Voice Coach Reacts to Angelina Jordan “BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY” AGT Golden Buzzer Winner!

Voice Coach Reacts to Angelina Jordan “BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY” AGT Golden Buzzer Winner!

Today I’m listening to Angelina Jordan
sing “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Keep watching! Hi everybody its Christi
Bovee with The Voice Love Company. Please be sure to LIKE, subscribe, and don’t
forget to hit the little bell below so you don’t miss a single video or when I
go live. Come make videos with me! I’m now on
Patreon and I would love to partner with you. Get all the details in the
description box below. Now, let’s get started. Well this is a highly requested
video from all of you that I watch something that recently was on America’s
Got Talent: Angelina Jordan singing “Bohemian
Rhapsody” Let’s dig in oh I hate to stop! it just makes
me crazy that this is part of the copyright rules. That is just fantastic!
I am so just overjoyed to hear what she’s sounding like now. She came out of the
womb with this amazing talent, obviously And to hear how it’s being fostered! It’s
absolutely stunning! And this incredible arrangement! I mean, have you ever? Have
you ever heard this song treated in this way? It’s so fantastic!
oh my gosh hahaha okay back to the goodness Effortless! Wow
chills upon chills upon chills she is so incredibly talented. If she does not win
this entire show, I don’t know what’s wrong with people. Because that was amazing. I
have no idea! I don’t watch television –it’s probably pretty obvious! I don’t
know who else she’s up against on the show. But that was without a doubt one of the most special
things I have heard. It makes my whole day! seriously! We’re getting the
privilege of watching her grow up and her talent just continue to blossom.
It’s opening like a rose. It’s so beautiful!
She’s really being smart about how she’s going about this. I’m so happy
for her that she’s got incredible people who are walking with her–obviously– She just seems so level-headed. I love her style. I love her sense of
herself. Let’s deconstruct this amazing performance a bit more. So over the 30 years that I
have been coaching vocalists I have taught a lot of kids this age. It’s very
unusual to see a kid who is this self-assured when she takes the stage
and walks up to that microphone. There is just a sense of ‘knowing’ that she deserves to
be where she’s at at that moment. One of the things I love seeing in how her
talent has grown: she and her family have very consciously stewarded this
incredible gifting that she has and I feel like there’s such a peace and a
naturalness Wow! I love seeing that she has navigated
the physiological shift that comes because your larynx is growing, your
vocal folds are growing because YOU are growing–as a human being! She has
managed to navigate that growth, her sense of vocal control, her ability to
keep her voice malleable and flexible to do whatever she’s wanting to do with her
her riffs and her runs…It’s just magic! she has tremendous support with her breath.
so these long phrases that she’s singing through, including all the little vocal
gymnastics she’s doing… she’s really managing her energy well. And by
energy, I mean she’s managing her breathing. Breathing is the fuel for the
voice. Her vocal control is absolutely flawless because SHE is the MASTER of
her breathing. I absolutely adore Angelina Jordan’s
voice. Her sound is so yummy and you just want to dive into it. the way that she was able to stylize the
ending! All of the color qualities, the navigation of all of the little twists
and turns that she’s taking, she’s just beyond her years and her
ability to know herself as an artist. And she’s always been that way! That is
the most incredible thing to me. This is a kid who has been exposed to great
music and was encouraged in her interest. When you listen to someone and you try
to emulate them, that informs your style. So for those of you who are wanting to
sing and you’re wanting to find your style? Goodness, gracious,
try singing with Angelina Jordan! She’s a wonderful person to emulate. She’s super
relaxed in her singing, her breathing is absolutely spot-on,
and she’s got incredible style! She’d be a great person to emulate as you’re
trying to find your own style. She’s already done the vocal style preparation!
That’s why she’s able to come across with this incredible sound that is all
her own. She’s standing on her own two feet as a stunning artist and an
incredible young woman who has the brightest future! I am so excited to
continue to watch what unfolds for this amazing singer. Well, that’s it for me
today. Like if you like it, subscribe and don’t forget to share with someone you
know loves Angelina Jordan. You can ask me any question about your voice in the
comments down below, on my blog at voicelove.co On Instagram at The Voice Love Co.
and now on wisio.com. Get all those details in the description box
below. This has been such an amazing pleasure to listen to this beautiful
arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody sung by an angel! She has got
such a gift to give the world! Keep finding your voice and making your sound
in the world today. The world is waiting for YOUR gift. The world
is waiting for you! And remember: you are loved! Bye bye!

