Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – Ep 459 – Full Episode – 25th June, 2019

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai – Ep 459 – Full Episode – 25th June, 2019

Did you hear that? Why is that? Was I supposed to? No, I was just saying that
burglars broke into the nest and birds started
flying all around.. Just a minute.. Whose house did
the burglar broke into? It means that she didn’t
hear anything. That’s good. What?
– No.. – Dad meant that you’re still standing outside. Come on inside. Oh, no! I’ve come to invite you. There’s a kitty party
in Vanita’s house today. Attend it, all right? Is the party today? – No!
Naina isn’t going to attend it. What’s wrong with
the kitty party? Naina’s not feeling well.
I can’t.. Not feeling well? What happened?
– Oh, no! Dad didn’t mean about
my condition but my health. – I’m sick.
– You should say that. I’ve got phone numbers
of a couple of good doctors. Shall I give them to you?
– Oh, no! I’m not that sick! I mean, I’ve got
a bit of a headache. It’ll get well. I understand now. You’re saying that because
of what happened in the previous party, right? Forget about that. Don’t think
of what happened in the past. Do you know what? Vanita prepares
amazing spicy food! You’ll love it! Spicy food? No.. Naina’s not going
to eat spicy food! Why are you always
saying no to things? Am I an outsider? Oh, no, Sejal!
Actually, father.. That’s his habit.
Don’t take offence to that. Yes.
– All right. We’ll go together, all right?
Be ready. Okay? Bye. They’ll go together she says.. Where’d she take Naina? She should take care.. What? Why are you staring at me? I’m worried for Naina! One has to be careful
in that condition! Father-in-law,
control your emotions. So now will you
explain English words to me? Keep this in mind. It’s true that whatever
happens is good whether or not that’s
what you expect. It’s because everything
happens with God’s will. So leave everything to God now.
Everything will be for good. You’re right, Father-in-law. Oh,
I forgot to tell you something! Father-in-law.. No.. Become an actor so that your child could say
that his father is an actor. They teach us
so much in college! We’re not given room
to even breathe! We only got a break
of 15 minutes today! Take rest for a while.
That will take care of fatigue. That’s not a bad idea. I’m coming, Mom! What happened? Darn it! That dhobi should be trashed! He’s given us someone
else’s clothes again! I won’t spare him! Did the dhobi put
this in our clothes? I’ve been noticing for a long
time now, Mother-in-law. He gives us someone
else’s clothes in the place of our own! He’s delivered this short
skirt in the place of your sari. You tell me. Are you going
to wear this skirt? What are you saying, Mom? What! So you’re
going to wear it? Have you gone mad?
Why would I wear this? That’s right, Mother-in-law.
Who wears such clothes! I won’t spare the dhobi! I’ll ask him about
all the clothes. I’ll be right back. I’ll go and meet Shibani, Mom. She’s forgotten about
the photographs of the suitors. Nobody showed them to me. If you get caught, mother-in-law
will send you to Pune for real. Are these the lectures
you’re attending in college? It’s a nice skirt.
Where did you buy it? ‘Oh, yes! There were others
in the society who had’ ‘secrets of their own.’ ‘Just like Sameer and Aditya
were keeping a secret’ ‘Preeti and Tanvi
were also keeping a secret.’ ‘The opinion is changing
these days, but back then’ ‘freedom and conservative values
were often at conflict.” ‘So people would keep secrets
to maintain their freedom.’ ‘And our society was the best
in keeping secrets.’ ‘But in lying, we were
better than them.’ I’m an idiot!
It won’t show so soon! I’ve only got
sandals with heels! What do I wear
to the kitty party? When sister Pooja was pregnant,
aunt had said that one shouldn’t wear sandals with heels
in such condition. I’ve only got there.. What do I wear? Preeti! – Yes? Dear, look at the photographs
of these boys. Amit has sent these for Tanvi. Okay. I like these. I can trust myself
but not my ominous mouth. We’ll be left looking
at these photographs while all of the guys
would have gotten married. So have a look quickly
and tell me who to talk to. ‘We’d spun the web
of lies so intricately’ ‘that every little thing
was become a problem for us.’ ‘We’d have a new
problem every day.’ ‘Life had become such
that we’d always be faced’ ‘with a mountain of problems
and solutions were less.’ ‘Take these photographs
