weekend reading vlog | two audiobooks and a thriller

weekend reading vlog | two audiobooks and a thriller

Hi, guys. It’s Laurel Ann coming at you from a
slightly different location. A much more poorly lit location, because I actually
have the apartment to myself for a whole weekend! My partner is away, which is the
first time that I have been alone here since we moved in in November. I mean,
I’ve been alone here during the day and on evenings but I’ve never slept
alone here or been by myself for an extended period of time, So that’s
exciting. Very excited to have some me time. But anyway I thought I would take
this opportunity to do a little bit of a weekend reading vlog. I don’t know I always say
“a little bit of a.” It’s just it’s a weekend rapping vlog. That’s what it is. [long pause] I was hoping that the weather would be nice this weekend so that I could take
you to the beach or a castle or something, but yeah, you can’t really see,
but it’s absolutely chucking it down, as they say. You can see people there taking
shelter. You know it’s bad if people are hiding from the rain in Scotland.
Yeah, it’s pretty much been like this for like two weeks now, which is just great.
Apparently it’s been really nice down in England, and I’ve seen at least three
youtubers be like “oh, here I am, I’m filming outside enjoying the beautiful
weather we’re having in the UK,” and it’s like, well, hmm not all of the UK. Although
it is perfect weather for staying in and reading. I’m currently reading this. This is
The Comforters by Muriel Spark. Muriel Spark is one of the most famous Scottish
writers of the 20th century, I’d say. So this is her first published work.
It’s the third? The fourth one of hers I’ve read. I’m not super getting on with this
right now. I’ve been reading it for a couple days and I’m only 84 pages in, which isn’t
great. This is about a woman named Caroline who has just left after a
couple days at, like, a Catholic retreat center kind of thing, and when she gets
home she begins to hear some voice narrating all of her
thoughts and actions, and she hears typing as well in the background. And
she’s just kind of decided that it must be somebody writing a story about her.
Muriel Spark’s writing is really really funny and very clever, but it does kind
of require a lot of brain power to consume these books. This was written in
1957, so first of all I think there’s a lot of slang in the dialogue that just
takes focus to pay attention to? If that makes sense? But I am curious to see
where this goes, but I might put it aside for a little while. I’ve also been
listening to Things in Jars by Jess Kidd on audiobook. It’s set in the
Victorian era and it’s about a lady detective named Bridie Devine who has
been tasked to find a missing child named Christabel who has unique traits
and mysterious abilities. I’m probably more than halfway through right now and
I’m loving it. I’m going to finish my coffee and probably listen to some more
of Things in Jars, clean up, and then maybe go out to get some food. I tidied up the kitchen earlier and got
through quite a few more chapters of Things in Jars. I think I’m gonna finish
that really soon. Probably today. And I also read some more of this.
I’m more into it now, I think. There’s a lot going on in this book. I really have
no idea where she’s going with this, but I keep finding myself laughing, so
that’s good. Now it’s time for me to go to the store
to get food. It’s still raining, but I’ll just have to suck it up. I’ve
got a raincoat, I’m fine. Also this weather is putting me quite in
the mood for like a thriller, so I think I might pop into the library and see if
anything tickles my fancy. So, yeah. okay so I’m back for my little errand. I
was just thinking how funny it is that every time I vlog, I go to the grocery
store. So while I was out I finished Things in Jars. It was really good. I was
really impressed with the way it tied up at the end. There had been several
different threads running through, and they all just came together so neatly.
Now at the library I was hoping to get Liane Moriarity book, because I watched Big
Little Lies recently, and I was really impressed with it,
and particularly with the female characters and their relationships and
the interactions between them, so I was curious about her work, but they didn’t
have anything in, so instead I grabbed a Ruth Ware book, In a Dark Dark Wood. I’ve
heard some things about Ruth Ware. Some positive things. And then I also grabbed
this Fringe catalog, which just came out, which is very exciting for probably no
one but me. The Fringe is a massive theatre and arts festival in Edinburgh
that goes on throughout August. Well I’m going to sit and read for another
another half an hour, I think, and then I’ll pick another audio book and start
making dinner. Wow, I’m looking red in the face. But no
matter. I’ve had my dinner and I’ve cleaned up after myself, and now I’m
going to take a bath, even though it’s already 9 p.m., and then afterwards, I
don’t know. I might watch a movie but it also might be too late. I like to
marinate in my baths for a while and I also like to go to bed before midnight,
so I don’t know. We’ll play it by ear. I should read more of the Muriel Spark book
while I’m in the bath but I kind of want to start the Ruth Ware book (the thriller
that I got), but I don’t know. Do I want to tempt fate
by taking a library book into the bathtub? I don’t know. I’ve never dropped a
book in the bathtub, but there’s a first time for everything, you know? [audiobook narration] I walked up the village street
pretending to be on my phone so as not to have to stop and chat to Peggy about
the coming moral apocalypse, and I squirmed in the imaginary space between how
Robert would react to a comment like that: “I should be paying you,” and how I wanted
to hear it. I wanted to be charmed by a comment like that. I wanted dinner
parties with Pete, not Greg and Sally. Dinners where nobody speaks for a while.
Where we talk about books we’ve read and someone falls asleep and it’s not weird
or eccentric, it’s just slow and kind. Good morning. I’ve had another really slow
start to the day. I’m feeling very relaxed. I’ve just been reading for a
little while. I started In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware. I’m not sure about
this one. Just briefly, the premise is this woman who’s 26 is invited to the
hen do, or bachelorette party, of a woman who she was friends in high school but
she hasn’t seen in 10 years. The writing is quite juvenile, which it’s
something that I actually sort of often find with thrillers, unfortunately. Also
there’s a lot of brands in this? Like probably on every page she references a brand. That’s just a pet peeve of mine. Like, of course we use brands in
everyday speech like, “I’ll have a Coke,” “Let me google that,” “I’ll wear my
Birkenstocks today,” but this is like, “oh I spread Bonne Maman jam on my toast and
then I went downstairs and I rented a zipcar Volvo and saw a man passing
with a Burberry suitcase.” Also the characters are all like 26 to 28 but
they speak distinctly like 40 year old women. And there are like little just
little things in the dialogue about technology that aren’t how they
work on a consumer end. She referenced how Google Maps
was constantly buffering on her phone, and that’s just like that’s not a thing
a person would say? But I am intrigued enough by the premise that I think…I
think I’m gonna push through at least a little farther. I also started Lanny by
Max Porter yesterday. I’m loving it, as I thought I would.
Max Porter has been really highly recommended over the last couple of
years, and I’ve been meaning to read him for a while, I just haven’t gotten the
chance, so I’m excited to delve more into that. It’s actually quite a lovely day outside,
so I think I might venture out into the world and maybe I’ll take you with
me. I’m back home now. I’ve had quite a nice
walk. I went to the local farmers market, and then I went down through a few of
the charity shops, and I bought a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to eat later, which I’m
definitely gonna regret because I don’t think I’m totally lactose tolerant? I
listened to quite a bit more of Lanny. I’m still really enjoying that. And now
I’m just going to dive back into this. I’m definitely not going to finish it
today, but I’m gonna try and make a good dent in. I’ve now been reading for an hour, hour and a half, I guess. I just
passed halfway in–what’s it called? In A Dark, Dark Wood. it’s starting to ramp up
now, and I think I’ve gotten more into the flow of the writing, and now that
we’re getting more into, like, the action, not as many annoying things are
happening. I think what was annoying me was a lot of the general
observations about the characters that w’re being made by the protagonist.
Things like, “oh she had the face of a hawk with Eva Longoria’s hair,” like I
don’t know about that. Anyway, that’s done now, because we’ve
already met the characters, so now it’s just continuing on, and anyway, all
this is to say that I’m liking it more. I’ve just made myself some dinner, and I
was listening to Lanny some more during that. I realize I haven’t summarized
that at all. So Lanny is about a young boy who goes missing and who is in a small
village, and it follows primarily the perspectives of the mother the father
and a close family friend — sort of a grandfather figure to Lanny — and then it
also flips through the perspectives of a lot–just all the people of the village,
and there’s also this kind of malevolent mystical character called Dead Papa Toothwort, and he sort of observes this community and sees all the dark within
it. I’ve just gotten to the part where Lanny goes missing, and I’m finding it
very upsetting, actually, like the reactions of the townspeople
and the assumptions that people are making and the things that people say. I
think it’s really well-done, otherwise I wouldn’t be getting upset. It’s amazing how
quickly I’ve already come to really care for these characters. I think I’m just
going to eat and then I’m going to read until Love Island comes on. I know that Love
Island is trashy and heteronormative and pits women against women, but you
know what? It’s my problematic fave.

