to say that I've never seen a show where the singers: a. sing to each other, b. celebrate each other's songs, c. seem so genuinely generous with their own art and others' interpretations and exploration of it. It is just absolutely exquisitely ART. In the best way possible. Floor's cover of this song is just pure delight. She is a vocal chameleon while remaining true to her style and beautiful performances, no matter where and what she sings and does in her performances (I don't know anything about her personal life, so I don't much about that at all, but my sense is that she's a lovely, soulful person in 'real life' outside of shows, too. (BTW, thanks for the extra 'reaction treat' in a mid-week video! FUN!)

  52. Yes, listen the original. Prepare and be amazed what Floor done to it. I'm pretty sure it caused that reaction of Rolf.

  53. I'm hoping you will get to Emma singing "Strong" to Floor, a song she wrote about her mom. Have the tissue box near by though. It's emotional to watch.😪

  54. This was a good episode another highlight from that night was Henk Poort singing "Noelia" . It had Rolf crying because it was his grandmother's favorite and he hadn not heard it since she passed away.

  55. Please react to Angelina Jordan Bohemian Rhapsody from AGT Champions, you Will be blown away, Angelina Just turn to 14 and she is amazing!

  56. You ain't kidding Christie – that band is just phenomenal! We knew what to expect with Floor, a goddess-like performance…but that band?!? Huge surprise throughout the entire show. They just crushed whatever they were playing!!!

  57. Floor says herself she ''has the lungs of a deep-sea diver'', I believe it unconditionally.
    Good volume, good trained muscles, superb technique.

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