Why Sleeping with a Taken Man Shouldn’t Get You a Reality Show – Part 2

Why Sleeping with a Taken Man Shouldn’t Get You a Reality Show – Part 2

I think we have to be careful
about what we glamorize. Because I think the little girl
from Cash Me Outside, Though, that girl,
I think she’s getting a reality show. The reality is, even though it’s a reality
show, not everybody is going to get the same results doing these type of things.
>>Right.>>And young children are looking at this, so we have to be careful who we
make as role models and who->>Come on, mom!>>[APPLAUSE]>>I’m serious, you know what I mean?>>That is true.>>Because if a lot of kids start acting like that, the reality is,
they’ll end up in juvie, not on a reality show.
>>That is true.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>That’s the truth, though.>>They think they are all going to end up on reality TV, and that is not the case.
>>Yes.>>100%.>>We just, I just think people, as long as there are audiences for
it, it’s going to happen.>>That’s what we’ve got to stop, making that popular.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>I’m going to say it.>>That’s what somebody said here, I’m just reading this,
and this is so true. @doctorwhosaid, said, that they reward teenagers who get
pregnant with reality shows, so I guess nothing is off limits anymore.
>>Yeah.>>That is true.>>It’s still a business.>>We have to ask ourselves, too, why do we watch those things, why?
>>Because it’s messy.>>Does it makes us feel better about our lives, why?
>>Misery loves company, if we’re miserable, we like watching
other people being miserable, too.>>And it’s an escape for some women.
>>And it probably makes you feel better that
their situation is worse than mine, or.>>I honestly think it feeds the worst part of us. Meaning, if you don’t want
to think your life sucks. Or you want to see somebody
else losing other than you, then you’re that type of
person who will watch it. If you like laughing at other people,
making fun of other women, or having something to talk about. Because you like trash talking, you’re going to be that person, I think it
feeds that part of us that all of us have. All of us have that.
>>That’s what they wanted to do with our show, they wanted to make our show,
I met a lady.>>Uh-huh.>>This was two weekends ago.>>Okay.>>And the first question, she came, she said, I love the show,
the next question, she said, who is it that you don’t like the least?
>>Wow!>>And I said, why would you ask that?
>>Yeah.>>First of all, I get along with all my cast mates,
why would you ask that type of question?>>[APPLAUSE]>>You know what I mean? But that is-
>>Did you say that?>>Yeah, I said that, and she immediately apologized,
because she realized, I was like, we all hang out.>>Yeah.
>>We all like each other.>>Yes.>>That’s what they try to do with our show, they try to say
that we don’t get along, that we couldn’t get along.
>>Yes, they make up stuff.>>They make up stuff. People, we get along, okay?
>>We love each other.>>We really do.>>We really do.>>Even when people try to stir up stuff with us, I always say, listen to the things that we said.
>>Right.>>Like don’t listen to what people said, listen to actually what
comes out of our mouths, and that proves who we really are as people.
>>Exactly.>>[APPLAUSE]>>They’ll never hear us talking bad about nobody. But that’s just, people automatically want
to go to the negative when it comes to women, and that’s just not true. Just don’t believe that,
women can work together, we’re doing it.>>[APPLAUSE]>>We work behind the scenes and in front of the camera together.
>>We do.>>Yeah.>>And we lift each other and encourage.>>We help each other, encourage one another,
that’s what it’s about. So hopefully this show ends up being
more about, like you said, G-O-L-D, gold diggers and uplifting women. Even if they’re in situations that don’t
seem like the obvious way to get to success, that this show can be
something that is a positive.>>I know there’s some hard working women, they work just like everybody else. So I can’t, I don’t want to knock their
hustle, but it’s just the side stuff, the messy stuff I don’t like.
>>Yes, agreed.>>But if you’re a working girl, hey, do your thing, so.

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  1. Im tired of hearing about role models. WE LIVE IN A COUNTRY THAT STOLE LAND BUILT UPON BLOOD OF A MILLION NATIVES AND SLAVES yet we still worship and support our country. STFU

  2. I don’t watch these types of shows. I can’t. Hell…I don’t pay my cable bill to be stressed watching unnecessary drama. If it’s how educating me, advancing me, and making me laugh…I don’t care to entertain it.

  3. This why I stop watching this show. They DONT keep it REAL. Kim fucked and got a show. Khole got with a dude who had another girl pregnant at the time and y’all praised her but because y’all don’t know this girl she shouldn’t get a show? Girl bye. If it’s wrong let it all be wrong not just for certain people

  4. This is why I don't watch those types of reality shows. Never, ever! Love the real, though! Can't stand housewives or bad girls club type of shows, so annoying and messy and they don't add anything beneficial or valuable to society. I agree %100 with Tamera!

