WW1 – Oversimplified (Part 1)

WW1 – Oversimplified (Part 1)

The world of 1914. A time of modern technology, culture, and fashion. Truly the height of civilization. Let’s have a war. Everyone knew a big war was coming. France wanted some stuff back that Germany had taken from it, Germany wanted to take more of EVERYONE’S stuff, and they’re building a big sexy navy that was making the British uncomfortable. These two empires thought they’re really cool. But lots of different people who live there didn’t think it was so cool. And some of them had even been declaring independence, with help from Russia. Everyone was talking about each other behind each other’s backs. Throw in the fact that military
technology had come a long way since the last major war, and suddenly everyone was pretty eager to beat each other up. In this area of Austria-Hungary lived some Serbs and Bosnians who hated living in Austria-Hungary. So the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand goes there for a nice drive in an open-top car, with his car’s route published in advance. And that went just about as well as you’d expect. Some assassins were waiting for him along the way and threw bombs at his car, but they missed and blew up some officers behind him, instead. So, the Archduke goes into hiding, leaves Sarajevo and whole war never happens. Except no. The Archduke doesn’t leave, but instead goes back out in the open top car, to visit the injured officers in hospital. The driver takes a wrong turn and by sheer coincidence gets stuck besides one of the failed assassins. Who shoots him. Austria-Hungary is understandably pissed about all this, and they think the Serbian government had something to do with it (which they might have). So they go to their ally Germany and say: “Hey Germany, we’re gonna declare war on Serbia!”, and Germany is all for that. So Austria-Hungary sends a big list of impossible demands to Serbia and when Serbia refuses, they declare war. Austria-Hungary and Germany are friends and Serbia is protected by Russia, who’s friends with France, so they all declare war on each other. Montenegro joins in, too. France and Britain also have a kind of alliance. So, when France says: “Hey, Britain you got my back?”, Britain is like: “Maybe…?”, and then they decide to stay out of it. Which is great for Germany because Germany has a plan: They know that Russia is so big and clumsy that it will take them all to get ready for war. So with this guy in charge Germany will send all its troops into France at Lightning speed while Russia is getting ready. Defeat France then move all the troops to Russia and defeat Russia. Then we all speak German and eat Pfefferpotthast every day. Just one problem: France has loads of forts and defences along its German border. And Germany can’t waste any time fighting them so Germany decides to go around them. Through Belgium. Belgium is neutral but Germany wants to march 750 thousand troops through it to get around France’s defenses. They’re hoping Belgium will just kind of sit down and shut up. But they don’t. They fight back, and they’re pretty good, too, so they slow the Germans down. What’s worse is that Britain shows up. And they’re pretty pissed that Germany is invading neutral countries. So now Britain declares war on Germany. So Germany push on through Belgium and commit some atrocities along the way. They also wear spikes and sometimes skulls on the uniform. So, if you’re trying to not look like the bad guys: Good job. The allies have a propaganda extravaganda and this starts having an influence around the world, notably in America. The US President Woodrow Wilson sees himself as a bit of a Jesus figure and spends most of the war trying to get everyone to just hug it out. But there’s also a large population of ethnic Germans living in the United States and when the war first broke out they were like: “Yay, Germany!!” But now that they are committing atrocities in Belgium they are less enthusiastic. Let’s play: Spot the French soldier! Did you see him? Easy right? He’s wearing a bright blue uniform with red trousers and do you know who else spotted him easily, too? The Germans. So, when the French were slowly marching in columns to the countryside the Germans easily tore them to shreds with their giant guns. All the nations involved in this war went in with an old-school war mentality. And all of them had to update the uniforms and tactics a lot during the great war. Because this war was going to be like nothing anyone had ever seen before. Russia is ready for war and way earlier than expected. “Hey, Austria-Hungary, can you get on top of that?” “Oh? Yeah, sure! We’ve got this.” nope. So, Germany has to send some troops back to the east to defend against the Russians. The chief of staff of the Austro-Hungarian army is this guy. And although he is handsome, He turns out not to be the best military strategist. Austria-Hungary constantly ignores Germany’s advice, …and then comes running back to Germany whenever they get in trouble. Austria-Hungary even gets its ass kicked by tiny Serbia who repels all their invasion attempts at the start of the war. It’s better news for Germany in the North, though, where they almost completely wipe out the Russians second army. Back on the western front, the Germans continue advancing and are in sight of Paris. At this point anyone would be forgiven for thinking the Germans were going to get that quick victory after all. But then things start to go wrong. The French commander-in-chief knew something had to be done. And he ordered his armies to stop retreating. In the resulting battle, a gap opened up in the German lines. If a gap opens up, the enemy can use it to flank you from the side and behind. So the German armies have to retreat. The Allies launch a counter-attack, so the Germans dig into defensive positions. The Allies do the same. Then both sides move north trying to outflank each other along the way. When they reach the sea, They’re in a stalemate with trench systems running the whole way from the coast to Switzerland. The beginning of trench-warfare on the Western front. Here’s, how trench warfare works: Two opposing lines of trenches with No-man’s land in between. One side would pummel the other with hundreds of thousands of artillery shells, sometimes for days at a time. This had a huge psychological effect on the soldiers leaving many shell-shocked. Then, the attacking troops would leave their trenches and rush across no-man’s land, A muddy wet mess of shell craters and barbed wire. The defending trench would unleash machine-gun fire on the attackers inflicting thousands of casualties. The attackers would send wave after wave until either they gave up or the opposing trench was finally overrun. There would be months of fighting and the deaths of thousands in order to gain a few meters or kilometers of land. Living in the trenches was hard work, too. Corpses, mud that could swallow you whole, pools of poisonous water, rats, disease, the smell… It’s insane that millions of soldiers put up with these conditions and commanders ordered them to do so for years.

