Young Republicans Are Cool with Weed & Gay Marriage

Young Republicans Are Cool with Weed & Gay Marriage

the AP is running a story right now
about how the younger generation up republicans are down with the gays and
they are down with we need and they give us a couple
examples a college republican group leader in Alabama with nearly kicked at
the party for supporting gay marriage so that means the leader was down with gay
marriage that something at the successful push to legalize gay
marriage in Minnesota was backed by several prominent younger republicans in colorado the spokesman for a group
that push to legalize marijuana was a republican activist he is just a
couple at the total things but there is definitely a sense that on the social issues mainly gay
marriage and marijuana that the republicans are
slowly coming along this is good news am i right humidor
well this is the way it’s always been right the republicans the conservatives
are always late to the party so I understand how we still give any other
ideas any credence ever so they’ve been bitching about gays
for ever and whatnot they’re gonna stop slowly
and soul but their next thing and then a marijuana so they’re gonna stop bitching
about marijuana and then they’re gonna finally come around to climate change
when they’re all under water and the gonna come around to you know so it’s just like what else are
you got a course you guys are wrong you been wrong about everything what haven’t
you been wrong about you’re wrong about civil rights do i
mean you’re wrong about the EPA you’re wrong about fucking every hour
energy policy you’re wrong about suppressing the vote
what aren’t the wrong about so what you’re young person what is it that attractive about the Republican Party in
those stories what’s great is your right about everything whether this is not one
thing that they’re right about that one
another or yet they still continue to manage to convince young people that
they’re better on the economy that generic term for the
economy when we know full well that that is not the only actress is not true it your I’ll so I don’t you know it’s it’s
frustrating and what it all a lot of what it gets 22 is what they’ll
never come around on as you know suppressing the vote the and separate packages they still like goodgreat other
more open a black me the mall immigration right border but
it did at the people look different they’re still there still not on board
with that but they’re good that’s gonna go away to after that lose again in 2016 they will then become the party that’s
gonna try and embrace hispanics and an immigrant they’re gonna become the party
that night there that matter at the end of the day if they do it for principle or for doubted not tired
out as a matter of great things better down the road yet here’s why don’t think they’ll do it
because as long as with what they if you think that I’m being too harsh about
race and there are plenty of young republicans are racist some of them don’t know yet
like with their in bed with right real on but where they’ll never
come around where the part where there are always going to get resistance at
the top of the party is on well they don’t like poor people
and they never will and so when you when there’s this
thought that republicans after 2016 will cover out on immigration reform was people earning those people are
still poor and may install the government assistance you know what any party that that is going to be a
very tough reconcile for the I think and in that story by the way you see
that like that that that in that list that you
gave that young republic at Alabama min she was still nearly together party
that was a woman but but the head of the republican party
in Alabama was still like you know that was very bad yep you know he was
like that we didn’t like that that was incongruous it didn’t work so I mean like those are anecdotal stories
and I mean they’re proven its incremental they’ve moved the ball
from the half yard line to the three quarters of the 1-yard line
to me they had 99 yards in 11 love them really helps move them yeah
doesn’t I think we can live jeb bush I think object bush’s the nominee that
there they he’s gonna change the party about
immigration per share forever both my love immigrants they are at you in your
room his brother was a compassionate conservative he added me
take up until he loves immigrants yes so they said okay but now well yes of course you know and he has
the he has the the Colombian part of his fam will
happen families married to call me they said the people who come here he
said that they’re doing at the moral actor trying to help their family they’re being moral that’s what you’re
supposed to do they want to come here and working up their family and we should try to help them instead
of trying to shoot out now so you’re saying that the cold calculated
political movie not something he necessarily I think its bowl but it’s going to
require money it’s gonna require these people are poor many of them are dirt-poor and I think
that’s going to be a very tough sell a very tough sell for republicans who
that is that is at that a call to who they are helping
other people yes really help they don’t wanna with people who donated picked up right where wait to get back
to to weeding gay marriage or so do you guys think this is just gonna be
a state by state thing for both of them or is there any point the federal
government got a job in what could there especially gay marriage
I mean it’s just every week it’s another one we’ve seen it yet luck there they
the a venture that look realism will take
over and they’re important issues are making sure that the people who are gonna vote for
Democrats can’t vote for Democrat yes that’s job one for them game your like
the pope like there’s a degree oven you see some
Republican attorneys general around the country realizing I’m not gonna fight anymore
this is a silly thing this is a silly effort to be fighting on
on gay marriage like we’re gonna lose edits done and sadly as the pope said
hey look I i’m against abortion and I’m anti a gay marriage but I’m in that it
shouldn’t talk yet and what the hell back she said was if someone wants to
invite me to a disco party slam home I to condemn but redacted redacted up should the Tea
Party in the libertarians so the Ronde the Rand Paul’s shouldn’t
they be four legalization of weed and for gay
marriage they were they were Ron Paul what they are Barack right by
Rampaul is not for gay marriage as far as I know it really
sorta been weird about we do but he wants you to have individual
liberty and individual rights in this wheelhouse stuff if they were being
intellectually honest well yet he talked up 0.8 Rampal I Rand Paul is trying to play a delicate
game where he can be you right wing enough to get the nomination and the ill for him it’ll be that a
fairly easy track to the center yet we know like ices we presume about Rand Paul is care about gay marriage a doesn’t
care about weed those are that important or right being a republic
what he doesn’t want to deal with fall into the trap old being his father who appeals to a bunch of kids in college but when it
really gets serious that he’s marginalized in seen he he needs to be seen as look at me I’m
one of those tablets mint but I’m still have this little cocoon
rock-hard out at the bear it would be very hard for him so we’re
agreed though in theory that I read a bleed on that’s gonna held at a rare it
ultimately get a place like that all you remember he’s also a club the CAF president yeah exactly 0 but in
theory they should be four gay marriage and legalization of weed Ray Bradbury
for terry if they should be but is there a libertarian that is should although should also be right yet but where are
those guys well I mean economic I guess conservatives do with social
conservatives should run i know i mean Georgia you need to
articulate what they should get there being true to their ideas yes it did
look order established that the country is to follow but the Conservatives correct me if I’m
wrong you know there are strict constructionist with the government with
the cunt constitution so they would say less government and you don’t be a the same the
Constitution you can regulate my marijuana or my marriage so you can
get to do that i think thats what a real conservative would say the real conservative would
say I’m not for abortion but i’m for the government’s they not a bit right or so that’s the difference really
don’t but I don’t think I would estimate because there’s a marriage if those
strict constructionist and religious conservatives ratner the issue so final thought on
this which goes right to that is abortion X for them after these two
things are starting every there any chance that they’ll see that he leaves
changing and and that the huge numbers that some
order to stop biting it the stops biting are the greatest ever
other huge I think it’s something it’s closer to like sixty percent healthy
exchange about you know bob or she will always stay the same right that I’ll
always be an issue for them because decides not to move forward is that it’s
always the same thing either you think it’s a baby or you don’t and so they can
always tug at your heart strings and get you to
feel that way so that’s why this won’t change I i think but everything
else is changing their abortion is a much more intellectually to get to is a much more intellectually
honest argument yes but being anti-abortion a few believe
that I don’t think its dangers to women did
not believe that but it is more intellectually honest another
i think is right now I think those numbers are basically stayed the same and as we saw in that story go a public
int art actually moving on abortion their actions that that
while they’re still connected to the and really do know that God is still
anti-abortion because if you have an abortion and have another
kid he will make it downs baby uphold up