  5. "We need to stop making this popular"… coming from people who are basically advertising the show by talking about it…

  6. I agree she would be a bad influence and not even that she’s not a good role model meaning she just wants to grow up so fast and the fact that parents are lacking knowledge on their kids

  7. I watch teen mom sometimes to understand how hard they're live are. Not so I can feel better about my self or to put them down. I don't see a problem with the sacrificing a part of they're lives for television so they can have a money to support they're families. Being a teen mom is hard and doing it on tv makes it harder. There showing people they're struggles. It's on us what lesson we take away from it. But let's be REAL and admit that people have been getting pregnant at a young age for years. Waaayyyy before teen mom and 16 and pregnant came out. Its not they're fault that parents and schools don't teach safe sex or that kids don't care about the consequences.

  8. I am really tiered of the "young children are watching this and it sets a bad example"… Do parents not set boundaries and limits for their children anymore? As a parent are you not your child's role model? As I child I was not allowed to watch certain shows matter of fact on weekdays it was 30 minutes of TV a day only. And that TV was in the middle of the home my parents knew exactly what I was watching. Theres always been inappropriate crap on TV it's a parents job to not allow it in their home..

  9. That's why i love your show all the way from sweden.
    Please cancel all those real housewife show that shows only women at their worst!!!
    We need good role models for our children.

  10. Damn. Why do y’all hate women who aren’t your idea of perfect? In the system of The Patriarchy, women should be allowed to get in where they fit in. Men do waaayy worse.

  11. I watch them, because it relieves stress. I don't aspire to be like reality show cast members but honestly life is hard and i need a stress reliever to go along with my crafts and exercise.

  12. The last two years have been about cleansing my spirit. You cant cut out everything but as jeannie said those parts feed the worse parts of you. I removed celebrity gossip sites out of my life. I removed myself from certain social media groups. Nope.
    I don't want it.

  13. Sometimes I read the comments here and be like wow. 75% of the comments be reaching. Tamera looking at Loni with a serious face, obviously listening, somehow gets turned into Tamera is mad at Loni.

  14. Research has been done on the effects of Teen Mom and it has shown that it actually influences people to not become teen moms.

  15. Loni was being silent when it came to the woman who slept with Tristan and is now going to be on a reality show. I peeped that and I don't blame her. Cause the Kardashians are messy as well and they've built a brand off of it. So if they are doing it why can't no one else? They've ruined relationships and got attention for it. Now that it's happening to one of them oh these women are whack. They maybe. The Kardashians are no better.

  16. I understand you girls but people like Drama otherwise those religions channel would be so popular. Once again i don't like reality shows but most people i know loves it and they are not negative people.

  17. Sooooooo ….. what really happened with Tamar ??? I guess that’s a secret, no one talks about that.

  18. Loni u finally made a come up from being a whacked out has been joked out comic.(if any ? choose to call u that) and you always hatin on the Kardashian’s. YES. YOU DO. that ugly fake laugh when u talk about them. ugh!

  19. I hate drama and don't watch any reality tv, because they all seem to promote drama.

    But I welcome suggestions for shows that promote positivity, including youtube channels that are drama-free.

  20. Never understood why because you are more seen because of celebrity whether in movies, music or sports automatically makes you a role model. I'm going to watch your fruit first

  21. the comment of watching young moms on tv idk… I am a teen mom myself and I watch it because thats "reality" and I relate to some of their stories. thats why I watch… idk thats me.

  22. The only Reality show I watch is Bring It, why because it is positive, yea there is drama, but its not messy and stupid like most of these reality shows. I rather watch a show that shows positivity.

  23. These girls always turn every discussion into a “women” thing and it’s so annoying. Thy don’t realize that they always boil every situation down to that one factor and it actually makes women appear to be simple minded characters. Please stop it’s annoying

  24. Yes boo. I hated that show still hate the concept of teens getting pregnant just to be on TV. Speaking if myself I'm/was a teen Mom and believe me it wasn't/ still isn't that easy.

  25. I’m sorry but e tv and vh1 isn’t for children it’s one thing I hate when people who are not supposed to be role models get considered as bad example your child shouldn’t be watching vh1 or e or any of those channels therefore if your child is you are letting people not for children be there role model it’s a parent job to censor what their child watch

  26. I really liked that they cleared up about liking one another. I mean I see comments here saying one seems to hate on the other. No girl get your own life! in Tamars voice keep the love ladies, you guys inspire me to be a better person.

  27. Honestly I might not agree with everything they say on the show, but one thing I do like is they discuss different things and let one another share their opinions like adults, even if they don't agree with one another.