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  1. Serbia lost 2/3 of man's population… Always been on right side and faith for liberty and truth but in World politics doesnt exist moral.

  2. The driver did not take a wrong turn, but in fact the driver just never knew they changed the route they were supposed to take back, the person who was supposed to tell the driver actully was the one who got hit by the Gernade and was in the hospital.

  3. Omg my mum is for montenegro and my dad is for Bosnia I thing that's how you spell Bosnia. It is so cool that them two county's joined to. I am going to tell my grand-mother what happend in world war two.

  4. August 1914: "Don't worry boys, you'll be home by Christmas…bye, bye…."
    September 1939, Poland: "Don't worry boys, you'll be home by Christmas…bye, bye…."
    1964, Vietnam: "Don't worry boys, you'll be home by Christmas…bye, bye…."
    2001, Afghanistan: "Don't worry boys, you'll be home by Christmas…bye, bye…."
    2003, Iraq: "Don't worry boys, you'll be home by Christmas…bye, bye…."

    Uhm, do I spot a pattern here?

  5. Hey, 2:13 so that sounded EXACTLY like what they did in the next world war lol, except they screwed up in WW1 and finally did exactly what they wanted to in WW2!

  6. Germany: attacks Tanker from USA
    USA: OK
    Germany: sends Telegramm to Mexico to join the War

    This enraged the USA who punished Germany severly

  7. Thank you so much, with the help of this video I was able to get a grade 9 in my history test!!! I love your videos and I hope you read this message cause you're amazing!

  8. The German trenches were much better than the french and English and the English often had more Desease and death and poisons. German trenches were often drier

  9. This man teach me in a way i understand in 6 mins when my teacher took 3 years of my life and after that i still did not understand. I want this man to be my teacher

  10. Im British and want to say… that guy on good morning Britain makes me feel embarrassed. What a twat, thank god I’m a northerner not a southerner ?
    I will say that we did not need USA to “bail us out…” both wars were done by the time you guys came in. USA just came in because of pearl harbour in ww2 and in ww1 the Germans sent Mexico a message to attack America but THE BRITISH INTERCEPTED the message and showed the US.. then you joined that war so we kinda saved your ass :)” ?

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  12. Most schools:tells the allies were the heros of ww1 and the central powers is the baddies

    Serbian guy:kills an austrian prince

    Austria-hungary:Serbia did you support that guy's plan


    AUSTRIA HUNGARY:Sets ultimatums. All things look good exept serbia did not allow austria to investigate about the assasination.

    Austria hungary: *i feel suspicious yu did support that guy but not allowing us to investigate so that you dont pay your faults *

    Serbia: ?

    Papa russia: here comes russia austria if you declare war on baby serbia papa russia will end your carrer

    Germany: i will beat you dude

    and you allready know what happend after this

  13. Time Traveler: What are you doing?
    Gavrilo Princip: I'm waiting for my chance to kill archduke Franz Ferdinand and create a great Serbian kingdom.
    Time Traveler: Oh so the assassination of Franz Ferdinand which leads to World War 1, which leads to the Russian Revolution and the weakening of Germany which causes World War 2 which causes the invention of weapons of mass destruction which causes the Cold War, which makes the Vietnam war, Korean War, and many other Capitalism Vs Communism wars which causes the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the 9/11 attacks and the war on terror and many other wars and crisis's in the future?
    Gavrilo Princip: Say sike right now.

  14. I had an idea of how the central powers could have won but I'm not sure (I love alternate history)

    Germany sends some troops to defend the border with France while the bulk of its army takes out Russia, then after the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, they invade north Italy and invade France from the south while still keeping defensive positions in Alsace-Lorraine so Britain stays out of the war or at least for a while because there is no invasion of Belgium and then get the French to sue for peace.

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