We made that awful mood ring toilet seat

We made that awful mood ring toilet seat

(upbeat music)
Do you want to use the restroom and be told how to
feel your feelings at the same time? A normal toilet seat
(whooshing) just won’t do. You need a mood ring toilet.
(tinkling) Wow!
(echoing wow sound effect) With benefits like: Intruder detection alert. If someone else
uses your toilet! If that seat is colored, and it wasn’t you, you’ll know. Butt temperature detection. Stray splash detection.
(splashing) A general gauge
on your happiness, and so much more! EVAN: Critics say: KATELYN: “I have mixed
emotions about this.” “Thanks, I hate it.” “My butt, I is angery.” “Hook me up with that DIY, yo.” Get yours today for
three easy payments of $42.69!
(tinkling) There are live
operators standing by at 1-800– FEEL-UR-BUTT!
(laughing) Don’t, no. We don’t know what that is.
(laughing) (beeping) KATELYN: This video is brought to you
by Squarespace, the all-in-one platform
for all your website needs. Hey guys, we’re
Evan and Katelyn. And if you’ve ever
been browsing Reddit and found yourself on
the subreddit “r/DiWHY”, you might have seen
this thermochromatic, (laughing)
toilet seat, that really caught
our imagination. You might have seen
it and thought, “Now that’s a really dumb thing, why would anyone ever do that?” But we’ve two extra bottles
of thermochromatic fluid after our last
mood ring project, and we can’t not do it. So that’s what
we’re doing today. We’re gonna make a
mood ring toilet seat. We we’re proud of it. Wait are we? (laughing)
No. (quirky ragtime music) All right, before we start, we should probably explain how this magical beige
mood ring liquid works. ♪ “Science Adjacent” ♪ ♪ with Evan and Katelyn ♪ ♪ Yeah! ♪ (chiptune noises chirping) Contained inside, are thermotropic liquid crystals that literally twist at
different temperatures and reflect a different color depending on what
temperature the crystals are. That’s crazy. I wonder if your butt
is gonna be like, in this temperature range, because above 90
it’s all purple. My butt’s gonna be down here. (laughing) Cold butt. Cold butt. So before we do the toilet seat, we’re actually gonna
do a small-scale test, because when we
did the controller, we did a spray-on clear coat to protect the
mood ring material, and it ended up getting
a little bit scratched. So we need something
a little bit stronger to hold up to the
power of our butts. (laughing) I’ll give you guys one guess what we’re going
to cover it with. TOGETHER: Resin! (“Habanera” by Bizet) EVAN: Okay, let’s see if
I remember how this works. KATELYN: We look
like science ninjas. EVAN: That’s what I’ve
always wanted to be. All right, so one thing I
learned and remember, is you should test-spray it. (applicator hissing) There you go. And if I remember correctly,– KATELYN: It’s just
gonna look ugly. EVAN: It’s gonna look ugly, and let’s do lots of
small light coats. KATELYN: So we’re
gonna be here a minute. EVAN: Oh, look at that though, it’s already working! KATELYN: Yeah, you can
see the color shift just a little bit. EVAN: Just a little bit. (applicator hissing) KATELYN: Okay, so about
how many coats is that? Four to five coats. I think that’s good
enough for a test. Watch this. (heater whirring)
Oh, yeah. So we’ll see, we’ll cover it in resin and then see if that
responsivity stays. Goes down significantly, yeah. We need an accurate read
on our butts’ moods. (laughing)
Real-time! Real-time butt moods! (upbeat music) Okay, smallest resin pour we’ve done on this channel. I’m ready. (laughing) Are you not?
I’m real focused. Yeah, I’m ready now. ♪ Even tiny, ♪ ♪ it’s still so satisfying ♪ EVAN: Wait, did we level it? Well no, of course
we didn’t level it. It’s fine. There ya go. (blowtorch hissing) Now we wait. Oh wow, look at that! Whoa! EVAN: Was that the
flame that heated it up? Or is it the resin heating up? KATELYN: I think
it was the flame, and then it is cooling.