for an instance.’ ‘A groom was being
searched for Tanvi’ ‘but we were the ones
to get a present.’ Talk about alliance
with either of them. I’ll go and check..
Hold these.. Hello.
– Hello, Preeti. Do you have any
flat sole shoes? Why.. What’s wrong?
Don’t you have one? We rather talk in person.
Could you please bring it? I’m coming..
– Preeti.. Hold on.. I’ll bring it. Naina, may I come in? Look at me..
I’m in already and still asking. Please tell me, Ma’am.. I have to make a call. You see,
my phone is acting weird. It’s making a strange noise. No..
I am not going to call abroad. I only got to call Nirmala.
Can I call.. Yes. Please go ahead.. God bless..
– Naina, I’m here with your.. Hello.. Ma’am..
– Hello.. What’s wrong with Nirmala? Her
phone line is busy for so long. Whom can she be
talking to for so long? Try it on. See if it’s okay. No.. I mean, it’s little small
for me and tight as well. How can that be..
Our sizes are the same. I don’t know. Are your feet swollen a bit? How can that be?
I didn’t fall or get hurt. It’s okay. Don’t wear it.
Wear some other shoe. You see.. All my shoes gave
heels. And I can’t wear them. Why? You know why.. God knows,
what is wrong with the phone? I’ll come later. Okay.
– Bye. Why are you forcing yourself?
Don’t wear it. Let’s go.. Hey..
– Yes, I did. Her feet are swollen.
And she don’t want to wear a shoe with heels. It only happens when
a woman is expecting. Oh, my God! Something is definitely
not right. Oh, you’re here.
Please have these sweets.. Congratulations..
To you as well. Have some more.. Have these..
Congratulations.. Have some sweets.. Sejal,
you will eat the whole box. But what are the sweets for? People celebrate
when then have some good news. Here.. Have some more sweets. Congratulations.
You, too, eat.. First,
tell us about the good news. I will tell you.
Come here.. Have a seat, Sejal. Garima is pregnant. Wow! Congratulations. Come in and sit.. Congratulations..
– Thank you.. Tell us.. When did you know? It happened all of the sudden. I felt dizzy
when I woke up this morning. And then I started throwing up. And you belly
must have got bigger.. It doesn’t happen so soon. It takes time, Naina. I see.. I still remember the time
I was pregnant. Every day, something
new happened with us. It felt like, it wasn’t
my child taking birth but me. True..
And I didn’t know what to eat. I missed my hometown
Lucknow’s food. Hence I had asked
my mom to come over. And Jatin.. I used to wake
him up in middle of the night to bring me some ‘Jalebi.’ And you know what..
I felt my feet have become rock. It hurts a lot. And if I had to go anywhere, I had to take someone with me,
always. True.. Feet hurts a lot. I used to ask my mother-in-law
to massage my feet at night. You mean, Ms. Gauri.. Yes. That’s how
I went to bed at night. How sweet! Why are they talking about this? ‘Naina, from now on, you will
look at these actors’ pictures.’ ‘So that our child
can be pretty as them.’ ‘Yes. So that when
he is a grown up’ ‘he ends up like you,
running behind producers.’ ‘No way. My grandson will
not become someone like you.’ ‘Then what will he
or she will become?’ ‘He or she will follow
a path of great people.’ ‘For example, Mahatma Gandhi..
And Einstein..’ ‘Father-in-law..
It doesn’t work like that..’ ‘A child will be
like his father, right?’ ‘Is that so?
Like you’re so great, right?’ ‘Naina, you tell us,
what the child should become?’ ‘It will have little bit of both
of yours qualities.’ ‘That’ not fair..
A little bit..’ ‘The child should
have sharp mind.’ ‘Naina..
Don’t listen to your father.’ ‘And I have..’ ‘Look at this..
I’ve brought you a menu..’ ‘Chinese.. Thai..
It also has ice cream in it..’ ‘So tell me,
what will you eat?’ ‘No way.. Chinese food
will upset her stomach.’ ‘Palak Paneer, Kadai Paneer,
Butter Masala, Chana Masala..’ ‘Eat our country’s food.
Even tandoor..’ ‘No way. She won’t eat
that kind of food.’ ‘It has lot of
spices and chilly.’ ‘Is that so? And your Chinese
food is cooked in water, right?’ ‘It doesn’t have spices
and chilly in it?’ ‘It is like you don’t wish Naina
to eat food of my choosing.’ ‘Yes. That is the case.’ ‘God, I’m stuck with these two.’ ‘Naina, hold on a minute.’ ‘Naina, I have brought
you this novel.’ ‘Oh, God. You want to
spoil the child from now?’ ‘Naina will not
read such books.’ ‘Naina, I have brought you
some scriptures. Read those..’ ‘If Naina read religious books’ ‘the child will
become intelligent.’ ‘So you mean, by reading novels’ ‘the baby won’t learn