  28. Cash me outside girl whatever the hell her name is got famous by being disrespectful. Makes me sick

  29. America is an F'd up country nowadays, with children being detained and especially with normilazing bad behavouir.

  30. I have to say something about Adrien’s makeup 🙁 the highlight is really excaturating her pores and does not look like natural glow, the eyeshadow is not blended well and the bronzer is so muddy..

  31. aint nothing wrong with the cash me outside girl. in hindsight, it seems like her and her mom acted like that to get the show. because guess what her mom realllll started managing her as soon as they left dr phil and letting her do all these things. soooooo…..and not like she got famous from a sex tape or encouraging young girls to get dangerous lip fillers.

  32. Well for example I watch teen mom OG , because I can relate to them as far as being a single mom. The struggle and dealing with coparenting.

  33. Loni if you guys get along so well, why did Tamar get fired by not getting along with you when you said countless times before you loved her and stuff ?

  34. You are forgetting khloe was the other THOT !!!!! Tristan had a pregnant girlfriend when he started banging khloe! She is getting what she deserves! True karma

  35. I used to watch teen Mom. This was not teens being rewarded with a reality show, neither was it glamorized. I think the producers and stars where really trying to show how hard it was to be a teen parent.

  36. I don’t think teenagers are rewarded with a reality show when they’re pregnant. It shows the reality of what being a teen parent consists of. It shows teenagers this is why you don’t have kids when you’re a kid yourself. It’s one thing to speak about it and it’s another to watch it.

  37. Well teen pregnancy shows are in a way are helpful in a way because its stuff young females deal with and watching them grow you see the real life struggles they deal with as parents

  38. I’ve been watching The Real for a while now and after watching this episode I can definitely see Tamera as my role model when it comes to parenting. She’s such a great mother!

  39. You can’t make this unpopular, people love ratchet, messy people. It is what it is, the cash me ouside girl isn’t a role model, she’s a car wreck and we all want to witness the down fall. It just how it is. Think about Roman Times when people would gather in droves to watch gladiators ripped apart by lions and bears. It’s the ugly side of humanity, deep down humans are primitive and that sort of stuff fascinates us.

  40. Jeanies point is accurate, people watch with a desire to feel better about their own lives and to fulfil confrontational scenarios through other people

  41. I don’t think a woman should be ‘rewarded’ for sleeping with a taken man but she shouldn’t be punished either. If the woman wasn’t taken and the man was HE is the one in the wrong and if anyone is going to be punished it should be him. I don’t condone anyone sleeping with anyone who is taken but it seems like women are held to a different standard then men and that needs to change.

  42. I am sick and tired of Jeannie holding up Cardi B and strippers in general as women we should look up to. Cardi B especially is an insecure, petty, amoral, ignorant young woman. Stripping is a male dominated field like all other sex industry fields, pornography and prostitution included. These professions exploit women and their vulnerabilities. They certainly don’t empower women. Jeannie as a Christian and someone who is against human trafficking should not support these professions that exploit many women especially young girls. As for LaLa, just like Shaq ‘s ex-wife, Shawnee she is just adding to the abundance of garbage that shows black women in a negative light. The women of The Real should distance themselves from these negative aspects in our culture and not hold stripping up as a viable option for women to make it in society. We need to uplift girls. ???‍?????‍♀️

  43. The reality is that Dr Phil is an unethical dick. He doesn’t have a licence and has exploited kids on his public platform for YEARS. He dragged that poor girl into the industry for his own profit. And now he’s dropped her off to fend for herself. Quack.

  44. To be clear I don’t think Tam was equating a child’s decisions to a grown woman’s – that girl wasn’t an capable of consent to a tv show and neither was her guardian. Both were exploited on national TV for views. If anything it shows how lack of compassion is the Hollywood cash cow. Lack of compassion for the cheated on mother. Lack of compassion for the behaviour of a potentially l abused child.

  45. I've been saying what Tamera said for sooo long. I never liked that Danielle girl. I don't dislike her success I dislike how she got it. Being disrespectful

  46. Ok I get their points but… we all watch Kim Kardashian’s after she became famous for a sextape !!!
    I’ve watched teen mom because their struggle was affecting me as a young adult and it was interesting for me to see how they get along with all that!!
    Like loni said as far there’s audience for that there’ll be shows out there

  47. I watch Teen Mom because I myself was a teen Mom and at the time 11 years ago there wasn't alot of people I could relate to . However alot of these girls continued to be irresponsible and have more kids. My son is 11 and I just turned 29 and have been with my fiance for 8 years and only now am I considering having another child now.

  48. How is it that people who are ALREDY celebrities are losing entire shows & careers over a single action or comment, yet we are creating celebrities based on their current poor behavior? Hollywood is such a messed up place!

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