(whooshing) Do you think we damaged
the crystals by flaming it? We’ll find out. Let’s see if this worked. And, by “see if it worked”, we mean can it detect the
temperature difference when we, don’t touch it yet! Can it detect the
temperature difference from our fingers
through the resin? Wait, I’m not in focus yet! (laughter) I can’t wait! One second. Okay. I wanna give it a
little bit more, ’cause you don’t just
sit on the toilet for just a little bit. You stay there for ages. (cheering) Hey, it worked! EVAN: It works! KATELYN: Oh, that’s so great! EVAN: That so works. KATELYN: Can you get it
to the full temperature? Like the full purple at the top. EVAN: Already holding it all, like where I was holding it– KATELYN: Oh yeah, yeah! But that’s the full spectrum! Are we gonna have
to come up with like what each of these
means for your butt? Uh, yeah. Had a lot of fiber. (laughter) We’ll give the full– Coffee was great! We’ll give the full
rating at the end, maybe. But this is great. This looks exactly
how I want it to look. Yeah, this is perfect. I think we can proceed. Now, I notice there’s a
little bit of splotching. I think we might want to
do a couple extra coats just to be safe. Yeah. But other than that, I think we can just
proceed as planned. And this also
might be an excuse, maybe next time we
do this on something, I think I’m down to
get another spray gun, higher quality. And fancier?
Yeah. So it’s the cheapest
on we can buy. Okay. Now it’s time to
spray the toilet seat. Oh god. This is what we’re gonna do. (pleasant piano music) KATELYN: Are you ready? Are you feeling confident? ‘Cause I don’t wanna
buy another toilet seat. It’s gonna be fine. Does that inspire confidence? Yeah. (applicator hissing) EVAN: Oh, geez! That was so much, oh geez! Just wipe that off pretend
that didn’t happen. Let’s try that again. (applicator hissing)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. KATELYN: Sweet. I’m gonna time lapse. It’s gonna be a while. EVAN: You don’t wanna
just hang out with me for two hours? KATELYN: I mean I love you– (laughter) EVAN: But you have
an edit to do. (smooching)
(laughing) (hissing) All right, come on in. But for no reason in particular, don’t look at this yet. (mischievous music)
KATELYN: That makes me feel very confident. So confident. Okay, you can look
at the camera, but don’t look down yet. So this is a good
news, bad news, good news, bad news, good news, type situation. Okay. Good news: Let’s start with the bad news. (laughing) Bad news: This thing sucks! It sucks so bad! (crashing) Oh, gosh. I thought the glass
was attached to it. It was gonna break. It clogged so much. I was able to spray for like, 30 seconds, and then it clogged, because what we’re
spraying isn’t paint. It’s crystals, and
it dries really fast, or something, and it ended up clogging
again and again and again. I had to try to pick it clean, and I got so angry. So I went out and
bought a new one. So bad news, that one’s dead to me.
(foreboding music) Good news is this
one’s much better. Nice.
(foreboding music) So I was able to spray
this a lot faster. Bad news, there’s still a little bit of, sprays, that happened. A few little specks and flecks. So that’s what I was
gonna show you right now. You can look now. Oh, that looks pretty even. It looks pretty good. And the specks and
flecks mainly show up when there’s a
temperature differential. When there’s too fast
of a temperature change. ‘Cause they change
at different rates, they’re thicker.
(heat gun hissing) So, you kind of see
them for a little bit as it goes through the
temperature change. It’s not bad. (laughter) So what it is, is as you’re spraying, you see that stuff there? So let’s show this. (laughing) See that gunk? So that’s what it is. It’s just like– KATELYN: That just
like came out? EVAN: Once there’s enough, a chunk of it will detach, and just spray out. The only way we can fix it is if we removed all of it, and I’ve been out
here for two hours. Okay. I’m fine with it. I’m fine with it. Another bad news is, this took me so long to do. But another good news: Okay, my emotions are a
rollercoaster right now. I got you a set so
you can help me. (laughing) Yay. Yay! I’m down.
(exciting music) I got caught up on the edit, I’m good to go. Let’s do it.