about religion?’ ‘As if you are an intelligent
man for him to follow you.’ ‘Naina will read holy scriptures
and that’s final.’ ‘Naina will read novels
and magazines as well.’ ‘She will read scriptures..
– Novel..’ ‘Scriptures..
– Novels..’ ‘Scriptures..
– Novels..’ ‘It doesn’t matter what
you say, Father-in-law. – I..’ ‘I’m elder to you and you
should listen to me.. – No’ ‘Scriptures.. – No.
I’m young and that’s why..’ ‘Naina will read
novels and magazines.’ Quite, everyone! Why should we
quite down? This is my house and I’m the secretary. What’s wrong with you? Well.. I wasn’t talking to you. There are some labourers
at my place. They make lot of noise.
So my head hurts sometimes.. I was constantly
thinking about them.. I just came out loud.. It wasn’t meant for you. Friend, how did you convince
them is such less money? What did you think? We are
not the only broke people. They all are cunning people
who wants money no matter what. I couldn’t have done it myself.
Only you could do such things. It’s not like that..
Bombay.. I mean, Mumbai.. Mumbai
will teach you everything. True that..
I’ve realised people in this city
live in small houses but their dreams
are larger than life. People live in one
room apartments and dream of ruling oceans. Wow! What a speech! You will get this year’s
film fare awards for sure. ‘Film Fare Award goes
to Mr. Sameer Maheshwari.’ Who needs make up first? He is the one. He has
travelled so much.. – Sit.. Sit on the chair..
– Aditya, is everything okay? It is all set. Four people
are contributing the fee money. I mean, this is a big budget and
a multi-cast movie like set up. Don’t worry about anything. How did you like the food?
Have some more ‘Paneer Tikka.’ Garima, have some food. I don’t eat oily food.
– It’s a dish from Lucknow. Eat some.. ‘When a problem arrives, it makes you feel
it’s presence.’ ‘And the society
members were talking’ ‘about the topic which
I feared the most.’ ‘And I started feeling dizzy
upon listening to them.’ Naina, at least eat the fruits. I’ll feed you ‘Paneer Tikka.’ It’s my specialty..
Eat.. Naina, what’s wrong..
– I’ll go and see her. Naina..
Easy.. Ma’am is vomiting..
It seems like she is pregnant. She is about to become a mom! Jiya! What is it?
Go from here.. Go.. What do you two think?
I think, kids were right. Vanita, you are too much. They are just kids.
They say anything.. Let it be. They were only repeating
what they saw on TV. No. You both
didn’t see it properly. Didn’t you hear Naina
throwing up constantly. And she left
a clue in the plate. Yes. She didn’t even eat
fruit salad. And she didn’t even touch
papaya. That means, what my
mother-in-law said is true. What? She was saying,
Naina’s feet were swollen. And when I went to
her place to invite her her father was acting strange. He was saying, ‘Naina is not in
a condition to attend any party’ She won’t this and that.. Something was
wrong at her place. I’m sure, he must be
talking about her pregnancy. But how can she be pregnant? Wow! She got pregnant
the same way other women does. You should know it already. I mean,
her husband is not here, right? So how can Naina be pregnant? I’m thinking about the same. I think, we shouldn’t
question anybody’s character. What if we are wrong?
– And what if we are right? I won’t allow that woman
to stay in this society. Oh, God! Don’t do such thing. Let the truth come..
– The truth is out, Sejal. Didn’t you see,
how Preeti was defending Naina? All I’m thinking is,
how did this happen? I must find out the problem. ‘That day,
for the first time, I felt that’ ‘if I want to become a rich man,
I must start to feel like one.’ ‘No matter what one
may want to become.’ ‘It is important
to take the first step.’ ‘And for me,
my first step was, make-up.’ ‘That day, in the make-up room,
it came to my mind’ ‘just like me, Shah Rukh
Khan and Abitab Bachchan’ people like them must have
sat in the similar chair’ ‘and dreamed of
becoming a big personality.’

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  1. Certain things are beyond comprehension.. Naina just because you have nothing to do, does not mean you can call Preeti anytime and order her like how you used to do before marriage.



  4. Naina need to grow up she is a married woman now and will be a mom soon she need to learn from preeti

  5. Nania should have tell them that u are pregnant if u don't your tummy will come out a little bit and they will no the truth 🤣

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