65 Replies to “Voice Coach Reacts to Angelina Jordan “BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY” AGT Golden Buzzer Winner!”

  1. That was insane, people always makes a mistake when covering Queen and Freddie. They try to imitate Freddie, but no mortal human being can do that. But she made it her own and it was amazing.

  2. Another one worth seeing on the same show – Marcelito Pomoy's audition ("The Prayer"). One of the best versions of "Bohemian Rhapsody" I've seen is by the vocal group Forestella.

  3. Her competition has talent, in their own right, but Angelina is in a league of her own, a generational talent with no peer. Outstanding in every respect…….love your reactions, concise, understandable to the layman, I especially liked your "yummy" remark, no ones ever said that, but 100% correct….peace!

    You really need to check out her version oh "How Great Thou Art", incredible.

  4. Thanks for reacting to Angelina Jordan, I enjoy that you immediately grasp the emotions coming through her vocals, and that you seem to know her so well!

  5. Hello Christi – again a wonderful reaction for this young girl. Freddy would be proud of her and would certainly encourage her. She is – no question – a very talented artist and I hope that she will get or already has a management that doesn't burn her out but builds her up slowly.
    But – I think we all know how it works in these shows – in the end it's still people who decide and unfortunately there are mostly other things than talent that count. But she will certainly go her way and enrich the stages of this world.
    A star is born – let's all hope that she will enrich the stages of this world for many years and not be turned into an asteroid by her management… I hope you know what I mean

  6. Thank You my Lady. ❤. I just Love Your reactions! ALWAYS: Just on the point. Pleasure to hear! And only one word about Angelina. SUPERSTAR! 😊

  7. Doing her own thing really works for her. When she was on TV in Norway, she was so young! Her voice has now grown with her in the best way possible!
    Very proud to have a singer like this representing Norway.

  8. I hate to stop ))) the same. as for me , it's Freddie Mercury's masterpiece performed by Angelina Jordan in jazz version. it's awesome! Angelina Jordan, Diana Ankudinova, Danelia Tulesheva, Yerzhan Maxim. it's a new generation of music, maybe revolution in music! love your reaction! like!

  9. What i have read she won't win this Show because she didn't agree to sign a contract .. Marcelito Pomoy is on this Show too!

  10. Thank you for a very good reaction and analysis on "The Velvet Voice" Angelina Jordan. I will subscribe to your channel. You also have a humble way of presenting your knowledge.
    Angelina Jordan (10 Year Old) – Feeling Good – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8kAL-sGJx8 and

    Angelina Jordan (10 years old) Every Time We Say Goodbye –
    – Angelina Jordan (12 yers old) – A Million Years Ago – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHLtZQ3sIwE

  11. Excellent reaction. Tons of info as well as what we love the most, an intelligent, adoring, raving review of this amazing angel. Her vocal ability is so naturally beautiful and having this come from such a gentile, humble and loving person makes it perfect. Thank you for doing this.

  12. Thank you for such an insightful, knowledgeable and sensitive review. You really understand what Angelina is about, her natural talent as well as the support and care she gets from her family and the people around her. That's a big part of her development as an artist and as a person. It's unbelievable to see such a young girl understand what she's singing about and putting the correct emphasis and nuances in each sentence.

  13. Thanks for your extended review of Angelina, both her and her voice. She has and continues to bring joy to me in all her performances! I am now in my late 70’s and I have never encountered a vocalist who with her voice alone brings tears to my eyes. With many tones and techniques, she makes each performance uniquely hers, and I never tire of listening to her.