Let’s spray. Together. Spray a toilet seat together. (exciting music) So satisfying. I mean it is kind of weird, we did the top, because that’s what they
did in the Reddit post, it’s kinda weird. When would you sit on the lid? I dunno, but we’re doing it, so. There you go. That was beautiful. There you go, Reddit. (laughter) Okay, so, next step. So one thing we realized is, unlike most of our pours, we’re not pouring
onto a flat surface. Especially the seat, there’s a decent amount of curve and we worry that the
resin’s just gonna flow right off. So we thought, “Okay, we’ll brush it on
in really thin layers, that’ll prevent it from
flowing off as much.” But bristles, we’re just worried it’s
gonna be scratching up the really delicate
thermochromatic liquid crystals that are applied very
thinly to the surface. So, what we’re actually gonna do a spray coat first. That’s not the final
protective layer, but that’s just gonna
set everything down. KATELYN: Lock the
crystals in place so that when we apply resin, we can use a brush. So, time to spray.
Time to spray. Again.
(laughter) (pleasant music)
(applicator hissing) This is how they look
after our spray coat. They are– EVAN: Still a little bit brown. KATELYN: In our 73° garage. Yeah, but pretty soon, after we sit on them, they’re gonna look
glorious like that. (Katelyn imitating choir) Oh my gosh! What if your butt
left that print? That’d be weird. I don’t know if I can make
a butt print with my arm. Whoa, whoa, that’s so cool! No no, you go like this! Wait for it, that’s a butt. (“The Price Is
Right” failure music) Nevermind. But I think that, overall, things are still working, the liquid crystals
are still in there. They’re protected a little bit, but if you look closely
at the surface finish, it’s not that great. KATELYN: Even
though it’s glossy, there’s a lot of those
little imperfections from when we were
spraying the crystals. (hissing)
EVAN: Oh, geez! (beeping) KATELYN: And this was
kind of emphasizes them, so we hope the resin, with it’s very glass-like
thicker protection, will cover that. Before we continue though, there’s been
something bothering me since the very
beginning of this video, that we just have
an addressed yet. And that is we
directed the people to FEELURBUTT.com, and I just don’t know what type of website
exists at that URL. (mischievous music) So uh, I did some
looking into it. There was no website there. So we bought the domain, and built one using Squarespace. (laughing) EVAN: Thank you, Squarespace for being okay with this idea. KATELYN: So with
this opportunity in our hands now, we could really
make FEELURBUTT.com be whatever we wanted it to be. It could be about mood
ring toilet seats. That’s really the only
thing it could be about that’s appropriate
for this channel. But, I think the cool
thing about Squarespace is it’s a great way
to bring your dreams to reality.
(chiming) You don’t have to like, start from scratch, either. ‘Cause they have tons
of built-in templates, you don’t need any
third party plugins, and if you run into trouble while making your
dream a reality, Squarespace has you covered with 24/7 support. So whether you
wanna sell a product that you have an idea for, or display your portfolio
online for people to see, having a website
really is the best way to get your project,
your ideas, your vision, out there into the world. You can do a free trial
at squarespace.com, so, no strings attached, and when you’re ready
to pull the trigger, go to
squarespace.com/EvanAndKatelyn for 10% off your first purchase. Thanks, Squarespace! Thank you! FEELURBUTT.com! Real website! We own it now.
(laughing) (beeping) All right, so we’re
trying something new for today’s resin pour.
(accordion music) You’re going to be
using fast cure resin instead of slow cure resin, because resin pours
aren’t stressful enough. Because these pieces have sloped or curved surfaces, that means the resin is going
to want to run off of it. Normally with a slow cure resin, ’cause you have like
30 or so minutes of working time. It keeps dripping off the edge, we have to babysit
it for a while, as it continues to flow off. EVAN: I wish that there was more efficient way to do this! With curved edges– We’re just worried that the whole thing
is gonna flow off. So we want something that will cure a
little bit faster. This is gonna be more stressful. We have like, five to 10 minutes
to get this all down, otherwise it’s
just going to kick and it’s gonna be
what it’s gonna be. But we want it to kick sooner, that way it won’t flow off. So that’s like, (anxious groaning) Yeah. Hopefully this doesn’t
get too exciting, but there’s only
one way to find out. You ready? Yeah, go for it. (dinging) EVAN,: Oh, nice. KATELYN: Start coaxing it. EVAN: Here we go. KATELYN: Oh, that
was good on film (dinging) Can I just get a couple
shots of you doing it? (dinging) EVAN: That looks so cool. KATELYN: Looks so cool. Oh my gosh, I wasn’t recording. EVAN: You weren’t recording? KATELYN: No.
