William H. Macy On His ‘Fairy-Tale Marriage’ To Felicity Huffman | Sunday TODAY

William H. Macy On His ‘Fairy-Tale Marriage’ To Felicity Huffman | Sunday TODAY

21 Replies to “William H. Macy On His ‘Fairy-Tale Marriage’ To Felicity Huffman | Sunday TODAY”

  1. Apologize to nick sandman for lieing about him and trying to trick him into saying something wrong . You guys used to be a good source of news. Now your just a bunch of lying hacks that pick on teenagers to get ratings, and you dont even care that you have jeopardized his families lives. Unless you apologize I won't watch your programming or shop with your advertisers.

  2. He "loves her"….and he is letting her go down alone, even if he literally was just as involved too in her crimes and this College Scandal.

  3. I LOVED her on "Desperate Housewives. WASP Goddess!! But-they either should have given the daughter plastic surgery and trained her for Hollywood, or trained her to be a Plumber! I hope she confesses, and gets Community Service.

  4. I love Shameless!! I binged watched that show for 4 days hilarious,and I don't see Huffman different because of the scandal be because she took responsibility for it and sincerely did the right thing,she actually cares about her kids unlike Twiggy I with a Botox Smiling stuck on her face.who the heck thinks that Laughn is pretty is beyond me, money will Buy anything I guess . Huffman is a really a beautiful women and her and Macy make a great couple!! good luck!!!

  5. Fairytale lol oh yeh this was before the the college scam broke yep lying through his teeth. So what he could not stop his wife from making an illegal mistake of paying big bucks to have there daughters sat scores doctored up. When one of the schools that she applied to did not require sat scores on a basis. There both college graduates they should have known better you do not do that and yeh teaching there daughters yeh mommy and daddys money will fix everything in life for you we just cheat ya in. Nice. They probably stay together but she got take a side trip to prison it seems.

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