  14. Thank you for that wonderful, professional breakdown of Angelina's style. You are superb! This young girl is one of a kind. And I agree, that she is a wonderful model for young singers to follow. But just as important, she is a wonderful role model for all young people to follow. Besides being the best young singer on the planet (IMO), she is kind, generous, loving, and unpretentious. And she spends a great deal of her time helping others that are less fortunate, especially through charity functions. Angelina has helped to raise millions of dollars for underprivileged children around the world. And she sings barefooted to symbolize the millions of children who have no parents and no shoes to wear. The world is a better place because Angelina is in it.

    Sadly, there is a rift with AGT (possibly because she refuses to sign with them) and they have not posted her performance (the one you are watching). I've never know AGT to not post a performance on their You Tube channel. So it's pretty certain that, even though she is the most talented act, she will not win this show. And for me, the faster she puts this show in her rear view mirror, the better. If you and your subscribers would like to hear something remarkable, and help Angelina in the process, go to one of the streaming services (Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Apple, etc.) and download her recent studio production of this song. She published it yesterday under Angelina Jordan Inc. (indicating that she is in control of her professional future), and I have listened to it on my Amazon Music Unlimited account. It is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! Same acoustic arrangement (which is completely her version) but no crowd noise or video. I've seen and listened to all of Angelina's performances, and for me, this is the very best. It is absolutely FLAWLESS! Thanks again for your wonderful reaction to this young phenom. Your beauty and sincerity is a joy to experience. Wishing you the very best. Billy J

  15. Your review of Angelina’s performance, and her overall talent and persona, was superb. In addition to her stunning vocals, mostly everyone is familiar with — and reveres — the song itself, so as a decades long fan of Queen I’ve just been overwhelmed by both her beautiful arrangement and incredible delivery. The best is yet to come from this young lady.

  16. This is an exceptional reaction. Helps me understand some of the technical aspects that when added to her natural gifts and heavenly personality make her the angel we love.

  17. Love your comments. Everything you said concerning this fabulous talent are mine as well. I can’t get enough of her voice. Love, love, love her!

  18. How you just praised Angelina, I want to praise you. You are such a joy to watch and listen to! Thank you so much, you just made my day <3

  19. The main reason I subscribed to your channel is because of your thorough breakdown and honesty of your reactions.
    It also helps that you love ❤️ Angelinas beautiful artistry as I am also.
    Over the years jazz has lost a lot of its popularity.
    Angelina is creating her own version of jazz mixing with all the other genres of music. She is becoming the leader of the New style of JAZZ and will have others following in her footsteps !!!

  20. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Christi ❤️ Great reaction ❤️ It's very unfortunate that AGT did nothing to promote Angelina. In fact, I think that it was Freemantle media group that had the Talent Recap channel on YouTube take down Angelina's performance. That video had received 10M views. It makes no sense to take it down. I don't watch TV anyway and for this reason.

    Spoiler Alert
    AGT The Champions is still airing but I can tell you that Angelina Jordan didn't even place in the top 5. That doesn't matter to her many fans because she is too good for that show and in our opinion she always has been and will continue to be a star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    Her name is literally, Angelina Jordan Astar ❤️

  21. She has certainly grown in all senses. Heidi in serious heels is not much taller than a barefooted Angelina. I would love for you to do more Angelina reactions. A personal favourite of her more recent songs is 'If You Go Away', an adaptation of Jacques Brel's classic 'Ne me quitte pas'. The amount of emotions she puts into her performance is just mind blowing.

  22. That's some mighty big words You're using about Angelina … but she's worth every ounce of them.
    She truly is …. yes, You guessed it ….. AMAZING

  23. I believe the lines she chose to sing from this song were being very prophetic–Anywhere the wind blows doesn't matter to me—too late, my time has come–gotta leave you all behind and face the truth etc. Something is going on behind the scenes as AGT never posted a video of her and the other channel that posts AGT content took Angelina's video down after 11 million views in 10 days. I believe it is exactly as you said about Angelina and her parents –no one is directing this brilliant singer except them–She wont win or come close. Watch out world

  24. She is eliminated in the finals. Could you believe it? And they have even removed her videos from the official channel. They just have no clue about who they are dealing with. They just dont know real quality it seems!

