You two are related by marriage? [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.11.11]

You two are related by marriage? [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2019.11.11]

Dad, it’s me. Hello, my daughter. Let me take that. It’s so heavy. Are they from Kkonnip again? Yes. She says you enjoy her side dishes. Please thank her for me. Dong-u’s deathday is coming up, right? Are you sure you don’t want me to come? That’s what I came here to talk to you about. Mother isn’t comfortable with you coming. She wants to do it quietly as it’s for her son. Yes, I understand. But Yeowon, how long do you plan to stay at your in-laws’? You and Boram can’t impose on Kkonnip forever. And you’d be more comfortable here. After the ceremony, why don’t you and Boram move here? I told you I’d stay at my mother-in-law’s. Come to your senses, Yeowon. Dong-u is gone. Why keep looking after that family? Don’t you have a dream or life of your own? Are you going to rot away in that tiny restaurant? Yeoju, watch what you say. Yeoju, I brought side dishes, so make sure Dad eats. And do some housework on days you get home early. Do I go out to party? I work, come home, conk out, and then go back to work. Dad always does everything, so I’m asking you to help out. And always be careful on the job, okay? Dad, I’m off. Okay. Mind the cars. Will do. Bye. Like your sister said, you must always work slowly and carefully. And do not think of it as a long-term job, okay? Like I said, I’m saving up to study abroad at a fashion school. I would have called it quits if not for that goal. Don’t nag if you can’t even pay for my education. You’re still a soldier at heart. Everything is so neat and orderly in here. Are you off to car school? Pardon? Yes. I’m not sure your outfit befits a student. I’m off. Hey, Inam. Hang on. The money Ms. Wang gave you earlier. What about it? Let’s split it 50-50. Let me use another $10. Seriously, Ilnam. Go, go, go. See you. Seriously. Woe is me. It’s me, Nam Ilnam. Why is there no news on my ship Victoria? How much longer must I wait? That money was hard to come by. Huh? Bio? Oh. The new business venture is in biotech? I can tell you’re a former biker, boss. Bikers unite, right? You said you wanted to work, so I got that put on. Wow. It came out nicely. Yes. Wow. Wow, look at my Honey. She looks even hotter with the delivery box. Now you just ride away. The manual is similar, so just do as you used to. I’ll leave Honey here after work. I must keep this a secret from my family like before. Oh, and, boss, please make sure no one steals it. You know I saved up my hard-earned military pay to get my very first bike, right? Yes, yes. I’ll take good care of her. Thank you. – I’m off. / – See you. Are you okay? That scared me. What the heck? Hey, be careful. Yeoju, just a second. Say hello. This is Kang Yeoju, our best rider. Boram’s aunt? Boram’s uncle? You two are related by marriage? Yes. Why are you working here of all places? You took the words out of my mouth. As if. What’s with her?

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  1. Looks like kbs have stopped uploading full episodes will have to watch it on tv since i have the channel in my country but what about the international fans who only watched the youtube channel dont get why this is happening canceling the airing dramas to this iam really disappointed

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