Wasted Kitty! | Gay Couple VLOG

Wasted Kitty! | Gay Couple VLOG

Hello, it’s me Vitalii. Today I fucked up my classes, so I’m gonna film something for you. Not because I’m lazy but this too because my teacher is real suka I so hate her. She’s such a bitch I hate her so much today is a very nice day and I didn’t want this bitch destroy it That is why I decided don’t have any negative influence in my life today I need only positive vibes Because today’s Apple presentation today one package gonna come and you’re gonna see and today of course American Horror Story It’s here the package is here the package is here. But the delivery guy isn’t… Oh, it’s here! My god, it’s here! “Congratulations” And it smells so nice like Apple products Is this a real hand signed signature? No… it’s printed. Suki. They didn’t even bother to sign it. So that’s how it looks like? I mean, previously it looked different. And now like this. Previously it was a button, now… a plate? What the hell. But it still looks cool, yeah? I suppose… For passing 100,000 subscribers.YouTube. I can see our reflection. Our first… Award. Award! Suka, we should put it more centered, yeah? Well, now Wineholics are with award. Our first, but not last award. Not the last I hope. You guys gonna help us to achieve more goals! I hope so because I like it so much. It’s beautiful. I wanna the whole wall in this Awards now.. Oh, it’s so Thank you guys! My first achievement in life not counting diplomas But we have another package and let’s find out what it is And today it’s going to be a super cool video, because I’m gonna open this package with bare hands. Definitely need to find out how this stuff work because I never… Perhaps you could read the manual? Nah, I will figure out myself. It’s the first drone in my life! So… fly! Are you trying to be funny? No, I’m serious. So smol… Small but decent. You have to unfold it. I find out that it’s not falling apart, you just need to screw this. That’s holding better now. Actually, yeah, I’m definitely gonna learn engineering here before I’m gonna find out how this stuff works. It’s not what I’m used to, like Apple doing, you just buying and it works. Wow, it’s so cool. It looks like a small killer. Don’t cut me Are you even recording anything with it? I think it’s discharged. Might be. It said only up to five minutes. I only started! And you did’t charge it. But now I definitely want a drone. I was all the time so sceptical about them. Like what for people buying the stupid drones, but it’s cool I imagine especially when you know how to rule it. You can just watch all your neighbors Especially our neighbors so loud one bitch all the time every fucking evening… Having orgasm. Multiple orgasms! Wow, and I’m so jealous Me too. We are ready for presentation, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Here delicious food. And here Wylsacom. And .a lot of alcohol and we’re only waiting for another gay Tim Cook Hi Tim, if you again watching this video, but not putting thumb up… Wineholics are going to a birthday party. We are late as always because of Jakub. Anyway, today we will have a social life because you keep complaining that we lack one. I’m near the window! I’m near the window! I’m near the window! Thank you. That’s our place we have to go there So we are in Kiev Do you like being in Kiev again? No, actually we’re not in Kiev, we are just in communistic part of Berlin, enjoy We gonna go down using the stairs. Stop being so pussy. I hate lifts. You hate everything that’s high, except yourself. How are you Hey! Leave the goat alone. So guys I’m being totally discriminated here everyone talking only German. You need to change the color balance Is he cheating on his boyfriend? Have you filmed the cat? Not yet, I wanna film the TV Tower You should film the cat, its beautiful. Hello its me Winter we are preparing here for Halloween… hope you will celebrate with us. I just woke up and I again overdrank because of tim cook. And I wanna show you a beauty. Yeah, isn’t it beautiful Isn’t it beautiful? yeah, and This is just Jakub and beauty Jakub, and beauty. You

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  1. Datenschutzbeauftragten in Internet und Whatsapp in internationalen und Feedback sehr wichtig ok und Feedback sehr wichtig ok der Rest okay ist und der Rest der Welt Datenschmutz

  2. It's not a drone it's a quad copter and if it has six engines a hexagon copter.Everyone in England is now an expert on drones because one just shut down Gatwick airport for three days. The second busiest runway in the world!.Great video again keep them coming Liam xx

  3. Они оба такие красивые, представляю какие дети были бы (тем более считая то, что они разных расс)💗💗💗

  4. Jakub you are so adorable….. you are pure gem …. I hope one day I can meet you 😭😭😭 every time I see you in the video I could tell how beautiful person you are and vertili is so lucky to have you

  5. Я хочу показать вам мою прелесть, это прелесть<а это просто якуб<это прелесть,а это якуб 😀

  6. Все текут по Якубу, ну а моим идеалом, всегда будет Виталик, хд

  7. Dey both look like pop singer .vitaliii n jakub dey both are handsome n adorable in der on way so i personaly think dey are both sweet kittens . I wish my boyfriend should be like vitali or like jakub .wenever i see jakub expression wen vitalii is talking any gibbresh i jus luv dat . i freaking luv der quarrels its so entartaining to watch dem having fight .god bless demm 😍😘😘😘😘😍😍.luv frm india

  8. この二人が配達の人がきた!とか窓から覗いてる光景を想像しただけで可愛すぎて鼻血が出そう

  9. Господи, что может быть лучше чем маты от Якоба на его ломанном русском? Ничего наверное…

  10. ¿Cómo así? Si en este video tenían 100k y ahora tienen 400k, crecieron como la espuma, felicidades!!

  11. боже как же я понимаю якуба тоже очень сильно боюсь лифтов поэтому лестница мой лучший друг
    p.s. всё ещё продолжаю восхищаться мощным грудаком виталия:)

  12. 10:30 – с*ка, когда ты сказал, что покажешь твою прелесть, то я думала, что это будет Якоб, но это оказалась кнопка, а потом ты показал Якоба и сказал, что это просто Якоб 😡😠😡😠😡

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