What REALLY Happened to Tammy Hembrow at Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Party?!

What REALLY Happened to Tammy Hembrow at Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Party?!

Instagram fitness model Tammy Hembrough opened up about what really happened at Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday party and why she had to be carried out on a stretcher by paramedics You’re watching What’s Trending. I’m Shira Lazar. Be sure to LIKE this video and subscribe for more social media news daily You may have heard that Kylie Jenner just turned 21 She had a celebratory dinner at Craigs in West Hollywood Before heading down the street for drinks at Delilah Photos from the event were shared by Kylie and her sisters on social media and Kanye West Blake Griffin and other Kardashian Adjacent figures were there as well but one of the most notable things that the party happened before Kylie even arrived media reports said an unknown woman later identified as Hamro was removed from Delilah on a stretcher early in the evening Hemme bros Good friends with Khloe Kardashian who hired the Australian model as an ambassador for her good American denim brand How bad is she Aldrich Australia Ambro has now posted a video about the incident on our YouTube channel So basically what happened is I was in LA I was running off pretty much study. I was no sleep I was struggling to stay awake even when I was getting my hair and makeup done I was literally seeing that like fully asleep like I could barely keep my eyes open She said she probably shouldn’t have been drinking when she’d had so little sleep But said, she’d been given a clean bill of health and is fine She also said her recent split with fiance Rhys Hawkins could be to blame for some of her impulsive behavior I think because of the break-up I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and Not really taking time to think about how I’m actually feeling or Focusing on myself kind of thing. But while she admits that it wasn’t her proudest moment She also takes aim at those who would seek to shame her online. Another thing I wanted to bring up is just People trolling or being nasty or making up things just for no good reason. I mean, I personally could never imagine Attacking someone or judging someone for something like this Thank you guys for all all the people have sent supportive and kind messages I’m super grateful for it because I know I have a lot of truths Yeah, we’ve all had a bad night drank too much walk of shame You know the drill but when you’re doing it with the Kardashians It’s more likely to get global coverage according to some sleuths on Twitter The Kardashians have since unfollowed Hembrow on social media, but despite that she’ll be okay She still has eight point six million followers on Instagram and despite what some trolls have been saying online The Internet has been generally supportive Charlotte. Skip said Tammy Hembrough getting carried out of Kylie’s 21st on a stretcher is relatable I get you girl. I always take it too far every time as well lmao at char. Okay wrote Tammy. Amber Only broke up with the man. She was meant to marry recently Let the woman be a drunk Piece and OMG debby tweeted Tammy hamro getting unfollowed by the Kardashians for being too drunk and vomiting at their events absolutely iconic I want to be her friend Exactly. It kind of just makes her relatable like You will only wish that you’d be perfect in those moments and then you just fall on your face makes sense So do you think it was right of the Kardashians to unfollow Tammy? Should they give her a second chance? let us know in the comments below and be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more of What’s Trending and For more stories go to What’s Trending.com

51 Replies to “What REALLY Happened to Tammy Hembrow at Kylie Jenner’s Birthday Party?!”

  1. 😧 That's really fucked up! What shallow, shitty ass friends she had,.. I hope them unfollowing her after that accident, taught her a valuable lesson!

  2. Wow, the Kardashian's stopped being someone's friend because they drank too much?? I always knew they were shallow and superficial, this just confirms it. How they are famous is beyond me since they literally have zero talent and center their careers around only lining their own pockets instead of contributing nothing to better the world. I think Kendall seems to the exception while Kylie seems to the be the absolute worst of the clan.

  3. To be clear @What’s Trending, the only Kardashians who followed Tammy before this happened were Khloe and Kylie and they BOTH still follow her on Instagram. Just the rumor mill you’re following here and you’re not checking the facts of it. I forgive you guys but do a little more research next time. 👀

  4. The Kardashian's aren't anybody special. Tammie is my girl. Her and her beautiful sisters. Like I said Kourtney is my favorite until she starts judging other people.

  5. Overworked. Our culture glorifies working non stop until you crash. Fucking stupid. Go back to Australia sick of you immigrants coming over here and stealing all our jobs

  6. Yeah, they of course should give her a second chance because a halfway decent person never would have never publicly cut her out of their lives in the first place…. But that being said, the Kardashians are about 90% cyborg at this point, so we really shouldn’t get mad at them for not having people emotions anymore

  7. Who cares, she adds nothing to the world. There are at least another 10,000 vapid bimbos ready to take her place. As an Australian, I'm ashamed that she's from here.

  8. Kardashians showed that they are what their haters say they are. Can not image me leaving my friend just cause she/he is drunk and has problems. Shame

  9. Ah so this is what my great grandfather fought for in WWII for…..so that we could have the freedom to waste our lives watching other people (who are famous for nothing) waste their lives.
    We're way better than this

  10. Plz reply..What do you think of her meal plan? I was looking into it and some of the reviews aren't so good. This one especially http://bestbootyworkouts.com/tammy-hembrow-meal-plan/ would love to hear your thoughts about it?

  11. Hahahahahahhahahhhahhahh why’s she lie so much. The whole thing with Reece had nothing to do with it this whxre is the one who ended it probably to hoe around. #LauraLeeKindaFakeCries

  12. Her ex is such a keeper.. He dodged one buy getting away from tammy.. not to mention maybe it's just me and I'm not trying to be like mean by this comment there's a lot of truly beautiful women out there but I do not see it in Tammy and that outie belly button😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😬

  13. Tammy is just a real person with real problems and real dramas
    Despite what happened, she is a good mother and a beautiful human (inside and out)
    The kardashians are just mad that their might be someone else coming into the Lime light.
    But because there’s a bunch of them and one of her, she’s an easy target to take down and protect their ugly family.

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