100 Replies to “Wedgie Hangman (GAME)”

  1. Here’s a puzzle for you “my brother thought I was watching g_y po_n” solve that because it actually happened

  2. When you guys do something dangerous you should say “Good Mythical Warning: Don’t try this at home” or something like that

  3. ???????????????
    I soo love this game, yall should play it more often. So hilarious love your reaction to being cranked.

  4. As a cat lover I may have enjoyed Rhett's loss slightly more than I should. Kittens everywhere have been vindicated!! ?????
    Still love you tho, Rhett. Though you're getting coal for Christmas. ?

  5. So…from what the box shows on the chia Pet Rhett and Link, Both of their hairs are replaced with the chia pet seed. But…why isn't Rhett's beard the chia Pet seeds instead?

  6. I remember this skit on snl many years ago, it was called wedgie fever. The contestant was purposely getting answers incorrect so that he could hover.

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