44 Replies to “Young Republicans Are Cool with Weed & Gay Marriage”

  1. Makes sense.  "Old Republicans" are not actually conservative in the slightest.  They've tainted the word and apparently most people think conservative is a synonym for religious, extremist, and stupid.

  2. So does this mean that the only people against drugs and gay marriage are really just older closed minded people.

  3. It's funny because the Liberals and Libertarians are going at each other like the People's Front of Judea and the Judean People's Front!


  5. I'm on the left on almost any social issue(Gay marriage, war on drugs, ACA etc). What kind off pisses me off is illegal immigration. I mean is it not also kind of bigoted when liberals say that the US shouldn't give two shits about about immigrants from anywhere in the world who are working their asses off to get citizenship but when it comes to Latinos they wan't to give all of them citizenship ,and what makes me sick is whenever I bring this up they try to make me look like a racist and they tell me some BS like "Have you ever been to Mexico or Latin America", I'm fucking sick of it. Have those same ignoramuses ever been to some countries in eastern Europe or Africa which is like ten times worse. I'm sorry but I don't disagree at all with Obama when comes to him deporting 2 million people in his years ass president. If I had a say in it I would give them all the boot and BAN them from the US PERMANENTLY!

  6. He 'blankets' all republicans.  I am a young republican myself.  I am for gay marriage, civil rights, marijuana, etc. and always have been.  I believe in SMALL government, LOW taxes, BUSINESS growth, and much else.  I don't hate poor people!  I also don't hate the rich!  I certainly don't believe that people at McDonald's should make 15 dollars an hour.  I certainly don't think we should discourage hard work with so many social welfare programs and high taxes!  Don't just label all republicans (conservatives) as the same!

  7. I can't stand when people compare the legalization of pot to the legalization of gay marriage. I'm not opposed to legalizing weed, but how on Earth does that compare to men and women being treated equally under the law, and thus being afforded basic human rights?

  8. whats so attractive about the repulican party? deal with them long enough ull eventually get rich and become a douche bag. just sell ur soul

  9. Wow the young ones are actually doing what the old one have been preaching "less intrusive small government" not "we don't like what you do so we're gonna make laws against it small government".