EVAN: Oh no. KATELYN: I messed up,
I didn’t record it! EVAN: But it was so satisfying! KATELYN: I know. EVAN: Right, well
I think that’s it. We’re done. KATELYN: What? (laughing) (upbeat music) EVAN: Kate, we’ll get a second
chance on this guy. KATELYN: I failed. I failed in every way. Well it looks cool. EVAN: It looks cool. KATELYN: Now we
just have to hope that it doesn’t, like, (sputtering)
drip off. Let’s get a few, I see like a hair, oh man, it looks pretty! EVAN: It looks so pretty! I’mma torch it real quick. KATELYN: Okay.
(laughing) (blowtorch hissing) I think that’s good, should be just go ahead
and move to the next, or should we wait a few? EVAN: I think that it’s good, let’s move to the next. KATELYN: Okay. Makes such a big difference! EVAN: It looks so good. KATELYN: This, versus this! But this one is gonna be
the more challenging one, because not only can
it run off the outside, it could also run
off inside, so, EVAN: Let’s see if
any of it stays on. (classic piano music) KATELYN: Go time! EVAN: It’s recording? KATELYN: Yeah.
(laughter) EVAN: Ah, it’s okay! I just started pouring
without looking. KATELYN: Oh. EVAN: I’m trying to go light, so then it doesn’t
all just slough off. KATELYN: It’s definitely
just wanting to go over the edges. Try to like, spread it thin. It’s working okay, though. It’s not flowing off. EVAN: 100%. (laughing) It’s looking pretty good. KATELYN: Yeah, like yeah- It’s kinda sticking. EVAN: I think that’s it. KATELYN: We just
need to watch it. It looks so cool! EVAN: It looks so cool. KATELYN: I wonder how loud
our breathing is in this. I’m sorry everyone. EVAN: I spit a little
bit in my mask, and now I can’t clean it! KATELYN: Time to babysit! (record scratching) (alarm siren blaring) EVAN: Emergency!
KATELYN: Emergency. (tense music)
The feet, there’s resin pooling
around the feet, so we need to lift this up, remove these boards, otherwise we’re just
gonna have resin fused to the underside of this. EVAN: But if we
tilt it too much, then all the resin’s
gonna pour off even more. KATELYN: So I’m gonna
have to lift it carefully. I’m sorry, I’m gonna
be blocking it. EVAN: Okay here, have your two cups right here. Ready to go. KATELYN: Nope, nope, nope. Should I put them
on top of this? EVAN: No, to the side. Just knock the feet, knock the, KATELYN: Now pull it off? EVAN: Now pull it off, yeah. (chuckling) KATELYN: Can you lift it more? EVAN: Oh, my gosh. I think that’s okay. KATELYN: I think it’s okay. (goofy music) It’s still, the feet might stick to
the cups a little bit, but because the cups don’t
have a pool of resin, it should be better. EVAN: Yeah, it should be better. KATELYN: It should be better. This is why you babysit. (blowtorch sputtering) (mischievous music) Okay so, the toilet
seat’s complete. This whole time, like I’ve been very
concerned about this functioning from a
technical perspective. I’ve been concerned about
the resin looking nice, because I want this to be a beautiful resin
creation that we’ve made. And I forgot that
at the end of this, we actually are gonna sit on it, and like leave our butt prints. The funny thing to me is, we installed this in
our guest bathroom, and the thought I had is like, how long should we
keep this installed, when people come over to
use the guest bathroom– KATELYN: We gotta
keep it at least until someone comes and uses it! Well we have to subject
someone else to this. But without further ado, I think let’s just,
(clapping) let’s not keep you guys
(clapping) waiting any longer. It’s all done, it’s installed,
it’s ready to go. Let’s just go demonstrate it. Here we are in the restroom. And the reveal! (Zelda sound effect) It looks pretty cool.
(upbeat music) KATELYN: I wouldn’t look at that and automatically suspect
that it’s a mood ring. EVAN: No, it’s just like
an oddly brown toilet seat. It’s a warm, coppery black. Don’t call it brown! (laughing) EVAN: Warm, coppery black. All right, Katelyn. I wore my thinnest leggings
for this very event. EVAN: Optimal heat transmission? Yes. My worry is that I’m gonna sit, and there’s just not gonna
be any color whatsoever. Okay, you ready?
