What REALLY happened at Chrissy Teigen’s Hulu Reality Show Party

What REALLY happened at Chrissy Teigen’s Hulu Reality Show Party

54 Replies to “What REALLY happened at Chrissy Teigen’s Hulu Reality Show Party”

  1. If I could be part of a reality show I’d wanna be on the Amazing Race. No clue what it’s about but I’d want to meet you!

  2. I wanna would to experience The Masked Singer live. I mean Jenny is stunning & she her hubby is 1/5 of my all time favorite band.

  3. Public notice to everyone to turn on post notifications for Tyler because this video didn’t show up in my sub box! ? but notification life comes thru ? ily Ty

  4. I don't know why I don't like her ? She's never said anything to offend me, she seems like a good person, mom and wife so it's definitely me being stupid but I want to know what's wrong with me ?

  5. If I was going to be on a reality TV show it would have to be as a judge. And I'm wicked opinionated so I could basically do that in any show. ?

  6. You got an experience. I am glad you will fondly remember your experience and had a good time too. Carry on Tyler and keep living for those types of experiences. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Tyler Oakley PLEASE START RECORDING PSYCHOBABBLE SO WE CAN SEE YALL FACESSSS PLSSS a new channel make new money!!! U scared to make money??!! Do it pls :((

  8. Remember when you were relatable?

    I’m not faulting your fame and I’m super proud of you and thrilled for you.
    But so much of the original charm of your early channel was-I felt empathy with you. I think it’s hard cause we start watching these you tubers cause we connect with them. These are just people like us sharing their world. And then when they blow up you can see that element fade slowly overtime.

    You’ve become tv. You’re a separate entity from me and it’s more voyeuristic than relatable now.

    Whether you like it or not the original intention of your YouTube channel is gone. And I guess that’s just the nature of the game and capitalism with YouTube.

  9. So lucky , wait Tyler is a single guy what is wrong with guys nowadays he is so cute and so handsome so gorgeous kinda can tell that Chrissy Teigen was a little bit nervous if u see in her face that hulu party look so fun

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