WE’RE MARRIED! 18.06.16

WE’RE MARRIED!  18.06.16

Joe: I give you this ring. Tori: As a symbol of our marriage. Joe: All that I am, I give to you. Tori: All that I have, I share with you. Both: And with all my love, I promise you. Tori’s dad: I stand today very proud of seeing you marry and plan a future with the man you love. I don’t know where the years have gone. You’ve grown up from my little girl to a beautiful bride in no time at all. Every father of a daughter, will know that you dread to think what they will bring home as a boyfriend. All that I can remember of you from the first time, is a big guy. Big beard. Lots of hair. And I thought… Oh dear. Joe’s Dad: These two wonderful people. And we certainly, all together want to bless them in their marriage. And hope they have a long and very happy marriage. Emileigh (Bridesmaid/maidofhonour) : We sat around on the ground in our denim skirts on top our of skater jeans wrapping chairs in newspaper until we were asked to leave girl guides. Joe was very mature and he would fill a glass full of food of left-overs. and call it the Cup-of-mush. I’m quite surprised he didn’t do it today. Tori and Joe, they really are a great couple. They do work so well together. And I really wish you the best, the both of you, in the future. Jamie (Bestman): RuneScape, League of Legends, Minecraft. Could go on for ages… love gaming. but he’s matured. Bowling, BBQs, you know. I hope that they’ll have a brilliant future together, going to LA. (Lucky people) Raise a toast to them. To Joe and Tori! Everyone: To Joe and Tori! Kizzy: The best part, I think, is still to happen. We’re gonna go upstairs, and we’re gonna have a boogie!

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  1. Congratualtions! I wish you all the happiness and love for your future! The two of you are such a cute couple!

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