EVAN: Yup. (clearing throat) And then we wait. I wonder if Joob will hang out? (clicking tongue)
Joob? EVAN: Like she usually does? KATELYN: Huh? EVAN: Like she usually does? KATELYN: Exactly. EVAN: She always wants in. Hello, you dark, creepy kitty. [Computerized Voice]
Leave me out of this. EVAN: All right, I
think it’s ready. KATELYN: Okay, are you prepared? EVAN: I’m prepared. KATELYN: Oh, there’s a little spot
from where my hand hit it. (hollering) Oh no! It’s very evident, like it looks like my butt! I didn’t think it’d
be so high def! Don’t look anymore! I’m not even being
more splotchy! (laughing) EVAN: All right, fair is fair. My turn. Oh, I can tell that
someone has recently used the top of
this toilet seat. So to get the most
color change possible, I’m gonna sit really
strangely on the toilet seat, like pretty far back. Most people don’t sit like this, but I just want to get like– KATELYN: As much butt
contact is possible. EVAN: Now we wait again. Is it weird if I
maintain eye contact? Welcome to our channel.
(snickering) Enough time has probably passed? KATELYN: Yeah. (upbeat music) EVAN: Oh, whoa! My butt was much hotter! KATELYN: Whoa, I told you
your butt would be hotter. EVAN: You can see
my little cheeks! KATELYN: Is that what that is? EVAN: A little
bit of the cheeks. (laughing) But it completely worked. KATELYN: It completely worked. EVAN: It works great. KATELYN: We should also
test your splash theory. Oh, it did, did it change it? EVAN: Oh, it totally changed it. KATELYN: Oh it’s changing it, oh it’s changing it! EVAN: Oh whoa, look
at all those splashes! (awestruck hollering) Splash detection! KATELYN: That’s so gross! EVAN: Off the wazoo! So all the water’s gone, but it’s just the
splashes that remain. KATELYN: Oh man,
that’s so gross. Okay, well how do you how
do you feel about this? I feel proud. I know at the beginning, you know I feel like I
should be sitting on this. In the beginning I know
that we kind of joked about being proud
that we’re making a thermochromatic,
temperature sensing butt seat, Real-time butt seat! Butt seats are
commonly called chairs. There were a lot of challenges involved in this video, and we overcame them, together. We did. All right guys, make sure you’re subscribed
(cat meowing) to this channel,
(clicking) you really don’t
want to miss out on high-quality
content like this. And we look forward to
seeing you next time. Bye!
Bye! Check out our gaming channel! Evan and Katelyn Gaming! Whoa, what is even happening? EVAN: It’s the folds! It’s the folds! It’s the folds! (laughing) Oh my god, it’s actually
probably much better than you would, the more like, smooth things, ’cause this is what happens when you wear clothes
with folds in them. There’s a lot of them. KATELYN: A lot of
questionable lines! Wait, I want to
try one more thing. EVAN: What’s that? KATELYN: Do you
think she’ll let me, prop her up on here long
enough to get paw prints? EVAN: Only one way to find out. KATELYN: Well that
didn’t work at all. (hyperventilating) Oh it did work! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, I’m so happy! Oh that’s the cutest
thing I’ve ever seen! (beeping) Emotional– Emotional telepathy. (beeping) Butt thermometer. Sounds like something else. (beeping) Hi. Hi! Are you okay? Uh, not really. I’m supposed to run
a marathon race today but I’ve lost my lucky headband! I’ve worn it to every
race I’ve ever run! I don’t know if I
can race without it! Where’d you lose it? Somewhere in Blackwood Forest. I think. I could take a look for you. Really? You’d do that for me? Sure. It’s a red headband. I can give you a reward. I could give you a
pair of running shoes. Don’t you need those yourself? Well, I just got sponsored
by this shoe company– Hashtag spon. Hashtag ad. They gave me like 10 pairs during the giveaway, follow me on Instagram. Congrats. Oh, haha thanks! But uh, let me know if
you see a red headband! Number one voice right here, this is the number one
voice that we’ve had on this stream so far. You did it, good job. It was so inspirational,
I can’t believe it.

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