  25. Finally, a voice coach who listens to Angelina's beauty and emotions without feeling the need to criticize her technique every two syllables. Loved the way you listened through the song and then made your comments with little clips supporting it. Just Loved your reaction. Usually I wait for a person to react to three Angelina songs in a week before subscribing, but today you earned my subscription. Angelina wrote this arrangement. PLEASE give us more Angelina.

  26. btw great reaction. This 72 year old guy would really like to be around in 10 years just to continue to watch this talent

  27. Lovely reaction to the Signature Voice Angelina possesses. Thoroughly enjoyed this; its a VC reaction, so expect the stops, in this case positive. You are one of Angelina's Aingels in my book.

  28. Hola…Angelina es una maravilla..pero…decia una profesora de canto aqui en la red,despues de escuchar esta cancion,que en su voz se escucha un sonido raro,como que tiene las cuerdas vocales inflamadas,y que si no se curra,le va pasar como a Adele,o Shakira…,perder la voz,puede ser verdad?🤔

  29. I know you have reacted to Angelina before, but if you haven't seen her version of Adele's A Million Years Ago, go watch it, that voice coming out of then 12 year old Angelina is amazing. Thanks for continuing to do wonderful reactions

  30. Thank you dear lady you are parroting what millions of us who adore her voice ,humility, commitment and massive vocal artistry talent have for this barefoot Queen of Jazz or what ever she decides to sing. Seriously, in my opinion this was not an audition this was Angelina's coming out mini concert to the rest of the world that has not had the honor to witness her vocal artistry. She owns the stage the minute she steps on it. The bare footed princess of song has entered the building… Angelina's opening phrase just mesmerizers and masterfully commands everyone's full silence and awe of her vocal artistry. She has fulfilled her stated dream when she 6 years old of becoming a super star , however, she has now gone way beyond that and has now become a Jazz singing living legend barely starting her teenage years of life. Someone said, recently, as you hear more and more of Angelina, you cease to be surprised but are always amazed. Well said.

    Angelina is not just another great singer that can be put in particular box of singing style or genre. She is a fine musical instrument comparable to a Stradivarius violin, when it is put in the hands of master musician that has the ability to play any song and any genre type of music at will…

  31. Embellish something for the sake of embellishment isn't something I like. To me it sounds made up, sorry for her but it doesn't do it for me. That said the voice is ok, just, not for me, stylistically. It was the same with Norah Jones before she grew up. Maybe in ten years time when she knows what she is singing about.

  32. This is the best format I have seen for a vocal coach reaction. I really like that you first listened to the performance and fully absorbed the artistry she has crafted. Then went back and gave all your detailed thoughts… with well done editing. I have seen so many vocal coach reactions to Angelina (some on huge channels) where they pause and talk literally every 5 seconds. I really don't care about the pauses on my end (I've heard it a hundred times), but I don't think anyone (even a vocal coach) can 'get' the high level art she has created here, when they break it into 25 segments.

    You are in my top 5 reactors for Angelina…. I'm just a little sad that you have only seen two of her performances. You said it all yourself at the end… people learning this skill and trying to find their style could really use Angelina as a guide. I really hope to see you do more of her stuff! She's got over 100 songs she has done and many of them are at this same elite level of performance.

  33. that's an awesome reaction. I loved what you had to say about emulating someone. It should definitely be at the beginning of your singing journey though. I don't think we should be stuck doing that, but its a good way to begin your practice.

