Wine Country | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Wine Country | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

(wine pouring) – I wanna sing a little ditty for my sweet, very short friend, Rebecca, who is turning 22 tomorrow, wink, wink! (laughing) I’m gonna give you something you ain’t never had before. – Yes! (gentle piano music) – Close your eyes … – [Crowd] Oh! – I’m cool. – Yay! – It’s an amazing day in wine country. – When was the last time
we were all together? – [Rebecca] I just want this to feel like a regular vacation, and somewhere in there
I’ll just slide into 50. – [All] To Rebecca! – Age is just a number. What would you say your soul’s age is? – Eighteen. Old enough to drink and bone. Don’t have my own car yet, but I have a bike. (bell ringing) – I made itineraries of
everything we’re gonna do minute by minute on the trip. We have lavender popping corn. – That’s not enough. – Oh my god. – We wanna keep this party goin’! – [Rebecca] What is that? – Molly. (gasps) – I did Molly in college, but she went back to her boyfriend. – Ayo! – Celebrating with a girls weekend, huh? Just remember guys, whatever gets said, it’s probably what the
person has always felt, and the alcohol just let it out. (wine pouring) (gentle piano music) – This weekend is a mess. (screaming) – Something bit me! – Oh my God, I’m gonna die! – I can’t even plan a fun birthday trip. – If you were just to let go, everything will just fall into place. – Will it fall into place? (screams) – Do you think throwing the
itineraries out the window was on the itinerary? – Guess we’ll never know. ♪ Close your eyes, give
me your hand, darling. ♪ – If we can’t get through
a weekend together, then I’m completely lost. – [All] Do you understand? – Just get to the bush and
you’re fine from there! That’s what she said. – These women, I have
known for 20 plus years. And yeah, sometimes I wanna
tell this one to fuck off. – You want me to fuck off? – That’s what intimacy looks like. – [All] Day! – This one’s good, what’s it called again? – White wine.
– Ugh, freakin’ love it!

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  1. Just watched wine country. Found it really entertaining and funny! Amy never disappoints! Best enjoy it with a complementary glas of wine 😉

  2. The tarot card scene had me rolling off the bed literally all by myself. This was a great movie. To the critics who don't like it. Get a life and then see this movie.

  3. (spoiler alert) I was waiting the whole movie for them to take the molly, kinda disappointed when they didn't.

  4. GREAT MOVIE W/ SOME OF THE BEST CAST PEEPS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! LUV 2 ALL OF "SNL~PPL!! (Don't 4get 2 watch "BARRY" Bill Hader!!!) HBO!!! awe-fukensome!!!

  5. It's like if the cast of Bridesmaids reached menopause and got together again… but like… in a good way ofc ofc

  6. Not funny. Not fun. Terrible writing. Pathetic. Pitiful. I skimmed through hoping to catch something that was heartfelt, real, truth, funny, amusing, entertaining, a storyline….nope, none of that.

  7. So brides maids for old ladies. It's not nearly as funny and it feels like they tried too hard to make it the same way with "shocking" humor. Thumbs down.

  8. I know it’s gonna be good but this i feel like this is just another excuse for them to get drunk on set.

  9. I just watched this last night. OH… MY… GAWD. LMAO! So many things I related to being in my fifties: knee replacement, back spasm dropping to the floor going to the ER, surgical breast biopsy hoping it's not cancer, hot flashes, being on Cymbalta, Treximet, etc, etc, and Prince is my boyfriend and I am married, etc…. ROFL!

  10. "This is what intimacy looks like." No, no it doesn't. This is what people say when they made bad choices and know that they can't live their lives over. So suck it up and call it "real" intimacy.

  11. Netflix you gotta control your voice and music volume. Got it turned up so I can here the actors actresses or whatever people are in 2019. Then the music hits and its 10xs louder

  12. I just watched this and thought it was good. It may be a little too tame for people who like raunchier comedy. But it was like watching something I could actually really do. I enjoyed it.

  13. The trailer has all the funniest moments. I couldnt watch it till the end, the plot was so loose with no proper direction or character build up.

  14. I was waiting for the moment it got funny and never did! I stopped watching at the middle. Maya R is painful to watch her character is depressive and wears the most hideous outfits.

  15. This movie is honestly horrible the trailer makes it look good but the trailer is just all the only funny parts the rest is just so boring. The funny part aren’t even that funny:(

  16. Well I loveee Amy and I also love Maya and I also love Tina oh damn I also love my girlfriends and ?

  17. Just finished watching this and I love it!!! I was laughing the whole time. I related to so many scenes and want this to be goals for me and my girls when we get older

  18. Subversive social engineering propaganda. Anti-male, pro-lesbian, pro-pharmaceutical, pro-sickness. Mocking sensible characters and turning pathetic characters into rock stars in a thin veil of humor. Utter garbage.

