Watch Cartoons Online – Juneteenth Celebration (Educational Video for Children/Kids)

Watch Cartoons Online – Juneteenth Celebration (Educational Video for Children/Kids)

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with educational videos for children. Today Franky & Bernard get taken to school about
American History and an important moment in that history for African Americans. Here’s
a sneak peak. Ms. Meetry: Just a regular old day. Don’t
you boys know today is June 19th? Bernard: Yeah, and…
Ms. Meetry: Today is Juneteenth boys. Franky: Okay Ms. Meetry, I know you don’t
want us fighting, but you don’t have to make up holidays.
Well like you saw there it’s time for a little fun with Welcome to FresBerg. Franky: Man Bird, I am so tired of sitting
in the house. It’s so boring here in the summer. Bird: I am not bored. I am sitting in my room
watching videos and talking to my friends on the Internet. You really need to get your
life, Franky. Franky: Whatever. That’s all you do is sit
in your room and text; listening to music all day. I mean it’s like your girl cave or
something. Bird: Whatever little bro. What else is there
to do. I’m not trying to go outside. It is way too hot to be hanging out outside. Why
don’t you go out and hang with Chillz or Lee. I’m sure they would kick it with you.
Franky: No. Chillz went out of town with his mom and Lee is at some type of summer music
camp all day. He won’t be home until later on tonight.
Bird: Well I don’t know what to tell you little bro. All I’m saying is you need to find something
to do besides annoying me, now can you get out of my room.
Franky: Thanks for being such a loving big sister Bird.
Bird: Your welcome. Now bye Felicia. Franky: Hey Miss Meetry what are you up to?
Ms. Meetry: Oh working around this old house of mine Franky. I just finished up doing some
housework and now I’m waiting on my good old fashioned tea to finish brewing on the porch
so I can cool off with a nice drink. What are you doing out in these parts? Your buddies
not around to play with you? Franky: No Ms. Meetry, they are all gone.
Bernard: Naw Ms. Meetry. What he really means to say is he ain’t got no friends. He’s just
nerd boy and nobody wants to hang out with him’cause he’s got no swag.
Franky: Whatever Pretty Boy fraud. You are always somewhere with your lips poked out
hating on somebody. I’ve got friends. You’re the one that nobody wants to hang out with.
Your attitude is so bad they don’t call you Mark Anthony. They call you Mark Stankthony.
Ms. Meetry: That is enough of that bad talk. I can’t believe you two are acting like this.
Especially on a day like today that represents unity.
Bernard: Unity. What you talking? Franky: Yeah it’s just a regular old day.
Ms. Meetry: Just a regular old day. Don’t you boys know today as June 19th?
Bernard: yeah and… Ms. Meetry: Today is Juneteenth boys.
Franky: Okay Ms. Meetry I know you don’t want us fighting but you don’t have to make up
holidays. Ms. Meetry: I can’t believe you boys have
never heard of Juneteenth. What are they teaching you in the schools nowadays. OK. That’s it.
You boys come with me. It’s time you learn a little bit of African American history for
kids. Professor K: Well if it isn’t one of my most
favorite women in the whole wide world Ms. Meetry.
Ms. Meetry: Oh I bet you say that to all the volunteers who come down and help out here
at the Pinton Center. Professor K: Now come on Ms. Meetry. Without
volunteers like you in the community, centers like this wouldn’t make it.Now I see you have
company. So are you boys coming out here for our Juneteenth celebration?
Ms. Meetry: Actually professor the boys have never heard of Juneteenth. They thought that
I was trying to make up up a holiday. They thought I was just using Juneteenth to stop
them from fighting with one another. Professor K: Well we definitely don’t want
you to fighting on a day that is historic liket today. Gentlemen, today is Juneteenth
. Franky: What is Juneteenth?
Professor K: Well have you heard of slavery young man?
Franky: Yeah they talk about it in school during history class.
Professor K: Well you are going to learn a little history today. Now in U.S. history
African Americans have not always had it nice. You see our ancestors were brought over from
Africa as slaves to work here in the United States.
Bernard: Yeah I heard about that in my American History class.
Professor K: That’s good to hear son. So do you know how slavery ended?
Franky: Yeah I know. With the Emancipation Proclamation.
Professor K: That is right young man. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued by Abraham
Lincoln on September 22, 1862. Now it went into effect in January the next year but slaves
were still held by the confederates. It wasn’t until the union army took over and finally
the news had reached slaves in Galveston Texas in 1865. That is where General Gordon Granger
announced that slaves were set free on June 19th.
Ms. Meetry: Yes boys. It is the oldest known holiday that commemorates the end of slavery
in the United States and when I was 19, I won the Ms. Juneteenth contest.
Bernard: Oh so you were fly back in the day, huh Ms. Meetry.
Ms. Meetry: Boy what do you mean back in the day. I still look good.
Professor K: Well how about we start today. Come on boys. I’ve got a class to talk about
Juneteenth History and later on we will be having a parade to celebrate Juneteenth.

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