  34. Wonderfully done reaction video! Like Rusty says below, I too really like the fact that you played Angelina's entire performance once through without interruption, before going back to share your observations about it. I like also that your remarks were not too technical, but focused mainly on the most important elements in Angelina's singing here, from the perspective of a vocal coach. Three brilliant covers that Angelina has done on YouTube (all of which contrast remarkably with her performance of Bohemian Rhapsody), that I would really enjoy seeing you do a reaction video to are:
    Stay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GSVPvCy3Yg
    A Million Years Ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHLtZQ3sIwE
    Born To Die https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=angelina+jordan+born+to+die

  35. There are 2 artists I feel just have to win this silly contest. Angelina and Marcelito Pomoy. In the end, it does not matter if they win. They will gain MILLIONS of new fans due to this exposure.

  36. She has been on stage sins she was seven years old. Now she is 14. Imagine what she will sound like when she is 18😱😱 If you didn't listen to Shield, written and composed by a 12 yo please do🥰

  37. This was an amazing reaction. Thank you for not analyzing her performance to peaces. You only elevates it up to the level it truely belongs. The wonder of Angelinas talent is not understandable, but it is possible to understand that it is rather unique, and she is handeling it in a rather unique way as well. I also liked your sayings about the breathing beeing the fuel of the voice (so good you actually said that), and the greatness of her breath control. Maybe you`ve heard it, but Angelina actually says herself: "Singing is like breathing to me". And I believe her. And YES, she (and her family) has so far been abel to, as you said, navigate her growth and development in an awsome manner. I hope and pray it will continue at the same path, and I`m quite shure Angelina i heading for the top among the greatest in music, no matter what. Thank you for your great video, your emotionally and enthusiastic face and talk. New subscriber in the line! 😀

  38. One best thing about her is she has a very supportive yet a very protective family behind her. She was taught and raised well and that's a huge factor about her doing good choices as she grows up.

  39. Hands down the best reaction video I've seen! Nothing faked for views, no crazy thumbnail. Just the right amount of information to summarize this one-of-a-kind performance. Liked and subscribed!

  40. Excellent reaction and review. I like the format where you play most of the video through, and analyze the separate clips at the end. That's usually how reviews and analysis are done both in video and print, but for some reason most YouTube vocal coaches haven't adopted that. And thanks for the link to the original video,
    You talk about Angelina having this ability from the beginning, which is true. I don't know if you;ve seen this but here's maybe one of her first public performances when she was 6, and still wore shoes, singing Christina Aguilera's Hurt.:
    And Angelina recording this in the studio from about the same time is on the Angelina Jordan Fanclub Mosarz channel:

  41. Nobody has ever heard Bohemian Rhapsody in this arr, because it's Angeina's own arr. 🙂 And this is just a little taste of what she can do. There's so many great overs, not to mention her 3 originals.
    I really enjoyed your reaction. 🙂 Thanks

  42. Thank you for another very nice reaction to Angelina! A very good example (I think) of her lung capacity and breath control is 'The Show Must Go On'. I've listened to it numerous times, but I still think 'Didn't you to forget to breath now?' when I hear it.

  43. i love ur incredible analysis. by the time angelina was 2 she would put the songs on utube that she was drawn to on repeat and practice.she would practice on her own and then sing to family and friends on weekends. the amazing thing is she was singing these songs in english before she became fluent in english – her 3rd language. angelina has always been in complete control of her music. so by the time she turned 3 everyone was telling her family to put her in contests. angelina said she wasn't ready . when angelina turned 5 she told her mother she was ready and to sign her up for competitions that she wanted to show the world her talent.when she sang her 1st song in NGT at 7 (glommy sunday) here's the exchange between angelina and her mother. mom(sara) "are you ready inside?" angelina "yes" mom "go out and give them jazz" and boy did she….thanks again…

  44. Thank you for doing this reaction of Angelina Jordan. She is just an amazing young singer and she did a very beautiful version of this song.

  45. great reaction video. (can I say you are beautiful? yes? I heard yes… ok, you are beautiful)
    this is Angelina's list in order https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2v8kgVeo4EbYDVnRwObjETfWpXbzbgIO
    react to BACK TO BLACK (the studio version), A MILLION YEARS AGO (fantastic low register) and BORN TO DIE (probably a master piece)

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