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  1. "Weekend rapping vlog." That'd be an interesting twist on a booktube staple. Also, is that a statue at 10:30? I'd be terrified if the first time I saw that was at night.

  2. Omg yay a vlog, this was so good!!
    I’ve only dropped a library book in the bath once. It was when I was a kid and it was one of those Full House chapter books. I cried and was afraid to tell my mom because I thought they’d take our library card away, VERY traumatizing!!
    Oh I think I liked In a Dark Dark Wood! It was my first Ruth Ware and I figured everything out pretty early on but the rest I remember still being really fun to read and see how everything went down (omg you’re so right about them sounding like older ladies though, I totally didn’t remember they were supposed to be in their 20s haha)

  3. I watched this video on my 13 inch macbook air while eating maruchan instant ramen and drinking a can of mango lacroix

  4. this weekend vlog is so cozy!! and oh my gosh i loooove over the garden wall, and rainy weather is perfect for it 💗💗💗 and i love the idea of an audiobook over your recordings – that is so creative! and i’ve always been curious about a dark, dark wood but i guess i’ll have to save it for the library 😬💦

  5. While you were talking about the thriller I kept thinking, 'hmm this sounds a lot like a book I'm currently reading.' Writing isn't the best but I'm intrigued to find out how it all ends. Lo and behold it's by Ruth Ware — The Woman in Cabin 10. I'm a third of the way through and just want to end it. Another thing that bothered me about her writing, at least in the book I'm reading, is that she really doesn't take the time to describe anyone. Not even the main character. The only descriptor she's used so far is that when the character was trying on a dress the shop hand said she looked like Liv Tyler in Lord of the Rings. Super odd but ok I guess I'll roll with it. Anyway, miss ya LA and hope you're well. Enjoying these lil vlogs.

  6. Great vlog! 🙂 I love both Liane Moriarty and Ruth Ware. You made interesting points about In A Dark, Dark Wood. The things you mentioned (juvenile writing style, too many brand references) weren't something I noticed when I read it. But now that you've pointed those out, I bet they'll jump out at me if I reread it!

  7. Delightful blogging! Made me giggle when you drew my attention to those teeny people hiding from the rain. Happy vlogging!

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