  19. This movie was not what I was hoping. It was like the funny wasn't funny and the serious was corny and not finished. The writing was not worthy of the known stars in this movies.

  20. It's a decent chick flic. No laughs but my gf smiled a few times, which is above average for a female comedy. I'd say 8/10 when compared to other all female cast movies

  21. This was such a FUN – LAUGH OUT LOUD movie!!! Loved it!!! Raw – Real – makes me happy!!!! 🙂 My daughter in law – only 21 loved it too!! 🙂

  22. WOW – AND WOMEN CRITICIZE "MEN'S MOVIES" LIKE "THE HANGOVER" ? This pathetic wine-imbibed "lost weekend" SHOULD have been funny, but failed miserably. Spent a lot of time giving "side shots" at Conservatives, for no particular reason aside from the presence of SNL Liberals Amy & Tina. Meanwhile the "ladies" (and I use that term very loosely) spend the whole trip sloshing wine down their throats, only taking enough time off to drop hundreds of "F-bombs". SAD that people actually consider this "entertainment" – and even SADDER that Netflix stooped SO LOW.

  23. This was such an un-funny movie. I’m always the one to laugh the loudest and most often at a movie, but this has about 8 very short laughs in it. I gave up on it 60 minutes in due to it being a supposed comedy but it just wasn’t funny. There were sooooo many missed opportunities with humour and lots of scenes just fell flat face first. A decent comedian would’ve gone to town on this concept. Should’ve, could’ve been a goofy comedy, but too many times it got too serious and messed the whole concept up 100%. Thanks for trying though…. Better luck next time.

  24. If you think your getting something like brides maids FORGET IT. This piece of garbage is horrible. Just a bunch of white women with corny ass issues.

  25. i watched this movie for rachel dratch, who i think is one of the funniest comic actors, but this floating turd of liberal, feminist clap trap was unbearable. not only has this movie been done 100 times since the big chill, but it's been done 100 times better by even the worst of them.

  26. Super sexist anti male BULLSHIT. All the talk of men is completely negative. All the women are lesbians. Netflix is king when it comes to propaganda.

  27. SPOILER: I'm half way through the movie right now. I'm at the scene where Amy's character has thrown the itinerary out of their van window and Rachel Dratch suggests they go to the art show. No one actually tells the driver (Jason's character) where the art show is gonna be and he specifically asks them where he should take them. So how could he possibly know? But all they tell him is to go to the art show and he starts driving. Filmmaking enthusiasts, film lovers, etc. Can you explain this to me? Was it an omission? Was it an oversight? Thanks.

  28. Fact 1: The doctor near the end of the film is Amy Poehler's younger brother Greg.
    Fact 2: Jason Schwartzman (he played Devon) is Nicholas Cage's cousin and is related to other known names in hollywood.

  29. Shout out to the drummer in the opening trailer scene, Michael Jerome Moore! Drummer extraordinaire for Better Then Ezra, among other great musicians!

  30. This is one of those half-baked movies that felt like it was a lot more fun to make than it was to watch.

  31. This movie is so fucking bad there was no conflict and only hinting that dumbass Maya Rudolph was sick
    Wtf I wanna white old bitches do nothing when I already have that shit in my life hAppening daily

  32. I am from georgia and my counry is wine's country georgia will destroy the russia I hate russia my country's 20% is ocupated by russia

  33. It's always nice to spend some time tickling the light side of our spirit. This film is one of those occasions.

  34. WoW – Just wow! What happened? This movie was a painful drudgery to watch. It is as if a group of writers sat down and said " let's see how unfunny we can make this group of women."
    Rachel Dratch could have saved this movie by just playing "Debbie Downer", it was all so boring! I love Maya Rudolph and Amy, but some scenes were painfully bad, and who dressed Maya??? Just when you thought Jason Schwartzman couldn't be more annoying – voila! He did it!

  35. Maybe I missed it, but why is this movie not in everyone's face like the other stuff Netflix puts out? This movie is that ridiculous stupid kind of funny and I'm all for it. I didn't realize Tina Fey was going to be in, so when she showed up the movie somehow got better. There are so many funny moments, but hands down, Tina Fey's parts were the best.

  36. Six entitled, white, liberal females vacationing in Napa Valley. Yes, it's as unbearable as it sounds. Warning: Not recommend for anyone on suicide watch.

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