  10. Find it awfully ironic that it was the Republicans that fought for Civil Rights and the Democrats gave you such great parties as the KKK. I'm just saying

  11. Good God Man. As a former Democrat (switched in 2012) who's a centrist libertarian who chooses to reside in the GOP rather than the LP because of the LP's economic extremism and isolationist foreign policy I too have long been unhappy with my adopted party's views on certain cultural issues but the party does have a lot of people who were never socially conservative and are only Republicans because of economic issues and/or foreign policy. You're making it seem like every Republican has believed all of the things you say and are just latecomers all things. That's not entirely true. You're just wanting to be angry at Republicans no matter what because you are so narrow-minded. Back to the issue at hand, I especially don't see our party changing on economic issues or foreign policy. The cause of the change amongst young people on cultural issues has to do with the death of religion worldwide but particularly in the West (as an atheist I think that's wonderful). It's not us being late to the party. In fact, it was classical liberals (a very large and growing part of the GOP) that gave the world a majority of it's present philosophies and pushed the needle on political rights, cultural freedoms, free trade, and a host of economic changes throughout history.

  12. love the RubinReport but this would have been a more fair and informative segment if one of the guests was a Republican or at least a fiscally conservative social liberal.Fred Carter would have been a good guest. Instead it was liberal democrats talking about republican philosophy. 

  13. The thumbnail is misleading. You can't combine gay marriage and weed into gay weed. You just can't. Although a rainbow colored pot plant would be the coolest thing ever.

  14. How can you not be for same sex marriage or legalizing marijuana for recreational use? Stand up for equality! EQUALITY FOR ALL!!!!

  15. The statements/evidence provided here does not show a slow adjustment in the Republican party versus the Democrats, but it shows that a greater disparity of beliefs exists between the younger and older generations within the Republican party.

  16. I think that maybe it's time we explicitly differentiate between the progressive republicans and the conservative republicans. It seems to me like a movement of the republican party towards the progressive end of the spectrum might be the fuel we need to finally put an end to the conservative republican party which is putting up a real fight to destroy the traditional American values which this country was built upon.

  17. The abortion issue has nothing to do with whether they think it's a baby or not. If they cared about life they'd care about the mother's life, the lives of poor kids, and the lives of people, including children and babies, in the countries we're currently bombing. The real issue is control of women and no, they're not honest about it at all.

  18. you know you guys would get alot more credit if u would bring more conservatives on your shows. same with tyt a contrast and diversity breeds intelligent thinking.

  19. Democrats are wrong about immigration, the economy, feminazism, abortion, healthcare, taxation and pretty much everything else. About the only issues they are right on are gay marriage and weed legalization, which is why they talk about those ones so much.

  20. Romans 1:28. Remember that Paul spoke with apostolic authority.

    Some argue that the Bible has no place in this controversy because America is a secular country, but that's exactly why Romans 1:28 is pertinent to this issue.

  21. It's coming. It would create jobs, government would benefit from tax profit, shut down cartels and list goes on.

  22. I guess its because of ron and rand paul. If I was American I would definitely vote for a libertarian. The Democrats are not as fuckd up as the mainstream republicans, but they are still crazy. This administration has expanded the wars, is destroying the economy and antagonised several nations (most notably Russia).

  23. I'm a young republican and I support gay and lesbians right to marry and marijuana legalization. The reason I am republican is because I'm a strong fiscal conservative this country spends to much fucking money and don't tell me it's from the military because a lot of it is also entitlements. Until we come up with a plan to get rid of the deficit or pay it off all together which is nearing $20,000,000,000,000 that's trillion the last thing we should be talking about is any more freebies or big government programs/expenditures. We definitely can't tax are way out of this, this is not the 1950s where the whole world was in shambles after WWII and we could have high taxes because companies couldn't and probably didn't want to go any where else. In 2016 if the taxes are to high companies will just leave, look at ford nabisco and many others that have already left. Though I'm not against all government programs and spending but the ones we do have need to be ran as efficient as possible.

  24. This video would be better if it didn't have those two guys with the glasses. Saying that republicans aren't for civil rights is a complete lie. President Eisenhower was the architect of the civil rights act and the Democrats fought tooth & nail to keep blacks segregated.

  25. Alot of us republicans dont want the baggage that comes with the democratic party so we will wait until republicans come around to it. If I voted democrat just for gay marriage, and pot, I would also get higher taxes, paying for women to whore around, giving affirmative action to women, and allowing filthy, illegal criminal mestizos into the country over intelligent, clean Asians and Europeans. This is why I vote republican, it is not about being first, it is about comming with the least baggage.

  26. These 2 idiots need to wake up. It's 2018 and Donald Trump is now president and Brett Kavanaugh is now a supreme court judge. Young people are fed up with the political correctness of the fucking democratic party.

  27. Like sexuality, political parties are on a spectrum. Blanketing all Republicans to have the same ideals is not an educated view. That logic is very flawed, I do not align with certain things that some Republicans do, but I am still on the right side of the spectrum. In fact, if you take a political party "quiz", they are all over the internet, you may find that you are closer to the right wing then you would have thought. I would suggest taking a step back, and looking at the situation with a more passive view so that you can clear away the fog of emotion, and get a better sense of the issue.

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